Top 6 Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners (2024 Reviews)

Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Top 6 vacuums for commercial cleaning you can buy in 2024

A good vacuum cleaner is a foundation for a successful indoor cleaning, either daily or weekly. So, if you are after the best commercial vacuum currently available in the market for your home, office, workshop, or any place of business, we have put forward a list of the best machines available today after thorough research.

We come a long way from huge steel canister-based vacuums to newer models that are compact, lightweight, and host a plethora of features. You need the appropriate tool in hand to attend to the murkier floor at the workspace, which gets spoiled more often than at home. Regardless of the cleaning task, we have come up with six commercial vacuums in this article.

Here are our top 6 best industrial vacuum cleaners and heavy duty vacs reviewed briefly,

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Top 4 Tips for When Buying an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:

Here are some of key considerations you need to consider before purchasing the vacuums for commercial cleaning.


A HEPA filter media is the best in the market, as it captures allergens and bacteria. Look for a model that has one, or that is close to HEPA standards.

Bagged or Bagless:

A bagless vacuum is simple to clean and maintain even though it has a motor filter to clean. Therefore, there is no recurring cost of bags. On the other hand, disposing of the contents is easy for a bagged product, and there is less maintenance because of no filters. Nonetheless, the choice depends on the usage and investment.

Height adjustment:

Only a few models offer height adjustment features to match the cleaning area. A few models require manual adjustment, while others adjust automatically. They are suitable for shorter or thicker pile carpets.


Cleaning larger areas requires a longer power cord length, as it helps cover a larger area from a single power connection without frequent changes of a power outlet.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Chart

Comparing the different professional vacuum models is necessary to understand what commercial vacuum fits your requirements. Below is the chart that helps you glance at the crucial specifications of the industrial heavy duty vacuums currently reviewed in this article. Use it as a guide to make wise decision on your next best heavy duty vacuum purchase. 






Hoover HVRC2401 Backpack Vacuum



120 CFM

9.2 pounds

Oreck U2000RB-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum


108 CFM

9 pounds

BISSELL BigGreen Commercial PowerForce Vacuum


3-stage filtration

82 CFM

12 pounds

Sanitaire Upright Commercial Vacuum


145 CFM

15.8 pounds

BISSELL PowerGlide Bagless Vacuum


105 CFM

17.2 pounds

Shark NV501 Professional Upright Vacuum


Sealed HEPA system

125 CFM

15.5 pounds

Here is our top rated 6 best commercial vacuums pros, cons and industrial vacuum reviews,

Hoover Commercial Vacuum:

The HVRC2401 commercial heavy-duty vacuum from Hoover is an affordable backpack vacuum cleaner. It not only delivers consistent suction power but also equips a HEPA filter for better control of the allergens, bacteria, and particles measuring 0.3 microns.

The vacuum cleaner hosts a power of 1000 watts. It may seem a little less for a commercial vacuum but let that not baffle you. The presence of the cartridge filter circumvents the wattage, as it helps in a steady flow of air without any loss.

The commercial backpack model comes packed with features that promote efficiency. For instance, the 48-foot power cord reduces the number of times you need to change the power outlets. Likewise, the HEPA filter media combines with the Hypercone filter for better regulation and capture minute particles.

You can forget about the tedious maintenance required for a commercial vacuum unit. The C2401 from Hoover requires little maintenance because of the use of bags. The bags are 1.6 gallons and carry everything without letting out a particle. The filters need replacement when they are full, and the process is a two-step replacement procedure that requires only a moment.

The durability factor is of utmost importance for any commercial vacuum system. The C2401 model is a winner because of its sturdy construction and weight management. Notably, the ergonomic harness compliments the user for better carrying without stress on the hip or the shoulders.

Why Do We Like This Heavy Duty Vacuum?

  • It is a lightweight product and yet durable.
  • It hosts a 48-foot 3-wire quick change power cord for less switching between outlets.
  • The backpack model has a chiropractor-designed harness that reduces strain.
  • The positive lock hose secures the hose firmly during use.
  • The model has a Hypercone filter mechanism with HEPA media.

