How to Clean a Shark Vacuum

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum

Looking to buy a vacuum with powerful suction and great performance? We bet you will not be able to see past the Shark vacuums. The company has been making some amazing cleaning equipment, which has surely changed the game for many homeowners.

So, how many of you own a Shark vacuum? How often do you use it for cleaning? If you are an avid user of Shark vacuum cleaner, know that just like your home, this equipment can get dirty too. 

We bet the thought of cleaning the vacuum never occurred to you, right?

However, yes, you should be cleaning your vacuum to maintain its performance and increase durability. So, how to clean the shark vacuum? How can you ensure shark vacuum maintenance so it lasts over a decade at least? 

Let us discuss it all right here!

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum?

Cleaning a Shark vacuum should not be difficult if you have an instruction manual to guide you through detaching attachments. 

Nevertheless, why is it important? Let us ask you, have you been recently experiencing less suction from your Shark? Is it smelly weird? If yes, then know that it is time you open up the attachments and deep clean the vacuum.

And here is how you do it:

1. Gather Your Cleaning Tools

We would recommend first collecting all the necessary items for cleaning a Shark vacuum so you do not have to stand and run again and again for getting things. 

So, what do you need? A screwdriver, microfiber cloth, a soft brush, some water, vinegar, and some protective gloves.

We bet you will find most of these in your household, and if not, get them from the nearest store!

2. Unplug the Cleaner

Before you start disassembling the Shark vacuum, make sure it is unplugged. This is for your protection and hence, make sure you are away from the outlet.

If you by mistake open the vacuum and start cleaning while it is still plug in, there is a high chance to get hurt so be careful.

3. Remove and Empty the Dust Canister

Whether you have a bagless Shark canister or one with a bag, either way, remove the dust canister and empty it in the bin. 

Moreover, use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the canister, removing any residue stuck to the walls and making sure it is all clean, inside and out.

4. Remove the Shark Filters and Clean

How to clean the filters in a shark vacuum? Why is necessary? Filter in the vacuum is the ones that trap all the dust, pet hair, and dirt. 

Hence, over time, these can clog up causing a decrease in the power of the vacuum’s suction.

Thus, what you need to do is read through the instruction manual and find the filters to remove it. The filters for each Shark model are placed differently and hence, it is important to read through the manual so you can easily remove it.

If you see mites and pet hairs attached to, remove that using your hands and then gently, tap it on a hard surface like a sink to remove dirt from the inside. 

Next, run the Shark filters under cold water and rub them gently with a soft-bristled brush so they remain dust and grime falls off.

Once cleaned, let it dry completely and then place it back in. just a few steps and cleaning the filter on shark vacuum should not be a problem.

5. Time to Clean the Brush

When you are done cleaning the filters and the canister, next move to the brush roll. Use the screwdriver to open the lid and remove the brush carefully. 

See, how dirty it is? Make sure you pluck all the dust and hair with your hand and if there are any pet hairs tangled, use scissors to cut through them.

Then use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. We never recommend washing the brush because it is difficult to dry and if there is any moisture left within it, it will breed mold and become dirties.

Thus, make sure you nicely wipe it clean with a damp microfiber cloth and carefully fix it back into place.

6. Detach the Hose and Clean

Okay, so what is next? It is time to clean the hose! Look at the tube hanging outside the vacuum body? That tube is called hose and it is responsible to transfer power throughout the vacuum while you enjoy a powerful suction.

So, all you need to do is carefully detach the hose. Do not use force or else you may damage it doing so. Then take a metal wire to remove chunks of debris that is clogging in and use a sift, thin brush to clean the inside walls as well.

Next, fill a tub or sink with liquid soap and warm water and soak the hose in it for a few minutes. Use a brush to clean the inside and rinse with water. 

Moreover, if you wish to sanitize the hose, which we highly recommend, dilute some white vinegar with water and run it through the hose.

When you are done washing the tube, air dry it fully to avoid absorption of moisture before you put it back in place.

7. Check the Floor Nozzle

Once you are done detaching attachments and cleaning them, we will suggest checking the floor nozzle by turning the Shark vacuum upside down. Tap it and clean it with a brush to remove any dirt clogging it.

8. Assemble the Vacuum

If you still have assembled it, do it so now and wipe the outside clean with a damp cloth. Remove any stains that you may find on the outside and clean them to add shine to your vacuum cleaner.

9. Plug it in and Use

When you are satisfied with everything being in place, plug the Shark vacuum into an outlet, switch it on and you are good to go. Just remember to dry all the attachments completely to avoid any accidents.

Pay Extra Attention to Shark Vacuum Maintenance

Shark vacuums are great for cleaning as they produce a powerful suction that speeds up your work while removing dirt and dust from the tightest of spaces. 

Nevertheless, of course, when you have machines that are used regularly, you need to pay attention to their maintenance as well.

Cleaning your Shark vacuum over another month is necessary and this is something that does not occur to everyone. Unless it stops functioning like normal or smells weird, no one bothers to open it up and give it a good wash, which is a big mistake.

By cleaning your vacuum regularly, you can add to its durability. Remember, a well-maintained machine will go a long way. 

Also, if you are vacuuming around with clogged pipes and dirty brushes, it won’t do you any good. Rather, you will only make the place dirtier.

Also, it causes you to become more ill by spreading the germs around the house. Thus, if you have been vacuuming your place regularly, make sure you open up the attachments once every two months and clean them. 

Moreover, do not forget to change the filter after every three months for enjoying maximum output from your Shark Vacuum.

Relax and Enjoy!

Shark vacuums are one of the best equipment to help you clean around the house and hence when you own one, make sure you take good care of the machine so it can stay with you and assist you for as long as it can.

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