How to Get Rid of Dog Smell

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell

Pets make the best companions! These are super cuddly, friendly, and loyal. Whether you have a bird, a cat, or a dog, if given all the care and love, they will never leave your side. But then again, taking care of them is not easy. 

It is just like taking care of an infant where you have to feed your pet on time, take them to the toilet, train them for it and play along.

Even after a rigorous toilet training act, accidents might still happen and you should be quick to clean the mess. But it isn’t only their “mess” that can create smell around the place. 

The animals, especially dogs have a scent of their own, which can linger around the house if not removed.

So, if your house smells like a kennel, you should be getting rid of it. But how to get rid of dog odors in the house? We will share our best tips with you!

How to Get Dog Smell Out of House?

You might have gotten used to the dog smell. But when other people start complaining about it, only then do you realize that the smell needs to be dealt with. 

But how to get rid of dog smell in the house? You of course cannot throw your pet outside. If not, then here is what you can do:

1. Vacuum Everything

If you have a dog and you are too lazy to vacuum the house only once a week, then you need to pace up. When you have dogs, the only way to deal with the smell is to keep the place clean.

The puppies tend t sit everywhere from your bed to lying into their own, from sitting on the sofas to the kitchen floors, friendly pets when roaming around the house freely then make sure you vacuum the entire place every day. 

Do not forget to vacuum the bed of the dog as well because this will help you get rid of the odor.

2. Wash the Dog Bed

Although most owners have a habit of washing their pet’s bed, they should do it more often. Just like cats, dogs too shed hair and when it accumulates on the bed, remains uncleaned for long, the odor tends to absorb into it and hence, lingers all around the house.

Thus, no matter how clean you keep your dog, make sure you wash his bed every week and change the sheets often.

3. Wash or Mop Hardwood Floors

Okay, so if you have hardwood or vinyl tiles flooring, we would suggest to mop it clean using a good cleaner. Make sure the cleaner is free of any harmful chemicals and is floor friendly.

In addition, if you do not want to use a cleaner, add some white vinegar into hot water and use it for mopping the floors. The white vinegar is a natural germ killer and deodorizer and hence, will help you get rid of the dog smell easily.

4. Use Furniture Covers

Cleaning sofa or furniture every day can become difficult and then again, you cannot wash these to get rid of the dog smell. Thus, what we suggest to do is use furniture covers. 

So that whenever your dog sits anywhere, sheds its hair or so, you can take them off and wash them with a scented cleaner easily.

Moreover, the furniture covers help keep your furniture clean from pet stains so it is a win-win for all!

5. Sprinkle Some Baking Soda

If washing covers and the house is not possible for you, we do agree it is tiresome and time-consuming, then you can sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the sofas and the floor and simply vacuum it up.

Baking soda is also a natural deodorizer and will easily help you get rid of any lingering pet smell that has been bothering you.

6. Ventilate the Place

What most pet owners fail to realize is that ventilation is super important for their health. Do not be scared of opening the windows because of dust and grime because closed windows increase the humidity inside the house and hence, make convenient breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Thus, if dog smell has been bothering you lately, it is time you open those windows and let the fresh air inside.

7. Try Scented Candles

How to get rid of dog odors in the house without regular cleaning of the place? Why not try scented candles? Scented candles not only make a great decoration item but when lit, they spread a sweet smell around the house, freshening up the place.

Thus, if you want to get rid of the puppy smell, and want the house to smell great all the time, maybe try lightening scented candles at home.

8. An Air Purifier Works Great

Spare a few dollars and invest in an air purifier. This equipment is great for cleaning the air of germs and odor so that you and your family have a fresh environment to breathe in.

Moreover, an air purifier is easy to use and will surely help you get rid of the dog smell if nothing else works for you!

Why Does Your Dog Smell Like This?

Before you learn the tricks of how to get rid of puppy smell, you first need to understand why does your dog smell. 

Even though, you are regular in bathing your dog and making sure to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around it, then why even after all the efforts does your dog smell?

The dog skin produces an oil, which is essential for them yet it has a distinctive smell that may be too strong for humans to handle. As a dog owner, you might have gotten used to it but those who have never bred dogs in their home will never understand.

Since regular washing and bathing the dog will not help get rid of the oil production, you should look up others ways of how to get rid of dog smell in your dog. Nevertheless, yes, regular bathing and grooming the pet does help control the odor.

Learn to Live with It

Eliminating pet odor is not possible. Even after regular grooming of the dog and cleaning of the place, you will still feel the smell is there. Unless you plan on giving your pup away, just learn to live with it.

Although, it is hard to remove the odor fully, what you can do is control it. If you ask us, an air purifier works the best. It will not only help you get rid of the odor but also purify the air of all the germs so you and the family stay healthy.

Or if you cannot buy one, scented candles or an air freshener can be a temporary solution for odor removal. However, what you need to do is clean the house regularly and vacuum every place where the dog sits. 

This goes especially for its bed thus; make sure you wash it weekly so it remains clean of hair and oil.

Relax and Enjoy!

Pets have a special place in the life of the owners and hence, you need to get used to everything that comes with them. Thus, make sure you keep your pet clean and well groomed so it produces less oil and hence, the odor around the house is controlled.

In addition, for the rest of it, clean the place regularly, change linens and use scented cleaners to get it all under control.

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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