How to Get Burns Out of Carpet

How to Get Burns Out of Carpet

Carpets add a regal and cozy look to your house, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t like decorating their lounge with a beautiful piece of rug sitting right in the middle of the room, enhancing the aesthetics?

However, as much as carpets look amazing, these are high maintenance. Spill soda or paint over it, and you will be scrubbing away the whole night with the stain still intact. 

Thus, you need to be super careful around carpets, or else, you can even burn them?

Oh, did you burn it by mistake? Whether you dropped a burning candle on it or put steaming iron on it, getting rid of the burn can be quite a struggle. 

However, let us not panic and keep our calm because here are ways to fix a burnt carpet.

How to Get Burn Marks Out of Carpet?

Looks like you are going to spend the next few months saving for a new carpet, right? 

Just because you burned the carpet with a match stick or the little monster in the house dropped a candle on it, does not mean you have to replace your favorite rug.

If acted on time, you can remove the burn mark, saving the rug from bigger damage. At least it will still be presentable! But how to get burn marks out of the carpet

Maybe hire a professional for burn carpet repair? Not at all! Here are some simple ways to help burn in carpet fix without calling in an expert:

1. Sand with a Sandpaper

Before you use scissors to cut the burned part of the carpet, we would suggest sanding it with sandpaper. 

The sandpaper will help remove the burnt fibers without damaging the carpet any further.

2. Vacuum and Cut with Scissors

Once you sand the burnt spot, use a vacuum to remove the remaining debris. 

Now, clean the remaining part with scissors, getting rid of all the burnt thread and fiber so you have a clean spot to work along.

3. Clean with a Solution

Is the stain still visible? No problem! Dip a cloth in carpet cleaning solution, place it over the burnt spot and leave it for some time. 

You can leave it either for 15 to 20 minutes or overnight, depending on how badly the carpet is burnt.

4. Scrub

Now use a clean cloth to gently scrub the area and pat it dry. If the mark is unnoticeable, you may stop there or else repeat the process unless you are fully satisfied.

5. Fill in the Hole

Since you have already gotten rid of the burnt fibers from atop, you will sadly be left with a small hole that needs to be filled immediately. 

But how do you do it? Collect thread and fiber from other non-visible parts of the carpet like under the table, sofa, or any corner using tweezers or a small needle.

Now carefully fill the spot with the fiber and push it down with some weight to fill the gap. Moreover, use good carpet cement to ensure the fuzz sticks to the stop and leave it to dry overnight.

Hence, this is how you do burn carpet repair without having to replace it with a new one. 

However, if the fix is impossible, call a professional in to help you with it. Or maybe send it for dry cleaner because experts have techniques to deal with situations like these, helping preserve your newly bought carpet as it was new.

How to Deal with Bigger Burn Marks on the Carpet

Small burn marks on the carpet are easier to deal with as compared to a bigger one. 

If you have been in a house accident and a big chunk of your favorite rug has been burnt, you might need to replace it soon.

But since you do not have enough money to replace the whole piece, let’s figure out another way to make it look less “ugly” and repair it. 

Thus, here is how you can fix bigger burn spots on the carpet without having to buy a new way immediately:

1. Cut the Burnt Fibers

The first step is to get rid of the burnt fibers. For this, you may either use scissors or sandpaper to sand away. 

This will help you remove the dead fibers hence, making your work easier later.

2. Vacuum

Now use a vacuum to remove the remaining chunks of debris, clearing the spot for repair. 

If you think the carpet smells burnt then sprinkle baking soda on the spot and vacuum it. This way you will magically get rid of any foul odor that might arise.

3. Remove the Burnt Part

If you see the carpet has been burned until the bottom, it is wiser to scrap off the entire piece. 

Use a sharp pair of scissors to carefully cut through the burnt spot and pull it out. Use a Patch

We understand how hard it was for you to cut out the burnt part of the carpet and pull it out completely. 

But what needs to be done has to be done. Once you have cleared the spot, get hold of a similar carpet and cut a piece to be glued there.

Yes, you read it right! You need to fix a similar patch in the place to fix the problem and it’ll be as good as new.

4. Paste with a Strong Adhesive

How do you paste a carpet patch at home? By using a strong adhesive like the gorilla, super glue, or wood glue, any adhesive that works well with fabric. 

Moreover, make sure the piece fits in perfectly, glue it in place and put weight on it.

Leave it overnight to dry before you remove the weight and then, brush out the uneven fabric so it looks as good as before. 

We might have made dealing with a bigger burnt spot sound easy, but what will do you if you cannot find a similar patch?

Well, in that case, you will need to replace the carpet altogether! Or maybe cover it with a table, a small rug or a chair till you can save money for a new one.

Things to Consider When Dealing with a Burnt Carpet

We understand that not everyone is comfortable repairing things on their own. 

Thus, before you try to experiment with the carpet, running it further, we’d suggest hiring a professional carpet repair service to fix the problem.

Moreover, always dilute chemicals like hydrogen peroxide with water and never spray it directly in the burnt carpet area of it will damage the fibers around it even further. 

Always blot it with a cloth and scrub gently to avoid further damage to the carpet.

Repairing small burnt carpet spots at home is pretty easy but when it comes down to bigger chunks, we’d suggest calling in a professional to take a closer look at it. 

Alternatively, maybe start saving up money for a new carpet because sometimes, burnt spots can be hard to fix. Thus, always be careful around your carpets if you wish to avoid accidents and the hassle of getting them fixed later.

Relax and Enjoy!

If you have gathered to display carpet in your house, make sure you may extra attention to its maintenance to increase durability. 

Vacuum it regularly, do not mop and never place a burning candle on it. Moreover, do not let anyone light a cigarette around it too because the carpet will quickly attract the ashes, catch fire and burn.

Thus, the more careful you are around a carpet, the longer it will stay put!

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