How to Steam Clean a Couch

steam clean couch

How to Steam Clean a Couch – step-by-step ultimate guide

Oh yes! It is the couch that takes all the brunt. It is the center piece in many houses and plays a crucial role in accommodating children to the elderly, including pets. It plays a perfect role in offering the much-needed support and comfort after a tiring day. It is further the area where you hang out with family and friends the most and binge-watch your favorite show.

Steaming a couch clean comes to the foreground when you notice stains, odor, and crumbs all over the couch. The deep cleaning a couch process is simple, and yet a careful approach is essential to protect the fabric. Cleaning the sofa using steam helps in removing hard-to-remove stains, odors, and grime.

Let us see how you can steam clean your favorite couch without spoiling.

How to Steam Clean a Couch

Step 1: Couch Clean Care Instructions

The first step that you will begin with is looking at the couch’s care tag. Depending on the fabric used, you will notice the following symbols:

  • W: You can use water-based cleaners to remove all the dirt and grime from the couch. It is easy to maintain. 
  • W/S: You can use either water or solvent-based cleaners for cleaning the couch. 
  • S: You can use only solvent-based cleaners. 
  • X: You can only vacuum or brush the couch. You cannot use water, solvent, or steam to clean the sofa. It will damage your fabric and you may hire a professional cleaner.
Be very careful when your preparing your couch for steam cleaning. So always read the manufacturer’s recommendations and information on the label of the cleaning agent and how to use it before buying. 

Step 2: Preparation

You cannot start furniture steam cleaning unless you prepare it for the same. Preparation requires you to start with vacuuming the couch. You can remove all the collectible dirt, food crumbs, remove pet hair and cushions. Ensure that you are vacuuming on all the sides of the sofa, including the sides and back. 

Thoroughly steam clean upholstery after removing the stains. Use the enzyme-containing formula and read the care instructions before using it and test on a small area in a hidden area. Remember, better preparation gives better results. 

The last step in preparation is conditioning the couch material. You can use a soil emulsifier to lift all the unwanted particles. Use the soil emulsion all over the couch and allow it to dry for a few minutes. You can then use a fabric shampoo and brush to condition the material. 

Step 3: Steam Cleaning

Before starting, ensure that you are using an appropriate cleaner for steaming upholstery. You will have different attachments for use. Pick the one that is for fabrics or upholstery and start the preparation. 

The best thing about these machines is that you need water. Do not pick a device that uses a carpet cleaning solution mixed with water. Once the machine is ready, please switch it on and wait for the temperature. 

Step 4: Cleaning Process

You will always begin with the large portion of the couch because it is easy. However, it should be the last. First, remove the pillows and cushions, and start with them. You can choose to clean on one side that is facing outward. 

However, if you like to clean both sides, ensure that the first side is dry. Gently stroke the device at a medium pace to cover the entire area. 

Now use the steamer to clean the couch frame and large portions. Stroke the device in small sections to avoid soaking the water into the fabric. If you find areas with grounded dirt, you can always repeat the process. You can continue the process before drying. 

Step 5: Drying the Couch

The process of steam cleaning of your furniture is now complete. The next step is to allow the couch to dry. The time required to dry depends on different factors, which are the time of the day selected to clean the sofa, the weather, humidity, and if your room has enough breeze. 

If you notice suitable weather to clean the couch, you can speed up the drying process using a fan. Even if you do not use one, the couch will dry but will consume time. If you still notice stains, do repeat the process.

How to Remove Persistent and Lingering Strains

If you are dealing with persistent stains, the process is different. Steam cleaning can remove such stains without having to repeat the entire process. 

Step 1:

The first step will be using soap water. Use a best sponge and soap water. Squeeze excess water and start rubbing on the stain until you see lather. While you are using the solution, ensure that you are not scrubbing the couch to damage the material beyond repair.

Step 2:

If first step didn’t work out for you. You can also use vinegar if the stain resides even after using the soapy solution. Use a white cloth and dip in the vinegar. Gently blot the spot using the cloth. Rub slowly in a circular motion without excess pressure. Be sure that you are not causing any damage. 

Do you have no apple cider vinegar at home? Not an issue! You can mix a small quantity of vodka with a teaspoon of baking soda. Voila! The solution is ready. You can now use a white cloth and blot the stain. Leave the solution for a few hours and allow it to dry completely. Use the vacuum cleaner to lift the particles. 

Step 3:

If both the procedures fail, then you do require sofa steam cleaners that use heavy-duty commercialized products. Do search for a renowned service provider before you decide to give your couch the needed professional care. 

Step 6: Removing the Odors

As the couch takes the maximum beating, freshen it up using baking soda. The reason for the stinky smell could be messy kids, wet dog, or anything else. Sprinkling baking soda helps you remove the odor with ease. You can likewise use fabric odor removing products specially crafted for your fabric. Do a little research before zeroing onto a product. 

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Relax and Enjoy!

As you have the steps to steam clean your couch, start it in the said process to attain perfection. You do not have to call a professional to clean up the mess on the couch any longer. With an upholstery or fabric steam cleaner at home and regular maintenance, you can clean and maintain it like a new sofa. 

After the hard day’s work of steam cleaning of a couch, you can relax on the freshly cleaned couch by reading your favorite book! 

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