Top 6 Best Vacuum for Area Rug (2024 Reviews)

vacuum for area rug

Best Vacuum for Area Rug: Top 6 area rug vacuums you can buy in 2024

The cleaning area rug is different from traditional surfaces such as hard floors, wooden floors, tiles, and laminated floors. 

A vacuum cleaner attending to clean an area rug should possess high suction power and essential features that collect dirt, dander, and hair. 

Most vacuums in the market feature a roller brush that agitate the rug fibers to loosen the dirt and debris. Then, the suction power helps the vacuum pick the waste with ease.

The best vacuum for area rugs is available in different formats and features. When you start comparing the products, consider different essential things. Likewise, you can choose between upright, canister, and stick vacuum cleaners. 

In addition, you can consider corded or cordless. Today, you will learn about the best vacuum for area rugs.

Here are our top 6 best vacuums to clean carpet and vacuum cleaner for rugs reviewed briefly,

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Top 5 Tips for When Buying a Vacuum for Rug:

Here are some of key considerations you should look into before purchasing your next best vacuum for the area rug,

Filter: HEPA filters are highly efficient and trap 99.99% of allergens, bacteria, and fine dust. Look for a product that has a HEPA filter because it traps everything and leaves a hygienic environment.

Carpet Fibers: Apart from the traffic in the home, carpet fiber also matters a lot while selecting a vacuum cleaner. If you have a synthetic fiber area rug, a traditional vacuum cleaner fulfills the duty. 

However, a vacuum cleaner with soft bristles is essential for other materials such as sisal, mountain grass, coir, bamboo, cotton, jute, viscose, and others.

Performance: Do not rely on the watts or Amps that the vacuum cleaners operate. The suction power plays a critical role and searching for airflow wattage is essential.

Noise Level: A few models are unbearable while using because of their design. Other models have insulation within the motor region to cap the noise level. Check for the noise level for a comfortable operation.

Dirt Cup Capacity: A model with a bigger dirt cup requires less emptying or changes.

Vacuum for Rug Comparison Chart

Comparing the different area rug vacuum models is necessary to understand what vacuum fits your carpet cleaning requirements. 

Below is the chart that helps you glance at the crucial specifications of the vacuums for rug currently reviewed in this article. Use it as a guide to make an informed decision. 






Tineco PWRHERO11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


4-stage HEPA

40 min

9.03 pounds

Bissell 28806 Sweep Turbo



60 min

4 pounds

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Endura filtration system

9 pounds

Dremetech T10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


5 level with HEPA media

60 min

13.64 pounds

Eureka NEU182B PowerSpeed Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Washable foam filter

10 pounds

ORFELD EV679 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Washable HEPA filter

50 min

4.6 pounds

Here is our top rated 6 vacuum for area rugs pros, cons and vacuum for wool carpet cleaning,

Best Rug Vacuum for Carpet:

Vacuum cleaners for rugs require special attention to the design and suction power. Understanding the needs, Tineco came up with the PWRHERO11 model that has everything you need to remove accumulated dirt, pet hair, and everything with ease. The cleaner is the result of successful research and new technologies. What makes the model stand out is the quiet operation.

The outstanding performance allows you to use the vacuum cleaner in three different modes – I, II, and MAX. Therefore, you have greater control and customization of the suction power that you can alter based on the cleaning mode. For instance, you can opt for the gentle mode (I) for small messes, light dusting, and spot cleaning.

The PWRHERO11 uses advanced battery technology that extends the battery time based on the operation mode. Nonetheless, a single battery charge provides a runtime of up to 40 minutes, which is sufficient to indulge in thorough cleaning. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner hosts a quick-release dust bin that can hold 0.6L of dust. Therefore, you can continue to use the vacuum until the container is full, which reduces the trips to empty the contents.

The PWRHERO11 is a two-wand design, which you can convert to a handheld unit to clean stairs, auto interiors, corners, and other hard-to-reach places. What keeps the air hygiene after vacuuming is the 4-stage HEPA filtration mechanism. The fully sealed filter captures pollen, pollutants, bacteria, and allergen down to 0.3 microns.

Why Do We Like This Area Rug Vacuum?

