How Often Should You Vacuum

How Often Should You Vacuum

Carpets do not only add to the interiors of your house but are super comfortable too. When one wishes to add regality to their home with a warm welcoming, carpets can do the trick. 

Moreover, if you have kids in the house, these delicate pieces of floor decorative work as the perfect cushion for your naughty toddlers.

However, of course, carpets come with their own set of maintenance. Because these are difficult to clean, the dust and dirt tend to accumulate beneath them, which can lead to allergies and other health problems. 

Thus, keeping them thoroughly cleaned can ensure durability without compromising your health.

Thus, as a responsible homemaker, you should be vacuuming carpets regularly. How often should you vacuum your carpet? Daily? One a week or twice a month? 

Because you do not want to overdo things and damage your beautiful carpet with a small mistake.

For all those who have fully carpeted homes, here is everything you should know about their cleaning and maintenance!

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

As we already said, cleaning carpets and maintaining them can be quite tricky if you do not know the dos and don’ts of them. Is cleaning the surface only enough? 

Should you be using a wet mop over it? Does scrubbing help in getting rid of the stains? Or how often should you clean under the carpet?

A million questions all lead to one answer, vacuuming a carpet to keep it clean is the best way to ensure it lasts over years. 

But this doesn’t mean you should plug in the vacuum every day and start cleaning it unless you have pets or kids in the house.

Remember, when it comes to the maintenance of a carpet, the delicate fibers that make the whole carpet need great care, or else, it will not take time for them to lose their strength and look.

Experts suggest vacuuming carpet at least twice a week especially if you live in the middle of the city with heavy traffic outside the premises. 

On the contrary, if you live in the countryside or a calm neighborhood with less traffic, you can go without vacuuming for a week or so.

But then again, it all depends on the homemaker. If you are someone whose crazy about keeping the house clean and go mad at the sight of dust and dirt, you may vacuum the carpet on consecutive days. 

Therefore, it is recommended if you have pets and kids in the house to avoid allergies and other problems.

Nonetheless, on average, vacuuming carpets twice a week is a pretty good number because it will keep the fibers intact while getting rid of pet hair, dirt, and other mico-allergens.

Top 4 Benefits of Vacuuming

Un-carpeted floors are easier to clean. If you spill soda, paint, or food on the floor, all you need to do is grab a mop and clean it up! But with carpets, cleaning can be more challenging especially when removing stains.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vacuum your carpets. Rather, a vacuum is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house and add a few years to the life of your expensive carpet. 

If carpet vacuuming never occurred to you before, think again because here are the benefits of vacuuming daily:

1. Removes Allergens

One of the biggest benefits of vacuuming is that it helps maintain a healthy environment. 

Although, the carpet may seem clean to the eyes but little do people realize is that if left uncleaned for long, it breeds micro-allergens and bacteria along with accumulating dust and dirt.

The tiny pollen particles, pet hair, and other unhealthy microscopic particles may lead to allergies in kids and adults of the house. 

If your kid has been coughing for the past few weeks with no medicine working on him/her or you have been sneezing constantly and complaining of a stuffy nose and irritated throat, you should look more closely at your carpet.

These easily hide bacteria and viruses and when the dust accumulates deep within the fibers unknowingly, it surely affects your and the family’s health. 

Thus, make sure you vacuum the carpets regularly as the strong suction of the equipment sucks hidden monstrous particles from deep within the fibers without doing them harm and promising to keep you and the family healthy as ever.

2. Gets Rids of the Dust Mites

No matter how clean your house is, when you open those windows for a breath of fresh air, the tiny dust mites secretly hide under and within the carpet to tease you later. 

Because these cannot be seen with naked eyes, you might never anticipate something as bad as these.

Hence, vacuuming helps get rid of them easily. The powerful suction makes its way in between the tight fibers and catches dust mites, leaving your carpet clean and fresh. 

So, if you have been working on creating a healthy home environment, do not forget to vacuum regularly.

3. Keeps You Fit

How many of you are too lazy to step out of the house and go to the gym? Although everyone knows how necessary it is to stay active, none of us bother to attend the gym regularly.

But wait! How many of you actively clean your house? Daily you say? Well, great to hear that! But little do people know that vacuuming too can help you stay fit. How?

According to a recent conducted by experts, cleaning the house which includes scrubbing and vacuuming is a great form of exercise. Thus, it means not only will vacuuming help you keep away dust and allergens but stay fit and active!

4. Improved Mental Health

Do you know anyone obsessed with cleaning? Well generally, keeping the house clean does bring you peace. How? When you are done with washing the dishes, laundry, and dusting the house, how does that bring you peace, right?

It relieves all the stress and you know you are breathing in the fresh air. Thus, vacuuming is great for improving mental health. When you have a clean, mite, and bacteria-free house to live in, you’ll feel better.

Moreover, cleaning including vacuuming is a great stress reliever too. Hence, when you are feeling depressed or down, plug in the vacuum and clean away!

Top 6 Tips for Regular Vacuuming

The benefits of vacuuming daily are numerous but make sure you never overdo it. Also, remember the following vacuuming tips to ensure you do not damage the carpet in the process, which can reduce its life greatly:

  1. Use vacuums specifically designed for cleaning carpets
  2. Choose the right size- A small vacuum for a smaller coverage area and vice versa to ensure you get the desired “cleaning” results
  3. Never push the vacuum strongly on the carpet and be gentle in your movement t avoid damage to the carpet fibers
  4. Do not rush when vacuuming so that you do not miss a spot
  5. Once you’ve done vacuuming the carpet, repeat the process in the opposite direction for thorough cleaning
  6. Use different attachments designed for different areas to suck out mites and dust from the tightest of corners easily

Relax and Enjoy!

Vacuuming carpets right is the best way to create a safe and healthy atmosphere for your family. Thus, make sure you do it regularly because as much as this looks good around the house, maintaining carpets is quite a responsibility. 

Hence, invest in a good vacuum cleaner, which we promise, will make your life much easier!

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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