How to Get Rid of Bedroom Odor

How to Get Rid of Bedroom Odor

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? From relaxing to, sleeping, tucking in the bed while watching your favorite movie with a bowl of popcorns in hand, your bedroom is probably the best room in the house.

In addition, because people spend most of their time in the bedroom when they are not working, the room can start to smell weird. The longer you stay there, the weirder it will smell.

But why is that so? My room smells bad and I do not know why! Why does your bedroom stink up even though you are regular in cleaning it? This can happen because of a hundred reasons most common ones being unattended spills and body odor.

That is correct! When you spend most of the time relaxing in your bedroom, you become inattentive to the cleanliness. You eat chips and through the wrapper there. You drink tea; you leave the empty cup on the table for days before you finally clean the mess.

Thus, when all the bad things come together and no hygiene is maintained, the bedroom is sure to stink up. So, how to get rid of a smell in a room? If you are looking for ways to treat a smelly room then you have landed on the right page!

How to Get Rid of Bedroom Odor?

Looks like your room is smelling funny. How long has it been since you have cleaned it? can’t remember? Well, even if you are regular in cleaning, here are some great tips that will help you get rid of the bedroom odor:

1. Ventilation is the Key

When you have the windows tightly closed, how do you anticipate for fresh air to find its way inside your room? Moreover, when you spend days and days relaxing in the bed, you sweat and produce oil and both of these hold a pungent smell to them.

Thus, we would suggest opening up the windows of your room and breathing in the fresh air. When the fresh air will enter your room, it will bounce back the walls and push the unclean air outside the window.

So, remember, whenever you are experiencing a smell in the house, open the windows for proper ventilation.

2. Change Your Linen

It is understood that you have a tough work routine to follow. You wake up early in the morning and come back late at night and sleep immediately out of tiredness. 

But of course, you have one day free over the weekend when you can gather some energy to change and wash your bed linens.

When you sweat, the moisture gathers inside the sheets and pillow, hence over time, it starts to produce a foul smell that may fill the room. 

Therefore, before your linens start smelling bad, make sure you change them every week, at least try to do so, and wash them to avoid any kind of foul smell in the room.

3. Clean, Clean, and Clean

Just like we asked you earlier, how often do you clean your room? Every day? Every other day? Once a week or twice a month? How often you clean your plays a part in eliminating the smell.

If your room is left uncleaned for long, not only will accumulate dust and grime, but the increase in humidity will lead to the growth of mold which can easily stink up the room. 

Hence, if not every day then at least make it a habit of cleaning the room including the floor and the walls at least twice a week. Also, use a clean microfiber cloth to dust the tables, sofas, bed, etc.

4. Use a Cleaner

So, whenever you clean the room, do not forget to use a good cleaner. And if you wish to switch to a natural cleaner, add some vinegar to warm water and mop the floor with it. 

Moreover, if you are too tired to mop the floor but want to remove the odor from the room, just sprinkle some baking soda on the floor, leave it for a few minutes and vacuum away.

Both baking soda and white vinegar are natural deodorizers and hence, will instantly remove the bedroom odor.

5. Scented Candles Work Great Too

What else can you do to and how to get rid of the sweat smell in the room? Some people sweat more than others do and hence, their rooms can easily smell of that if you do not change the linens weekly or ventilate the room.

Having said that, apart from all these, you can also use scented candles to freshen up the room. These come with all types of scents and you can choose one that you like. Hence, it is an easy way to make your bedroom smell fresh and sweet.

6. Make Your Own Reed Diffusers

Every one of you knows about the immense benefits that essential oils have, right? these are not only good for the skin but when added to a cleaner are powerful enough to freshen up a room.

So, how about if we told you about making your reed diffusers that were a cheap way of getting rid of the bedroom odor? How do you make it? In a bottle, mix some coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and baby oil.

Now add a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender, tea tree, or any of your choice and mix well. Next, add six to seven reeds in the bottle and enjoy a scented room to relax in.

7. Have You Ever Thought of an Air Purifier?

Okay, so people who are super busy and pay less attention to cleaning around the house, especially their bedroom, invest in an air purifier! Have you ever heard of it?

An air purifier is a small machine that cleans the air by removing germs and all sorts of odors. Thus, just put it in your room and you will be happily sleeping in a bedroom that smells fresh and clean.

Some Tips to Keep the Odor Away

As we already mentioned, bedroom odor is produced as a result of an unclean room where you spend too much time tucked in the bed and pay the least attention to cleaning it. 

Whether you have a full trash can or sweat a lot at night, or maybe let the pet sleep in with your or have layers of dust on the baseboards, you need to buckle up and get rid of some cleaning of the room, or else it will keep stinking like this.

Thus, here are six tips that will help you prevent bedroom odor in the future:

  1. Always empty the trash can
  2. Do not put dirty laundry in the room and if you do, make sure to wash the clothes sooner
  3. Keep the windows open for fresh air
  4. Clean the room regularly and change the linens weekly
  5. Add baking soda and vinegar to water for mopping to kill odor
  6. Vacuum the room with baking soda as it works as a natural deodorizer

Relax and Enjoy!

We understand that sleeping in a stinky room can be difficult. But some people get used to it and when others complain about the odor only then do they realize that the room smells weird.

Although you should always make sure that your room smells good, if it does stink, how to get rid of bedroom odor depends on how clean you keep it! So, adopt good cleaning habits and remain healthy!

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