Best Sponge Mops for 2021 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

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Sponge Mops – Top 7 Best Sponge Mops You Can Buy in 2021

As you may learned that mopping is one of the most tedious cleaning jobs out there but with right tools, you can even seek to enjoy a tedious job too.

You may wonder a mop, is just a mop what is more there to know? I’m sure you’ve noticed that market is flooded with loads of mops with different options and you may often overwhelm which mop is the right mop for you.

No worries, we have come up with a list of best sponge mops available in the market today. We also share some handy tips and tricks to help you become a mopping master!

Reviewed Best Sponge Mops Reviews and Comparisons briefly here,

  1. Casabella, Painted Steel Original Sponge Mop
  2. Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop with Green Cleaning Pads
  3. Superio Sponge & Go Mop
  4. Clean 446268, Magic Eraser Power Squeeze Mop
  5. Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop with Handle, FGG78004
  6. Quickie 051TRI Sponge, Super Squeeze Mop
  7. The Super Standard 11″ Double Roller PVA Sponge Mop Set (Mop and 1 Extra Refill)

What is a mop?

A mop is a bundle of coarse strings or a piece of cloth, sponge, or other absorbent material, attached to a pole or stick.

It is used to soak up liquid, for cleaning floors and other surfaces, to mop up dust, or for other cleaning purposes.

Different Type of Mops

Flat Mops

Flat mops are a popular and common type of mop with a flat head that usually has a disposable or reusable pad that attaches to it.

These kinds of mops have become the go-to mop for most regular and everyday mopping chores.

Flat mops are great for cleaning, especially on a daily basis. They are easy to use and require little effort to set up.

Flat mops work well at cleaning corners, although they may have trouble scrubbing stuck-on food particles without pre-treatment. They also store easily and aren’t too expensive to buy or replace.

Sponge Mops Or Bee Mops

Sponge mops consist of a spongy head that usually has an attached wringer. They may have removable heads that allow for easier rinsing and replacement when necessary. Sponge mops are great for cleaning tile and other uneven surfaces.

However, you need to properly maintain and care for them to avoid the spread of bacteria. Rinse the mop completely when you finish the floors, then place it upright in an area where it can completely dry.

A wet mop will breed bacteria. When the sponge on the mop begins to break apart, or if the mop begins to smell or discolor, replace the mop head.

Dust Mops or Dry Mops

Dust mops can be used to clean floors, walls, ceilings, and light fixtures. Usually, these types of mops have a long handle, allowing you to reach corner cobwebs and dusty fans.

Dust mops can be made from a variety of materials including, lambswool, microfiber, and synthetics. They are used for dry cleaning and aren’t usually meant to be a wet cleaning tool.

The mop heads may be disposable or reusable; make sure to wash and dry reusable dust mop heads separate from the other laundry.

Yacht Mops or String Mops

Traditional cotton string mops are great to use because of their absorbency and scrubbing power. These mops make getting into corners a cinch but can often be more difficult to wring out and maintain. These mops tend to fall apart more quickly and can be a pain to wash and dry fully. They are very inexpensive, though, and do a great job at cleaning floors.

The durable cotton fibres are great for cleaning up decks and commercial flooring and are highly absorbent but do not leave a streak-free finish which is why they are not the best for indoor jobs.

 A Wringer bucket very important to get rid of excess water before taking mop to floor.  The larger the mop head, the heavier it gets and the more water it absorbs, so the stronger a wringer bucket you’d require.

Strip Mops

Synthetic head wet mops are often in strips with a built-in wringer. These mops are not as absorbent and able to scrub as one made of cotton, but they are more convenient and easier to care for.

They still do a fantastic job on floors and sometimes have a little more scrubbing power than flat mops. These mop heads dry quickly which makes them less likely to get smelly or gross. 

Steam Mops

Steam mops are electrical appliances that have a refillable tank for water. It heats up the water, turning it into steam that is released by a trigger, the steam sprays through a reusable mopping pad onto the floor.

Steam mops are fantastic because they clean and disinfect. They are, however, more expensive than traditional mops and may not be the best choice for some floor types.

Microfibre Mops or Twist Mops

Microfibre mops are a great choice if you’re looking for an all-purpose mop.  It’s hybrid in the sense that it has the ability to do the heavy-duty mopping like a yacht mop but the microfiber strands are delicate enough and thin enough that a hardwood floor, stone floor and tile floor alike can tolerate it.

Additionally, they are super absorbent and won’t leave streaks or too much (potentially harmful liquid) behind. 

They need to be wrung out well in order not to leave any streaks, so having a great wringer bucket is critical.

Tips and Tricks to use Sponge Mops

Here are some tips and tricks how to use the mops to get the best results

Use the ‘S’ pattern

You always want to mop in an ‘S’ pattern regardless of the type of mop you’re using – this allows you to focus on a specific area at a time without flicking water and debris everywhere.

Sweep or Vacuum first

Before you mop, be sure to sweep or vacuum your floors.  Get as much debris off the floor as possible because you are just going to push it all around the room with the mop otherwise.

