How to Unclog A Vacuum Hose?

How to Unclog A Vacuum Hose?

How long has it been since you are using a vacuum to clean the house? Very long, right? 

In addition, this thing works great especially for cleaning fully-carpeted houses. Moreover, you do not need to exhaust yourself with filling buckets of water and mopping away. 

Just plug the vacuum in and dance away to your favorite tune while the hose sucks dirt within minutes.

Normally this does not happen very often, but imagine after working great for so long, it stops cleaning, what will you? Will you replace your old vacuum with a new one? No, you should not have to! 

Before you call in an expert for taking a look at it, open the hose to check for blockages. With the cleaning equipment, the first troubleshooting is very important because most of the times, the issue is not as big as it looks and requires just a tweak here and there.

Oh, seems like the mites have stuck their head in the hose, blocking the passage. Thus, what will you do? How to unclog a vacuum hose? Whether you have a shark vacuum or the powerful Dyson vacuum, use the tips below to clean and open a clogged vacuum quickly.

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose?

Unclogging a clogged vacuum is not difficult if you know how to do it. Remember, if you have been feeling a difference in the suction of your vacuum, you should be quick in cleaning the house, or else, it will die soon enough.

But how to unclog a vacuum? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

1. Remove the Hose

Start with removing the hose, as simple as that. When working with the vacuum, you will observe a pipe attached to the roller at the bottom on the outside. Now pull the hose from both ends and set the main body of the vacuum aside.

Make sure you have unplugged the vacuum before removing the house for safety reasons alone.

2. Push a Broomstick or Brush Inside

Do you have a broomstick or a long brush? Even a wooden piece will work. Make sure you check the width of your hose first and grab a long strong, stick-like thing to push it inside.

Apply a little force but do not overdo or else the stick can damage the hose from the inside, something you would not want to happen. 

But how do you know if your hose has been unclogged unless you have a transparent hose? Simply look from one side of the hose and if you can see the light at the other end, it means the hose is clean.

3. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Have you ever had a chance to conduct the volcano experiment at home using baking soda and vinegar? These two products when combined release a chemical reaction that dissolves particles into bubbles.

Thus, if you still are not sure whether your hose is clean or not, pour baking soda inside and shake it to ensure it sticks to the walls completely. 

Next, pour vinegar and watch the bubble build up. Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes and then rinse with tap water.

This way you will easily get rid of the build-up that was stuck to the hose wall and clog it. Believe it or not, this DIY hack surely works!

4. Fix-It Back

When you have rinsed it water, leave the hose to dry out completely before fixing it back to the vacuum. Sounds easy, right?

But how often do you clean a clogged vacuum? It depends on how often do you use it. 

If you are a regular user of the vacuum cleaner, you might need to look at the clog at least after 10 days of continuous use to increase the durability of your handy equipment.

How to Unclog a Shark Vacuum?

When it comes down to the powerful vacuuming tool, Shark vacuums top the list. This vacuum produces strong suction that allows you to clean a larger area within minutes of plugging it in.

But of course, when your vacuum on regular basis, maintenance of the equipment should be set as a priority. Little do people understand that dust mites, pet hairs, and similar things can easily clog the hose and thus, you should be regular in cleaning it.

But how to unclog a Shark vacuum? You do it just as if you clean any other vacuum cleaner!

Here is 7 steps guide to unclog a Shark Vacuum,

  1. Start by unplugging the vacuum
  2. Remove the wand and the hose from the main body
  3. Now use a torchlight to look at the main body and the hose for obstructions
  4. If you find the hose to be clogged, use a broomstick or any other long, strong piece to push it inside the hose and unclog it
  5. You can also pour a mix of baking soda and vinegar inside the hose for thorough cleaning of the walls
  6. Next, unscrew the roller/brush at the bottom of the vacuum and remove pieces of clogs if any
  7. Screw the lid back in, fix the hose in place, and look at the indicator turning green showing all clogs have been removed

Once you are sure the clogs have been removed completely, plug the vacuum back in and you are good to go!

How to Unclog a Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson is the ultimate vacuum cleaner brand that delivers high-end performance over the years without compromise. 

If you are looking to speed up cleaning work around the house without compromising on the quality of it, the Dyson vacuum is your tool!

But of course, at times even the best equipment can fail to deliver their promised performance. And if one day you wake up to find your Dyson vacuum not performing to par, then you need to take a closer look at it,

Maybe the vacuum is clogged with debris, dust mites, and whatnot! But how to unclog a Dyson vacuum? Here is how you do it:

Here is 6 steps guide to unclog a Dyson Vacuum,

  1. Unplug the vacuum
  2. Remove the canister from the main body
  3. From within the canister, pull out the cylinder and clean it of the clogs to clear the air passage for stronger suction
  4. Check the base of the vacuum for blockages and remove if any
  5. Next, detach the hose and clean it with a stick to get rid of clogs
  6. Once you are sure that the blockages have been removed, fix the hose and the canister back in place to use it once again

Dyson is one of the best vacuums you can find today and hence, you need to be regular in checking for blockages and clogs so it does not affect its performance.

Cleaning Vacuum for Better Performance

Vacuum cleaners are a great invention that has made cleaning super easy. 

Thus, when you invest in a good cleaner, make sure you pay extra attention to its maintenance by cleaning hoses and canisters to avoid clogging that can affect its performance.

Although cleaning a vacuum is not difficult but the style varies from model to model. Thus, before you jump into detaching the parts, always read the user manual that comes along the vacuum to ensure you do it right. 

Relax and Enjoy!

Therefore, if you’ve been using a vacuum for long without realizing that it needs to be cleaned after some time, do it today and watch the difference in its performance. 

You will surely enjoy a powerful suction that will help you clean around the house much quicker!

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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