  • You can run in three different cleaning modes.
  • The vacuum cleaner uses a reliable motor that runs silently.
  • You can switch the stick vacuum into a handheld in a moment to clean stairs, car interiors, and other corners.
  • The unit has a 4-stage HEPA filtration that captures particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • The cleaning head has LED headlights that light up dark places to tackle the dirt.

Take Away:

The PWRHERO11 is an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner for homes with many area rugs and delicate floors. As it picks pet dander and hair, homes with pets and children also find it as a suitable product.

Vacuum for Area Rug Specifications:

Power Source


Suction Power


Dustbin Capacity


Docking Station


Area Rug Vacuum for Multi Purpose:

Vacuum for area rugs is different compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. There is a variation in the suction power and so are the features and accessories. What makes Bissell 28806 Sweep Turbo makes a different segment in the vacuum cleaner segment is the form factor. It is compact and lightweight, slim, and has a wide cleaning roller brush for a larger cleaning path coverage.

The compact design helps the vacuum cleaner to creep underneath furniture and other low stationed products without hassle. Additionally, the lengthy handle with swiveling feature helps one maneuver it quickly without any strain. Apart from cleaning area rugs alone, the vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpet and hard floors.

The cleaning roller brush comprises of bristles that agitate the accumulated dirt, pet dander, and hair from rugs without spoiling the fibers. Bissell ensured that it was simple to empty the dirt cup.

The U2000RB-1 is one of the best commercial vacuums from Oreck. At 9 pounds, the commercial vacuum is the lightest and holds a low-profile design that helps it to lay flat. Due to this, cleaning under the furniture becomes easy without succumbing to accidents or damages.

The vacuum cleaner has a 40-foot extra-long power cord that prevents frequent electrical outlet changes. Additionally, the company opted for a cord-guard mechanism that prevents any damage to the cable while working. Therefore, it has a long life compared to other models.

The U2000RB-1 comes equipped with a double helix brush that spins at 6,500 rpm. The helix layout helps the brush collect debris of any size, including pet hair, without complaint. And for added convenience, Oreck installed the control switch on the handle that is easily accessible by fingers.

The construction is sturdy and yet lightweight, making the unit one of the lightest in the commercial segment. Even with regular use, the product remains in its original condition. Clear and non-marring bumpers are attached to the head to prevent scratches and dents, while the soft wheels make maneuvering simple and smooth on any surface.

The commercial vacuum cleaner uses high-capacity bags with an area of 630 cubic inches. You can replace the bag quickly by opening the top fill bag. The replacement of the bag is less when compared to other bagged commercial vacuums because of the capacity.

Why Do We Like This Best Vacuum for Area Rug?

  • The double helix brushes pick up debris quickly, including pet hair.
  • The advanced circuitry mechanism protects the belt by shutting the motor off.
  • The ergonomic handle eases the operation and maneuverability, while the on/off switch provides convenience.
  • The non-marring wall bumpers protect the cleaner from accidents and dents.
  • The cleaner has side cleaning brushes for increased efficiency of the cleaning.

Take Away:

The Oreck commercial vacuum is a blessing for cleaning commercial and residential units that require light to medium cleaning regularly. The extensive collection bag and side cleaning brushes make it for an efficient cleaning.

Vacuum for Rug Specifications:

Power Source


Battery Voltage


Dustbin Capacity


Charge Time

12 hours

Vacuum for Rugs and Hardwood Floors:

Dirt Devil UD20124 vacuum for rugs is a powerful vacuum cleaner with enormous suction power through its 11-inch wide cleaning path. The main cleaning head consists of a rotating brush that agitates the accumulated dirt, dander, and hair from the rugs and carpets with ease. The bristles work efficiently in picking all the debris without causing any damage to the carpet or rug surfaces.

Given the 20 feet length of the power cord, reaching the corners becomes easy without changing the power outlets. One can cover a substantial area for cleaning without worrying about the frequent changes of the power outlet. Likewise, the extension hose and the wand provide sufficient length and reach to get into tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners of the home.

The UD20124 has a significant capacity of the dirt collection tank. At 1.5 L capacity, the tank constraints all the mess that the vacuum collects over a period. Likewise, emptying the contents becomes a less significant activity, which helps attend to cleaning needs for a continued number of days. Additionally, the one-touch release bin makes it ideal for clearing the debris without touching it.

