How to Clean an Area Rug

How to Clean an Area Rug

Sometimes when you have a unicolored room that needs a little oomph, people go for painting or colored decoration to amp up the look. 

However, look like you are still not satisfied with it? Well, how about you bring in an average-sized, super funky area rug?

Area rugs make a great addition to your rooms. These not only enhance the look of the place but are super comfortable, warm, and welcoming too. Nevertheless, is it a good idea to have one when you have little kids or pets in the house? Why not?

Yes, kids and pets can make it dirty because with them spilling accidents are inevitable. However, that does not mean you cannot have one! When you bring in an area rug, just make sure you try your best to maintain its cleanliness.

However, is cleaning an area rug easy? Can you clean it at home manually? On the other hand, how can you use carpet cleaning on a rug like a vacuum? 

Since you have been tempted into buying an area rug or already have one, let us get straight to the cleaning tips!

How to Clean an Area Rug

Cleaning an area rug should not be difficult especially if you have the right tools and know-how to do it. But what most people are afraid of is that can the rug be washed and cleaned inside the house using a carpet cleaner on the rug?

Everything is possible and let us teach you how it is done!

Cleaning an Area Rug In-doors

Okay, so do you have a backyard or a decent size garage outside the house? No problem because you can now wash your area rug indoors too. Here is how to do it:

1. Remove the Dirt First

Therefore, before you shampoo and wash it, you need to remove all the loose dirt from it. For this, you can either use a soft broom or if you have, a vacuum to speed up the work. 

However, are you sure you can use a carpet on an area rug without damaging the fibers?

Yes, cleaner machines made specifically for cleaning rugs gently make their way through the carpet while gently sucking the dirt, dust, and grime in between the fibers. 

Nevertheless, if you do not have a carpet cleaner machine, no problem! Use an ordinary vacuum or a simple broom to clean away the loose dirt.

2. Remove the Stains if Any

Next up, use a good carpet cleaner for stain removal. Alternatively, make one on your own by mixing some dishwashing liquid in water and spritzing the stains with it. Then use a brush to rub them and wipe them away.

When you are cleaning an area rug inside the house, make sure you avoid water to avoid damage to your flooring. Thus, use wet wipes to remove any stain or just a little amount of water to rinse it out.

3. Sprinkle Baking Soda and Vacuum

Okay, so dried-up spills or pet stains can make your rug smell funny, and believe us, the lingering foul smell is hard to get rid of. So, what can you do?

You of course should not be using any harsh cleaners on the rug so we would suggest switching to more natural options like baking soda. 

That is correct! The baking soda in your kitchen is a great deodorizer and hence sprinkle a generous amount of it on your area rug, let it sit for a few minutes, and vacuum.

You will see an instant change in the atmosphere of the room feeling it to be fresher and cleaner!

We would not recommend using water to wash the area rug inside the house if you do not have an outlet to flush out the water. Use this dry method for area rug carpet cleaning and you will be good to go!

Cleaning an Area Rug Outdoors

If you have a garage or a lawn outside the house, nothing could be better for cleaning the area rug. Thus, here is how you do it:

1. Set Up the Station

When the sun is up and warm, it is the best day to prepare your cleaning station outside. For this, you need to clean the area, remove all the dirt and things there so you have a big, clean area to wash your area rug.

2. Vacuum and Broom Both the Sides

Next, bring out the area rug outside with the help of someone. Or if you can pull it out on your own, then why not! Now what you need to do is clean both sides using either a vacuum or a broom.

Make sure you remove dust and dirt from both sides, leaving nothing in it that when washed, sticks to the fibers.

3. Time for Shampooing

Okay, so are you done with removing all the loose dirt? Great! Now you need to shampoo the rug using a cleaner. 

If you are planning to use a commercial cleaner, make sure you first test it out on a small batch to ensure it will not damage the fibers.

Or else, you can always make a cleaner at home by mixing some liquid soap with water. Alternatively, if you have tough stains and foul odor to remove, add some white vinegar to water along with some baking soda and shampoo the area rug with it.

Also, do not forget to use a soft-bristled brush to rub off the stains on your way and rinse it out thoroughly. We would suggest going for pressure wash so that all the shampoo comes out easily.

4. Let it Dry Fully

Are you done washing and cleaning the rug? Good! Now put up some wires in the open area and hang the area rug on it. Let it air dry under the sun which will not only help remove moisture but also kill the remaining germs and odor.

Or if you do not have a place to hang it, use a viper to squeeze the excess water out, take it inside and switch out the fans to let it dry. 

However, make sure you dry it before putting it back in place or it will become a breeding ground of germs and mold, which is something you would not want.

Moreover, can you use Bissell carpet cleaner on area rugs? Yes, you can! You can use it either to clean the area rug or wipe it dry. 

Machines like the Bissell carpet cleaner are quick to remove dirt and suck up moisture, helping you by speeding up the cleaning task.

Call a Professional Cleaner If You Wish

If you do not have time or energy to clean the area rug on your own, do not worry and hire a professional carpet cleaner for it. Book your slot with them and they will come to your service well prepared.

From removing stains to getting rid of the dirt, they will clean the area rug making it as good as new. 

Hence, when you are too tired to clean the rug on your own or do not have enough place to wash it, do not worry because professional carpet cleaners can help you with it.

If you are short on budget, we would suggest washing and cleaning it on your own but if money is not an issue or if the area rug is too much dirty, calling in a professional service provider is the wisest decision you can make. 

Thus, keep your area rugs clean and well maintained so that they can last over a lifetime.

Relax and Enjoy!

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