How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet

How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet

Getting wax out of the carpet is one hack that every household should know because when you have a fully carpeted house, unthinkable accidents tend to happen more. 

Whether you have spilled candle wax or dropped hair-removing wax on the rug, the hacks we’ll share with you today will help you get rid of it easily and quickly.

Remember, when you have a candle wax stain to deal with, a lot of patience is required. Do not hush into rubbing it off, scooping the wax with spoons or pliers because the act can lead to damaging the fibers pretty quickly. 

In addition, we know you wouldn’t want to ruin the carpet any further.

Are you looking for some candle wax removing hacks? Some good tips that will come in handy in the future maybe? Then let us get straight to the hacks!

How to Remove Wax from Carpet

If you suddenly dropped a candle wax on your newly bought carpet, you had been going hysteric over the act. 

Rather than crying like crazy over the ordeal, try to compose yourself and think of ways that can help get rid of the candle wax. 

There are different ways to remove wax from the carpet, and most of them use things from around the house making the hacks a life-saver for many. 

Hence, here is how to remove wax from carpet:

1. How to Get Wax Out of Carpet Without Iron

If you do not have an iron in the reach, no worries because we will teach you how to remove the wax without it.

Moreover, if the candle wax has already hardened then start by scraping the dried-up chunks with a butter knife. Next, place a damp cloth over the spot and use a hairdryer at low heat.

This will help in melting the remaining wax and the paper towel or the damp cloth will immediately absorb it. 

Moreover, if the temperature isn’t working for you, set the dryer at medium temperature and keep on repeating the process until all wax has come out.

Furthermore, if you do not have a hairdryer either, you can use ice cubes to freeze wet candle wax and remove it by pulling it off the carpet. 

For this, you need to fill a zip-lock bag with ice cubes and place it over the melted wax. Leave it there for a few minutes or until the wax has hardened enough to be pulled off easily.

But what will you do if the wax leaves behind a stain? No problem! Use a carpet cleaner, liquid soap, or rubbing alcohol to get rid of it. 

Make sure to scrub the area with gentle hands to avoid further damage to the carpet.

2. How to Get Hair Removal Wax Out of Carpet

Hair removal wax hardens quickly and is a little difficult to remove as compared to candle wax. 

Thus, if you have accidentally poured melted wax on the rug, quickly grab hold of wet towels to clean it up before it dries.

But if you’ve spotted an area on the carpet that seems to be “damaged” with dried-up hair removal wax, first take a butter knife to scrape off the bigger chunks. 

Next, damp a towel and place it over the spot and move a steaming, hot iron over it.

The heat from the iron with melt the wax and the towel will quickly absorb it. If you do not have an iron in the reach, you can use a hairdryer instead. 

Moreover, repeat the process until you have successfully removed all the wax and if it has left any stains behind, scrub it off with dish liquid, carpet cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.

3. How to Remove Wax from Carpet Vinegar

Although vinegar is a great natural stain removal, it cannot work its magic all on its own. and hence, when you want to use it to remove candle wax from the carpet, always dilute it with water.

Spray the mix over the dried wax spot and cover with a towel or brown paper bag. 

Next, use either an iron or a hairdryer to put heat on the wax, allowing it to melt so it can easily be absorbed in the towel or bag.

Gently clean the spot once all the wax has been removed and pat it dry. If some of the wax is still there, you might need to repeat the process until it is all gone.

3 Tips to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Since we have already discussed the most popular hacks to remove candle wax from carpet, we might still have something up ourselves. 

Although using an iron or hair dryer may seem the easiest of ways to get rid of dried-up candle wax, sometimes the electricity outlet is out of reach.

Thus, what will you do? Here are some other things that you can use in the meantime:

1. Hot Pot

If you do not have access to either an iron or a hairdryer or the outlet is out of reach, you can heat a pot on the stove and use it instead. 

However, do not place it directly on the spot or else it will ruin the carpet fiber around the area.

Place a wet towel on the wax first and then put the hot pot over it, leaving it till the wax melts and is absorbed by the towel. 

Using the hot pot is a great trick for those who have bravely lighted a cigarette in their hotel room and accidently burnt the carpet. This might be your only saving grace there!

2. Use Vinegar or a Carpet Cleaner

Candle wax is oil-based and hence, sometimes it can leave behind a dirt stain that needs extra work for removal. 

Things may not be visible on a dark-colored rug, but if you have a light one, it becomes necessary to remove the stain.

Use diluted vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or any good carpet cleaner to gently rub off the stain and pat it dry. Your carpet will be as good as new!

3. Be Quick to Act

Wet candle wax is easier to clean than dried-up wax. Thus, if you were around when the candle wax spilled all over the carpet, be quick to act and grab hold of wet towels to clean it immediately.

Clean as much as candle wax you can before it quietly sticks to the fibers and hardens making it almost impossible to remove later. 

In addition, if you have unfortunately slept over it, the cleaning might need a lot of effort and energy so gulp down your favorite energy drink and get to work!

Keep Calm and Clean

Spilling wax over your carpet does not necessarily mean it is ruined and you will have to replace it. Rather, cleaning candle wax is much easier than one thinks. 

In addition, if you have trouble removing it at home or do not feel confident enough, you can always hire professional carpet dry cleaning services to help you with it.

However, of course, let us not bother the experts for a task as small as removing candle wax from the carpet. 

Just remember, when you see the wax spilled over the rug/carpet, be quick to act or when it dried up, use heat to remove it completely.

Or if you have failed to remove the wax even after multiple attempts, do not give up hope and hire carpet dry cleaning services. 

We promise the professionals will find a way to clean and save your carpet before you start shedding tears over the mishap.

Relax and Enjoy!

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