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Mopping solution

If you are using a mop which requires a bucket of soapy water, we recommend using very warm, borderline hot water and just a few teeny, tiny drops of dish liquid and maybe a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.  

That is all you’ll need for almost all flooring surfaces.  Too much floor cleaner leaves the floor sticky underfoot and makes it an amazing magnet for dirt. Go figure!  If you are using a specialty floor cleaner, do be sure to read the instructions before mopping!

Don’t get wet!

Use as little water as possible; this isn’t about slopping a huge puddle of water across the floor.  That is actually quite damaging, especially to hardwood and laminate floors.

You always want to be using a lightly damp mop head, so remember this when wringing out your mop!

Streak reducing secret

When mopping hardwood – always work in the direction of the grain. This helps reduce the appearance of streaking.  If you notice streaks, you can quickly dry the floor with a clean microfiber cloth.

Mop your way out of a room

Like I’ve shared before about vacuuming, you want to start the job at the opposite corner of your exit point and mop your way out of a room.

Be cognizant of where you start mopping (the diagonal opposite corner of your exit point) and that way you won’t mop yourself into a corner and have to tip toe over a wet floor. Always keep your bucket behind you!

Don’t put your back in to it

Use your arm muscles, not your back muscles.  When mopping in an ‘S’ pattern, it’s easy to start using your back to move the mop back and forth, but that can cause back strain and no one wants that.  

Clean water

Change your water as soon as it looks murky! A water bucket usually gets dirty rather quickly, so to avoid spreading dirty water on the floors you are trying to clean.

Be mindful of when it’s time to change your water out!  Dirty water swishes dirt around and can also re-deposit dirt into floor seams and grout lines.

Take it slow

Lastly, take your time.  As much as you want the mopping to be over and done with as soon as possible, the old saying “anything worth doing is worth doing right” really rings true here, if you take your time, you’ll do a great job and the payoff will be worth it!

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Here is our Top 7 Best Sponge Mops Reviews and Comparisons,

Review: The Casabella Original Sponge Mop is an imported Italian workhorse available in two colors: painted steel and blue. The sturdy mop has a heavy-duty lever that is made to be rust-resistant.

The pole is made of steel. The mop head is super absorbent and delivers top-quality cleaning for quick pickups or for hours of deep cleaning. As mops go, this one is a beauty and it’s built to last.

It works wonders in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage and rinses thoroughly with very minimal effort.

Why we like it?

  • Set with a heavy-duty wringing lever
  • Boasts a rust resistant design
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Two finishes to choose
  • Wrings out very efficiently
  • Very easy to move

Our Verdict

The original Casabella mop is more expensive than some other sponge mops but it is really worth and also sold with a lifetime guarantee. 

Review: Libman’s Nitty Gritty Roller Mop is a handy tool for really dirty floors. With its added scrub brush, no mess stands a chance against it. The roller mechanism is controlled by a lever on the handle, and it allows you to squeeze as little or as much water as you like out of your sponge mop.

This Roller Mop with Green Cleaning Pads combines two great cleaning solutions in one. The first side is a traditional sponge mop that is made of especially absorbent material. However, the other side is set with a thick bristled brush that is ideal for scrubbing.

This means that you can get the whole floor beautifully clean with just one specialized tool. After the grit and grime has been removed, you will be able to mop it away using the sponge surface.

Why we like it?

  • Set with a built-in scrubbing brush.
  • Easy-pull wring handle.
  • Comes with pull wring mechanism
  • Boasts a durable tear resistant sponge.
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Set with a hanging loop.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for mop to clean your floor very quickly and conveniently, Libman’s Nitty Gritty Roller Mop is right one. The steel handle also curved so more sponge surface comes into contact with the floor.

Review: The Superio Performance Sponge & Go Mop is an easy-squeeze mop with an attachable scrubbing brush, which is handy when tackling stubborn stains. The extra-long handle prevents back pain from bending over the mop.

This affordable mop is small enough to fit in most buckets and is particularly handy for quick cleanups.

Why we like it?

  • Set with a built-in scrubbing brush.
  • Easy-pull wring handle.
  • Boasts a durable tear resistant sponge.
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Set with a hanging loop.

Our Verdict

It has a handle shaped for vigorous, yet comfortable, scrubbing, so you can achieve speedy results, and the extra-absorbent material allows for quick drying.

Review: The classic Mr. Clean Power Squeeze comes with a Magic Eraser pad to conquer even the toughest stains. Mr. Clean Magic Squeeze Mop is all about the heavy-duty mop head with its magic erasers.

Built to be 50 percent stronger than its competitors’ mop heads, this mop offers Magic Eraser power to remove scuffs and dirt from the floor. The textured Magic Eraser pad is great for tough soil. The mop is lightweight and can be used on walls as well as floors. 

Why we like it?