Dirt Devil designed the product such that it is simple to carry all the accessories on the board. Therefore, switching between different accessories becomes easy and takes only a moment. For instance, depending on the need, changing from the 2-in-1 dusting brush to the crevice tool is straightforward.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Rug?

  • The vacuum uses a washable filter with an Endura filtration system for effective cleaning.
  • The multi-floor brush cleans both the hard floors and carpets without trouble.
  • The quick-release wand helps reach the ceilings with ease.
  • The quick-release 1.5L dirt cup is enormous and reduces trips to the trash.
  • The cleaning head adjusts to the changes in floor heights automatically.

Take Away:

The UD20124 from Dirt Devil is an exceptional product in its category. The suction power, construction, hassle-free tool storage, and filtration make it an attractive option for cleaning area rugs.

Best Vacuum for Area Rug Specifications:

Power Source


Cord Length

20 feet

Dustbin Capacity


Height Adjustment


Best Vacuum to Clean Carpet:

If a cordless vacuum cleaner is a requirement for cleaning rugs, then the T10 from Dreametech is the solution. What makes the cordless vacuum the best vacuum for rugs is the powerful motor that has more than 26 patents pending. The motor generates a powerful suction of 26K Pa and runs at high speed of 100,000 RPM. The suction force helps the cleaner remove stubborn messes with ease while avoiding any damage to the carpet fabrics.

The T10 has a detachable battery. The system’s unique design makes it simple for a user to use another battery when the existing battery runs out. Because of this, one can operate it continuously and complete several cleaning activities. A single battery charge delivers a runtime of 60 min in the ECO mode. Likewise, one can opt for the TURBO and MEDIUM mode for 8 min and 28 min of operation, respectively.

The T10 has a 5-stage filtration mechanism that locks the debris within the dirt cup. The specialty of the arrangement is the presence of the HEPA filter that captures particles of 0.3 microns. Therefore, the cleaner does not release pollutants, allergens, or bacteria back into the air. In addition, the cyclonic filter helps separate the large debris from the fine particles for easy collection.

Dreametec T10 has an 8-stage noise reduction design that ensures a quiet operation of the vacuum cleaner. Depending on the need, switching between a stick and a handheld is simple. The brush roll effectively removes pet hair and dander from upholstery, beddings, fabric furniture, and more.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Area Rug?

  • It has an 8-stage noise reduction design for silent operation.
  • The motor generates a powerful suction of 20K PA power.
  • Switching between stick and handheld vacuum cleaner is simple.
  • Emptying the dirt is easy because of the one-touch release button of the dust cup.
  • The swappable battery provision aids double runtime with extended battery life.

Take Away:

The T10 from Dreametech is a fantastic product for it has everything that one needs to clean a carpet and area rug without causing any damage.

Area Rug Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Battery Voltage


Dustbin Capacity


Charge Time

3.5 Hours

Best Vacuum for Rugs:

The NEU182B area rug vacuum from Eureka is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner with the features that one hopes to see on a vacuum cleaner. Eureka ensured that it had the power to remove accumulated dirt, stubborn particles, and pet hair quickly from area rugs and carpets without spoiling the fabric fibers.

Running on 120v and 8A, the motor generates sufficient suction pressure to agitate the surface and suck debris quickly. The 12.6-inch cleaning path width helps cover a large area compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, which reduces the cleaning activity time. Likewise, the brush roll ensures to equally pick all the particles from any surface. You can make changes based on the surface with five height adjustment settings.

The NEU182B has a simplistic design with an onboard tool mechanism that proves efficient for a long cleaning session. With the 7-inch crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool present on the vacuum cleaner, accessing them becomes simple, and switching to any one of them takes only a minute.

Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, the NEU182B has a washable foam filter and an XL dust cup with a 4.1L capacity. Therefore, you can continue vacuuming for longer periods with reduced trips to empty the dust cup. Likewise, you can remove the washable filter, rinse, dry, and reuse it many times before a replacement is necessary, reducing the overall maintenance cost.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Rug?

