How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaner

How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaner (7 Ways)

When it comes to cleaning around the house effortlessly, vacuum cleaners become your best friend! Of all the appliances in your home, the vacuum cleaner probably gets the most wear and tear. 

In addition, while it is easy to just toss it in the trash when it dies, there are ways to recycle vacuum cleaners that are better for the environment (and your wallet). 

However, when you have bought it from your hard-earned money, giving it away just seems impossible. Well, if you get creative, who knows you will not have to give it away! How can you dispose of old vacuum cleaners? Is there a way to recycle vacuum cleaners? Here we are to teach you this and a lot more!

How to Dispose of a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most common appliances in homes. However, when they break or wear out, many people do not know how to recycle them properly. 

In this blog post, we will show you how to recycle vacuum cleaners in a way that is safe for the environment and your community. 

Here is what you can do for recycling vacuum cleaners:

1. Send to a Recycling Center

Recycling your old stuff into new ones is a great activity. Thus, when your vacuum stops working, rather than just disposing of it off, send it to the nearest recycling center. 

There the experts will dissemble it and use different parts to make a variety of usable items including hose, cords, bottles, etc.

At a recycling center, they will make sure no part of the vacuum goes to waste and hence, is transformed into something useful.

2. Scrape Yards

Scrap yards are an ideal place to get your metal tools discarded off conveniently and safely. Moreover, once you visit this place to dispose of your old vacuum, you might even get a few cents in return for the type of metal it may contain.

The scrape yards then disassemble and squeeze the metal through machines and send the metal waste to the industries for recycling. Imagine getting a few cents for your broken vacuums; will not be a bad deal, right?

3. Donate

If your vacuum cleaner has become old but is still in working condition, one recycling vacuum cleaner option that you can avail of is to donate it to the charity center. 

Centers like these are always up for donations and what better can be than helping the needy with your old stuff when you have happily updated to a new vacuum cleaner?

But make sure only to reach out to the charity center if your vacuum cleaner is still working fine or else, give it away in the scrape.

4. Set Up a Garage Sale

How to dispose of an old vacuum cleaner that is broken? Well, if you are unable to find scrap yards or recycling centers around your city, then the next best option is to take things in hand.

But how can a broken vacuum cleaner help you earn a few dollars? Simply disassemble it! check for the parts like the hose, cords, etc that are still in good condition, and set up a garage sale of your own. 

You can even put the main body for sale because you never who comes for what and thus, this way you will be able to get rid of the vacuum cleaner and might even get something in return.

5. Selling Online

Is your vacuum still working? Great! The easiest way to dispose of it off is to take pictures and advertise it online. There are a few great selling sites where hundreds of people buy and sell stuff.

Hence, reach out to a few of these websites, post the pictures of your working vacuum cleaner and you might be able to catch a deal!

6. Reach out to an Electronic Store

There are a few electronic stores that take in old stuff and send it off or recycle it. Maybe if you can find one, you can get in touch with them for help.

7. Arranging or Attending Swapping Event

Have you ever heard of a swapping event? Well, a swapping event is where a community come together and swap items. If you have a vacuum cleaner that is still working, you might get it swapped with someone in exchange for something else.

This is another useful way of disposal of vacuum cleaner because then, you will not only be getting rid of it but also getting something useful in return.

Why Should You Recycle Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum recycling isn’t a new concept. Rather, it is becoming much more popular now although it should have been practiced long ago. Thus, here is why should be more considerate about recycling your vacuum cleaner:

1. Helps Reduce E-waste

According to the latest research, electronic waste will reach up to $20.5 billion in 2024 and double in the years to come. 

Managing E-waste is difficult because not everyone knows how to dispose of their broken vacuum cleaners and other times which only leads to an increase in the quantity of the waste.

Thus, rather than simply throwing it away, give your broken vacuum cleaner to recycling centers so it can be used for something better and also will help reduce the e-waste.

2. Safe for the Environment

Wrongly disposed of metal does not decompose and hence, when it seeps into the soil, it produces chemicals and gasses that are super harmful to the environment. 

Since global warming is already a big threat for the world today, play your part in improving things by recycling your old vacuum cleaners and protecting the environment.

Recycle Your Vacuum Cleaners

Are you thinking about what to do with your broken vacuum cleaner? No problem! Before you dispose of it off, make sure you get it checked by an expert and get it repaired. 

In addition, if nothing can be done, no problem because you can still gain a few benefits from the dead equipment.

How? You can easily give away your vacuum cleaner to a recycling center or sell it to a scrap yard for a few pennies. Both these places will use the scraped metal to be converted into something useful and hence, you will play your part in reducing the e-waste and saving the environment.

Nevertheless, what if you have bought a new vacuum cleaner? What can you do with your old vacuum cleaner which is still in good working condition? You have a hundred options to avail of! Best of all is to donate it to a charity center and if you cannot find one around your place, try selling it online.

Post pictures of your cleaner in selling websites and you will surely get a deal one day. But what if you cannot find a seller online? No problem again! Try contacting an electronic store near your place that deals in old stuff to reduce the e-waste.

And if nothing else works, how about attending a swapping event? If you have no such events happening in your community, arrange one on your own and let all the community come together and swap their old stuff with something useful in return.

Even the dead vacuum cleaners can be used in multiple ways. Try dissembling it and selling off the working parts like the hose, cords, canister, etc, anything that can be useful for someone. 

Or set it up for the same like this and you never know who cone around to buy scrape from your and get it recycled into something more useful. Make sure you dispose of your old vacuum cleaner the right way.

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