Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner Review 2023

Hoover powerdash pet manual

Our Review for Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner: If you are considering a compact and lightweight powerful hoover carpet cleaner for pets messes, then Hoover PowerDash cleaner is an right carpet cleaner. The design and array of features  implemented in this carpet cleaner make it a perfect machine to clean pet mess without damaging the carpet.

The compact design helps you to maneuver the cleaner with ease and it takes very small footprint for storage. Also, the suction power is 2X more when compared with other products in its class. Therefore, you can quickly remove stains and messes caused by a pet with ease.

The hoover powerdash go pet cleaner has a Powerspin brush roll that removes dirt without causing damage to the carpet. The Heatforce technology makes sure to dry the cleaned area very fast.  This makes your carpet to be deep cleaned and dried in span of 30 minutes or so.

The dual tank system separate clean from the dirty water without needing frequent refills. Also, you can remove the cleaning nozzle, rinse, and reuse after each cleaning session.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Cleaner Specifications and Manual

Grip TypeD-Shaped Handle
Handle MaterialPlastic
Weight12.5 lbs.
Dimensions15.2" × 10.1" × 43.5"
HeatingYes, HeatForce Technology
Cord Length20 ft.
Motor7 Amps
Input power840 Watts
Tank size0.5 gallons
Tank SystemDual Tank System
Removable Solution TankYes
Removable Water TankYes
Removable NozzleYes
Perfect For PetsYes
Motor Warranty 1 Year
User ManualYes
Assemble GuideYes

Why do we like Hoover Powerdash Pet?

  • 2X more powerful than other carpet cleaners
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Dual tank system
  • Removable nozzle
  • Low foot profile
  • Powerspin brush roller
  • Heatforce technology

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Our Verdict: The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner easily tackles pet messes and everyday stains while delivering double more cleaning power than any leading lightweight carpet cleaner in the market. 

Below are some of key considerations when buying for a portable carpet cleaner

Vacuum industry is flooded with different models of portable carpet cleaners and often you are overwhelmed with too many choices, but we are here to help you to choose your best portable carpet cleaner based on your needs,


Since you are looking portable carpet sweeper for quick cleaning, you want a portable cleaner that is something very light and easily movable. Portable shampooer gives you that benefit, and it can make life easier, especially in big homes.

If you have plush carpet, you do not want a heavy portable carpet cleaner. By the way, most heavier models have wheel support if you need to work on thick carpet. For homes with plush carpet just find one with a long hose that does not need to be moved much. That will work just fine.


The bigger the machine, the more cleaning capacity machine will have. So you need to consider what is your cleaning job requirement, where you need to store the device. Choose a spot cleaner carpet machine if you cleaning area is small and it’s very easy to store.

Suction Power

A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction will absorb wager and dry the carpet very quickly compare to low suction vacuums which takes longer and eventually, it will result risk of mold. A powerful portable vacuum cleaner also gets rid of dirt and dust very deeply and quickly.

Tank Capacity

The size of tank you are looking in a portable carpet cleaner can be decided whether you have large carpeted room or small areas. If you are looking a portable cleaner for car or staircase, a lightweight and handy portable cleaner will be perfect fit for you which comes with smaller tank.

You may go with heavy machine if you are looking for big area cleaning and tank size will be bigger.

Pet Specific Portable Carpet Cleaner

There are some portable carpet cleaners are tailored-made for exclusively to clean pet messes. They are called as handheld carpet cleaners which are much better than regular portable carpet cleaners for pet cleaning job. If you need a portable carpet cleaner for pets, make sure to look for the word “pet” on the label.

Relevant, Best Portable Carpet Cleaners which you can buy in 2021.

Length of cord and hose

Look for longer cord and hose length, 5 meter of cord length is enough for most of room without moving the cleaner too much. Though, the length of cord and hose differs for every portable cleaner. If you are looking for light weight, compact spot carpet cleaners, then a short reach is fine. A heavier machine should have a long cord and hose.


Most of portable carpet cleaners are comes with standard one to two-year warranty for the machine. Make sure to read the warranty conditions before you place an order whether warranty covers for defects and parts.


Since the primary purpose of a portable carpet cleaner is to be easily to carried out and lightweight, most portable carpet cleaners will not come with extra attachments. Though, some models with some additional accessories, you may look for what purpose it’s being given before buying it.

What Reviewers Say

“Hoover PowerDash Pet Comapct cleaner is an easy to assemble and light weight too. You can’t deny the results when cleaning out the dirty water tank either. Easily the best purchase I have made for my small business! Finally no more “spots” on my carpet from spot cleaning stains”.

“Love this Hoover PowerDash! Holy moly! It picks up a crazy amount of deeply imbedded debris, dirt, stains, and hair. The difference in how much cleaner my carpet is after using it is outstanding. 

I regularly vacuum and spot clean with other carpet cleaners and couldn’t fathom the filth I was actually living in after using the Hoover”.

“I am so happy with this little machine! I used to have one of those big carpet shampooers that are so very heavy. I had to have my grandson come over to help me with it! I could barely push it. 

This little Hoover is so much lighter it is hard to believe what a great job it does! The carpet looks amazingly clean. The machine is so light it is very easy to handle and I did not need anyone’s help”.

“Tips for large carpeted areas that do not require spot treatments are: 1) Work in sections. 2) When holding the trigger, move it over the carpet quickly so the water is dispersed to as much surface area as possible. 

If you hold the trigger and move slow your tank will empty fast and your carpet will be extremely wet. Then go over the area slowly and multiple times to suck it all up. My carpet was brand new yet the water was grey with grime. It works.”

Here are Hoover PowerdDash alternatives for pet carpet cleaner

Why do we like it? 

  • Automatic cleaning technology
  • Trigger-less design
  • FlexForce powerbrushes
  • HeatForce technology dries the carpet at a faster rate
  • Low profile for easy reach
  • Removable nozzle

Why do we like it? 

  • Delivers 2X more power compared to others in its class
  • PowerSpin pet brush for removing pet hair
  • HeatForce technology helps dry the surface at a faster rate
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy on the hands
  • A powerful solution for small spaces

Why do we like it? 

  • Upright design with sturdy construction
  • On-demand solution trigger
  • LED display
  • Two-tank technology
  • ONEPWR lithium-ion battery
  • Multi-purpose brush
  • Rinse and storage tray included
  • Swivel steering head
  • Removable brush roll cover

Final Thoughts: Hoover PowerDash Pet Cleaner

If you need compelling, compact, and affordable carpet cleaner for your couch clean and pet strains removal, look no further than the Hoover PowerDash pet carpet cleaner. You will be in surprise for the work it performs.

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