  • The cleaning path width is 12.6 inches.
  • The 4.1L dust cup is enormous and helps continue cleaning for longer periods.
  • The five height settings provide a better chance to adjust the suction power according to the floor.
  • The lightweight and onboard tool storage design is intriguing and makes accessible to the tools efficiently.
  • The washable foam filter functions efficiently and reduces maintenance costs.

Take Away:

The NEU182B vacuum cleaner from Eureka is an efficient product. The lightweight construction, onboard tool storage, washable filter, and strong suction power help remove debris without spoiling the surface of carpets and area rugs.

Vacuum for Rug Specifications:

Power Source


Cord Length

25 feet

Dustbin Capacity


Height Adjustment

5 settings

Vacuum Cleaner for Area Rugs:

The EV679 is the best vacuum to clean carpet because of the cordless facility and significant suction power generated by the quiet motor. The cleaner head equips soft bristles that easily pick up pet hair, debris, and other particles. Additionally, the bristles cause no damage to the surface or the area rugs or carpet’s fabric. Therefore, it efficiently functions in removing all the contaminants without any hassle.

The floor cleaner brush operates on an individual motor. Due to this, there is a constant generation of suction power without relying on the primary motor. With the dual motor in action, the cleaning effect is strong and helps the brush roller operate efficiently compared to traditional cordless vacuums. 

The vacuum cleaner operates in two suction modes – standard and MAX modes. The suction power is 10000Pa in the standard mode, and the battery runtime is 50 minutes. The suction power increases to 20000Pa in the MAX mode, and the battery runtime reduces to 15 minutes. The MAX mode is suitable for attending to tough and stubborn messes and spot cleaning, while the standard mode is suitable for the entire home clean.

The vacuum cleaner hosts a Quadruple filtration system that captures 99.99% fine particles. The sealed filtration system avoids secondary pollution, leaving a hygiene environment in the home. The floor brush with a swivel head and LED headlights are the additional features that help reach corners and spot debris in dark corners with ease.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Area Rug?

  • The vacuum cleaner operates on a dual digital motor.
  • It has two suction modes – standard at 10000Pa and MAX at 20000Pa suction power.
  • The battery has a runtime of 50 min in the standard mode and 15 min in the MAX mode.
  • The cleaning brush has soft bristles and operates smoothly on all floors.
  • The Quadruple filtration system with HEPA filter captures 99.99% fine particles.

Take Away:

The EV679 from ORFELD is a fantastic cordless stick vacuum to clean area rugs and carpets that require specialized attention. The cleaning head, suction power, and HEPA filter mechanism are some of the highlights of the product.

Vacuum for Area Rug Specifications:

Power Source


Battery Voltage


Dustbin Capacity


Charge Time

4-5 hours

Best Vacuum for Area Rug Buying Guide

Vacuum for Area Rug
Vacuum for Area Rug

What to look when buying a  vacuum for area rugs 

A buying guide consists of essential factors to consider while zeroing on a product. It is helpful because many find narrowing vacuum for rugs and hardwood floors tedious. Including the points discussed below will simplify the entire search process.

Best Vacuum for Area Rug FAQs

How often should I clean the area rug?

Depending on the footfall and generally, cleaning once a week is reliable to maintain the original condition of an area rug. In addition, the best vacuum for floor and carpet helps homes with pets clean their carpets and area rugs without damage more than others.

How to clean area rugs?

Vacuum for rugs is unique and has cleaning modes with decent suction power and height adjustment to avoid spoiling carpet fibers. Additionally, ensure to remove obstacles and larger debris by hand before starting. 

What to look for in an area rug vacuum cleaner?

Versatility, durability, weight, accessories, and runtime (for cordless) are essential characters to look for while searching for an area rug vacuum cleaner.


Technology is advancing with time and so do the products. Unfortunately, it is hard to pinpoint the best vacuum for area rugs and hardwood floors that match users’ requirements. The key to identifying a suitable vacuum cleaner is based on one’s requirement, and finding it is crucial to narrow the product list.

The details of the products listed in this article, the comparison chart, and the buying guide will help select the right vacuum cleaner that cleans the rugs and carpets efficiently without causing any damage.

Overall, the best vacuum for area rugs from our review list is Tineco PWRHERO11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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