How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum

How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are great tools for speeding up your cleaning work around the house. All you need to do is plug it in, switch it on and move around the place while it powerfully sucks the debris and dust.

But how do you know which vacuum cleaner to buy? When you are talking about the best cleaners, Dyson tops the list. Their vacuums are super compact, easy to use, and produce a powerful suction that paces up your work 10 times.

Oh, do you already have a vacuum cleaner? Great! Have you recently started to notice a drop in its performance? Is it not sucking up dust like before? 

On the other hand, does it smell funny? Looks you your Dyson cleaner is super clogged and needs to be cleaned.

So, how to clean a Dyson vacuum? Do you clean the Dyson ball vacuum and the filters too? If you are new to the idea of cleaning a Dyson vacuum, let us guide you through the process.

How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum

When you are regular in using your Dyson vacuum, you should be considerate about maintaining it as well. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to do it. 

Honestly, cleaning the vacuum is not as difficult as you might think and so, here is how you do it:

1. Collect the Cleaning Tools

First thing first, collect all the tools that you need like a clean piece of cloth, some cleaning solution, an air compressor, screwdriver to open any screws if the need is, and a thin metal wire.

2. Unplug It

Okay so before you start detaching attachments and cleaning, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged to avoid accidents and make your job much safer.

3. Open and Empty the Canister

Since all Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless, you need to start by opening the canister and emptying it in a bin. 

For this, we would recommend you to read through the instruction manual because by opening the canister, the mechanism may differ from model to model.

Thus, make sure you read to manual to know how your vacuum works. Once you have emptied the canister, next use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the canister. 

Remove any debris and dust stuck to the walls and clean them thoroughly.

Although you can wash it as well we do not recommend it because then you need to make sure you air dry it completely or else even little moisture can lead to the growth of mold, which is something you wouldn’t want.

You can also use compressed air for cleaning purposes!

4. Remove the filter and Wash Them

So, how to clean a Dyson filter? If you have been wondering about it, let us help you. Although the filters in every model are placed differently, in most Dyson models, you can find them next to the cyclone.

Moreover, some vacuum models have more than one filter so; make sure you remove all to clean them thoroughly. 

Why is it necessary to clean the filters? It is because these traps the dust, dirt, and germs, and hence, if you do not clean it, the vacuum will not be able to function, as it should be.

First, pluck the dust mites and pet hairs from the filters using your hands. Then run it through cold tap water and if the need is, use a soft brush to remove dirt from the inside of filter walls. 

Keep washing it until you see clean water running through it and then leave it to dry. Make sure it is 100% dried up before you place it back in. nonetheless, how often should clean the filter? If not more, then at least clean them once every three months.

5. Clean the Brush Roll

Since you have already cleaned the ball canister and filter, which other thing should be cleaned up next? The brush rolls! So, how to clean Dyson’s head?

The brush roll fit inside the head of the vacuum is responsible to pick up pet hair and other thick debris. 

After some time, if you are regular in cleaning with the machine, the brush roll starts clogging up with debris and hair, which needs to be removed manually.

For this, you need to use the screwdriver to unscrew the soleplate to expose the brush roll. Remove any big pieces of using your hands and if the need is, use scissors to cut through the tangled hairs.

Once you are done plucking it out, use a damp cloth to clean it from inside out and you be good to go. 

We will not recommend washing it under tap water or else, drying it up will become difficult. Just remember to clean with a fresh, damp cloth only and fit it back.

6. Move to the Hose Next

Okay, so we are done with the main body, next it is time for the hose! How to clean Dyson attachments including the hose? 

For this, we would recommend going through the instruction manual first because the mechanism of detaching the hose differs for every model.

Having said that, you find the hose, the tube sticking outside the vacuum’s body. A clogged hose can affect the suction of your vacuum and so, it is important to clean it after every use.

First, take a thin wire and move it through the tube, separating all the debris and dust from the wall. Next, dip it into warm water with some liquid soap and let it soak for a few minutes.

Use a soft, thin brush to rub the inside, and use a faucet to throw water with pressure so the inside is cleaned thoroughly. When you are done washing the hose make sure, you dry it completely before attaching it back.

7. Wipe it Down

Once you are doing cleaning the inside of the Dyson vacuum, do not forget to wipe the exteriors clean too. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it down and it should be good to go.

Before you plug the Dyson vacuum in, make sure everything is well fixed in place with no loose screws so you do not have any trouble later. Once you are satisfied, just plug it in and clean away!

Dyson Vacuum Maintenance is Important

Everyone loves having a vacuum but little do people realize that it is important to keep it well maintained so that the machine works without any problem. 

If you do not clean it, you will face a problem with its suction and hence, will be worried about it not being able to clean the house properly.

Also, cleaning the vacuum will help you maintain a better level of hygiene and cleanliness around the house, which is important. Because little to you understand that regular, vacuuming of the place can clog up the pipes and brush easily.

Thus, if you wish to add life to your Dyson vacuum and want it to function as well as before, make sure to clean it regularly, or else, you’ll only be compromising on its functioning.

So, make sure if not regularly, clean the vacuum after every 15 days. And as for the deep cleaning of the vacuum cleaner, do it once every two months so it keeps on working without a problem.

Relax and Enjoy!

Moreover, if you are unable to clean it yourself, it is always advisable to hire a helping hand to take a closer look at it. In this regard, professional cleaners can surely help you clean the vacuum in a better way.

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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