How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Did you stain your newly laid carpet with paint? Does it look like your child emptied an entire bottle of glue on it because he thought it was funny! Well, disasters are never called for and what is done is done!

Rather than crying over the accident, pull yourself together and think of ways that will help you get rid of the stain. 

Yes, we know cleaning a carpet can be a big struggle but at least it is much cheaper than replacing the entire piece with a new one.

However, what shall you do if you do not have the carpet cleaning products available at the moment? You cannot just sit around and let the stain dry, making it impossible to remove, or can you?

Hence, rather than wasting time and energy, leave the work to professionals. We suggest quickly looking up the best carpet cleaners in your vicinity and hiring them for the work. 

Nevertheless, what does the carpet cleaning cost? Is the carpet cleaning price high? Well, let us just get straight to managing your concerns regarding hiring a professional for cleaning work.

How Much Do Carpet Cleaners Cost?

When you think about hiring professional carpet cleaning services, the first thing that pops in your might is the cost. As cleaning services are commonly believed to be expensive, is it? 

Well, the easiest answer is that it depends on the experience of the professionals and the work required. If you are opting for a popular name, yes, they will be expensive! 

Moreover, you have a huge carpet to clean or a tough stain to remove so mind it; you might have to spend a generous amount on getting it cleaned.

On the contrary, some cleaners charge a minimum for their work all depending on the size of the carpet and efforts required to remove the stain. 

Remember, cleaning a carpet requires a lot of hard work and products, which do not come free.

Still, if you are wondering how much carpet cleaning costs, it falls anything in between $123 to $250. Of course, the cost is affected by many factors.

Factors that Determine Pricing for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning does not revolve around only removing stains. Rather, one is advised to get their carpet deep cleaned by a professional once in a while to create a safe environment for your family.

So, if you were planning to hire experts for cleaning, how much would you pay for it? Here are some factors that determine the carpet cleaning cost:

1. Price Per Room

Dome houses are fully carpeted while others have a few rooms decorated with rugs. Hence, this is where the price per room pricing comes in handy for the homeowners. 

Most carpet cleaners charge anything between $25 to $70 and more per room, depending on the size of it.

If you have a small room, you may have to pay the minimum for the carpet cleaning. On the other hand, if you have a room-sized equal to two rooms, the company may charge you accordingly. 

2. Price Per Square Foot

Square foot pricing works ideally for bigger houses. Good carpet cleaning companies have set their price at 0.25 cents per square foot, rest you can do the math. 

Once you hire the professionals, they will first measure the room and give a quote accordingly. 

It is important to remember, the bigger the room is, the lesser will be the price per square foot for carpet cleaning.

3. Carpet Cleaning Price by Technique

This may come as a surprise to many, but the carpet cleaning methods also determine the cost. How? Here is what you need to know: 

1. Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways of carpet deep cleaning, helping in removing dust, dirt, and stains from the deep inside. 

However, because the technique requires the use of electricity and modern equipment, the company will charge a little higher for it, anything in between $100 and $600.

2. Shampooing

If your carpet has been unfortunately been stained with heavy color, immediately go for carpet shampooing. This technique is ideal for removing dark, deep stains and soiling. 

However, because it requires a lot of water and cleaning products, the company may charge you from $90 to $400, depending on the size of the carpet.

3. Encapsulation

Dry carpet cleaning is the opposite of shampooing where the cleaner sprinkles a generous amount of cleaning powder on the carpet and vacuums it out. 

The dry products quickly absorb dust, soil, and odor and use minimum water to rinse out, thus allowing the carpet to dry quicker.

But how much does the method cost? Anything from $70 to $350!

4. Carbonation Process

This is the latest carpet cleaning technique used by carpet cleaners today that uses minimum water and hence, can cost you around$125 to $650 easily.

Type of Carpet

There is no universal method of cleaning all types of carpets. Like you cannot bleach colored clothes unlike white ones, so is the case with carpets. 

Remember, the harder the carpet fabric is to clean, the more the cleaning experts will charge for it.

  • Berber- This is an average quality carpet and hence, requires minimum effort to be cleaned. Cleaning charges for this one may be around $70 to $100.
  • Cut and level loop- If you have spent a decent amount on a good quality carpet, getting it cleaned may cost you around $75 to $130 easily.
  • Cotton and Wool- When you spent a fortune on high-end rugs and carpets, you would not compromise on the quality of cleaning services. Hence, cotton and wool carpets are delicate and need to be carefully cleaned; their cleaning service may cost you anything between $120 to $170.

Brand Name

Carpet cleaning companies that have been in the industry for a long will surely charge a little higher than the average for their service. 

Moreover, service providers that have experts on the team and do not compromise on the quality of their cleaning products will surely set their carpet-cleaning price more than the rest.

But of course, when you have an expensive, luxurious piece bought straight from the best artisans, we’d suggest hiring only the best cleaners for the work.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

If you are wondering, how is the carpet cleaned, here is a quick look at the entire process:

  1. You hire professional carpet cleaners for the work and they give you a price quote for it
  2. Once the deal is sealed, the experts will reach your home with the required tools and start removing the furniture from the site
  3. They will then pre-treat the stains so the carpet is cleaned thoroughly
  4. Next, based on the chosen cleaning method, the experts will clean and rinse out the entire carpet
  5. They will cover as many rooms as you have decided in the deal
  6. Some companies even brush out the fibers after vacuuming it dry to ensure the carpet looks as good as new
  7. Moreover, before the experts leave, they will run a thorough quality check, and if the need be, they will also repair the patches but of course, it’ll cost you extra for it

Relax and Enjoy!

Carpet cleaners have tools and products that allow them to remove stains from the deep inside without damaging the fibers. 

Hence, if you have laid the most expensive carpets in your home and stained it accidentally, it is best to hire professional cleaners for the work. Nevertheless, it is worth spending money on!

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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