  • Set with a built-in scrubbing brush.
  • Set with comfortable padded grip.
  • Compatible with other sponge brands.
  • Effectively removes pet hair.
  • Suitable for all types of floors.
  • Handle is angled for ease of use
  • Works well on embedded grime

Our Verdict

Its enhanced cleaning power makes it a solid choice that will enable you to keep a pristine home no matter what hits the floor.

Review: Although the Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop doesn’t have a built-in scrubber, it does a great job at actually picking up dirt from the floor. The mop is easy to use and has sturdy construction.

This mop holds a lot of water, so be careful on hardwood floors. The mop heads are nicely made and last a long time. The PVA sponge is resistant to harsh chemicals.

Reduce the time you spend cleaning up with the snazzy and efficient Rubbermaid Commercial.

Why we like it?

  • Resistant to harsh chemicals.
  • Built for rough use
  • Ideal for commercial use.
  • Easily tackles pet hair and crumbs.
  • Compatible with a wide range of cleaning products.
  • Leaves no water on the floor.

Our Verdict

It’s capable of soaking up plenty of liquid and can be used with a range of disinfectants to help prevent bacterial growth and odors.

Review: The Quickie 051TRI Sponge Super Squeeze Mop is set with an absorbent cellulose sponge. It is tough enough to pick up light spills and even deal with grime. However, you can be sure that this sponge will be gentle on the surface of the floor.

The soft scrubber that is built into the head of this model is designed to be especially effective. Even if the grime has been caked onto the floor, it will be removed very quickly and easily. This durable quickie sponge mob can even be used to clean the surfaces of interior walls.

Why we like it?

  • Comes with a built-in spot scrubber.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Set with an absorbent cellulose sponge.
  • Does not scratch hardwood floors.
  • Designed with a hanging loop.

Our Verdict

The Quickie Back Drainer has a built-in plastic press that makes wringing out dirty water a breeze. Its extremely porous sponge accumulates dust, hair, and debris effectively, so you don’t have to go over the same spot again and again.

Review: The Super Standard 11″ Double Roller PVA Sponge Mop Set is designed to be especially durable. This model boasts a bright green design that really makes it stand out from the crowd. However, this could make finding matching replacement sponges a little tricky.

Fortunately, you are treated to an extra replacement sponge to help solve this issue, at least for a while.

This Roller type Sponge Mop model is set with an especially thick and sturdy pole that comes with a telescopic handle. it allows you to adjust the pole to the desired height. No matter how tall you are, you are sure to find that cleaning the floor is a more comfortable experience.

It comes complete with a one-year warranty, which means it is sure to go the distance.

Why we like it?

  • Boasts a patented non-slip gripper.
  • It will not drip.
  • Set with a telescopic handle.
  • Comes with an extra head and refill.
  • Pole is thick and sturdy

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a quick and painless way to clean up, the heavy-duty Super Standard Double sponge mop is your answer. With its textured head and nonslip grip, this is a great choice not just for homes, but for commercial settings, too

Best Sponge Mops Buying Guide

Here are some of the key features that you will need to look in your sponge mop.

Pole and Handle

For optimum convenience, it should be possible to adjust the height of the pole. This will be made especially easy if the pole is set with a telescopic handle. For enhanced comfort, the best sponge mops should also be set with an easy grip handle.

Ease of Use

Naturally, you will want to choose a sponge mop that makes mopping the floor as quick and easy as possible. The head should be as wide as possible so that you can cover large areas especially quickly.

A swivel head will also be convenient, as it will make it possible to reach tight corners. The weight of the sponge mop will directly affect its mobility.

It is a good idea to choose a model that has a low footprint. It should also be as light as possible for optimum mobility.


For optimum durability, the sponge head should be made of microfiber material that resists tearing.

Cellulose material is also a good option, as cellulose is especially resistant to harsh chemicals. Metal handles tend to be especially sturdy, although plastic handles tend to feel more comfortable.

Wringing Mechanism

A built-in wringing mechanism will make it easy to remove excess water from the sponge head.

This means that the majority of the water can be removed from the floor so that it dries much more quickly. It will be especially convenient if the water-wringing handle is set close to your grip on the pole.

Replacement Heads

No matter how careful you are, the sponge head is going to need replacing from time to time. Make sure that replacement heads for your mop are easy to come by.

It will be especially convenient if your new mop comes with one or two spare sponge heads.

Also, pay attention to how easy it is to replace the head when you need to. If replacing the head is a real nightmare, it is sure to give you pause for thought.

The best sponge mops come with a quick release mechanism for replacing the head.

Final Thoughts: Best Sponge Mops

So, now you got some insights about some of best sponge mops available in the market. Which one you should go for after checking out the best floor mops around? Of course, you will want to choose a model that is especially tough and durable. With its exciting lifetime warranty and strong built-in quality, the one that ticks all the boxes you are looking for.

As said earlier, it is really confusing with too many options, that’s why we have spent huge amount of time and written a complete step-by-step vacuum cleaner buying guide too. 

It’s worth to spend some time reading our ultimate vacuum buying guide and understand your requirements and decide what vacuum suits for you.

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