Take Away:

The HVRC2401 model from Hoover is perfect for both commercial and residential cleaning requirements. The consistent suction power, chiropractor-designed harness, and Hypercone filter with HEPA media with an affordable price tag make it a preferable choice.

Commercial Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Decibel Rating

66 dB

Cord Length

50 feet


3 years

Oreck Commercial Vacuum:

The U2000RB-1 is one of the best commercial vacuums from Oreck. At 9 pounds, the commercial vacuum is the lightest and holds a low-profile design that helps it to lay flat. Due to this, cleaning under the furniture becomes easy without succumbing to accidents or damages.

The vacuum cleaner has a 40-foot extra-long power cord that prevents frequent electrical outlet changes. Additionally, the company opted for a cord-guard mechanism that prevents any damage to the cable while working. Therefore, it has a long life compared to other models.

The U2000RB-1 comes equipped with a double helix brush that spins at 6,500 rpm. The helix layout helps the brush collect debris of any size, including pet hair, without complaint. And for added convenience, Oreck installed the control switch on the handle that is easily accessible by fingers.

The construction is sturdy and yet lightweight, making the unit one of the lightest in the commercial segment. Even with regular use, the product remains in its original condition. Clear and non-marring bumpers are attached to the head to prevent scratches and dents, while the soft wheels make maneuvering simple and smooth on any surface.

The commercial vacuum cleaner uses high-capacity bags with an area of 630 cubic inches. You can replace the bag quickly by opening the top fill bag. The replacement of the bag is less when compared to other bagged commercial vacuums because of the capacity.

Why Do We Like This Best Heavy Duty Vacuum?

  • The double helix brushes pick up debris quickly, including pet hair.
  • The advanced circuitry mechanism protects the belt by shutting the motor off.
  • The ergonomic handle eases the operation and maneuverability, while the on/off switch provides convenience.
  • The non-marring wall bumpers protect the cleaner from accidents and dents.
  • The cleaner has side cleaning brushes for increased efficiency of the cleaning.

Take Away:

The Oreck commercial vacuum is a blessing for cleaning commercial and residential units that require light to medium cleaning regularly. The extensive collection bag and side cleaning brushes make it for an efficient cleaning.

Industrial Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Decibel Rating

63 dB

Cord Length

40 feet


1 year

Bissell BigGreen Commercial Vacuum:

The BGU1451T professional vacuum cleaner from BISSELL has everything a commercial cleaning service establishment wants in a unit. The upright vacuum is lightweight, and the company designed it keeping in mind the usage by a commercial entity.

The upright model comes with a cleaning path width of 13 inches, reducing the time consumed to cover the cleaning area. Likewise, the suction power generated by the motor makes it easy to pick up debris of any size, including pet hair. The design and layout of the brushes on the roller are such that it quickly sucks the pet hair without leaving it back on the surface.

The model comes equipped with a cyclonic cleaning system because of which the collected particles stay within the collection bag. Additionally, the three-stage filtration mechanism ensures that debris remains within the system and does not enter the motor region. 

The BGU1451T has a 30-foot power cord that minimizes the frequency of changing the power outlet according to the cleaning requirement. The unit further supports above-floor cleaning using the attachments provided for quick access to the hard-to-reach ceiling and corners. In addition, the attachments help clean a variety of surfaces without causing any damage – thanks to the bristles.

The product’s design is intriguing because of the onboard tool management mechanism. You can store the required attachments necessary for a cleaning task at the back of the vacuum cleaner and switch between accessories as per the need.

Why Do We Like This Professional Vacuum Cleaner?

  • The lightweight design makes it convenient for above-floor cleaning.
  • The three-stage filtration mechanism collects all the particles and prevents escape to the motor region.
  • You can adjust the cleaning to five different settings.
  • The 13-inch-wide cleaning head covers more area in less time.
  • The non-marring bumpers attached to the head prevent scratches and dents.

Take Away:

The PowerForce upright vacuum from BISSELL is an exciting purchase for a commercial or residential cleaning requirement. The broad cleaning head, 3-stage filtration, height adjustments, and attachments are the USPs.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Decibel Rating

67 dB

Cord Length

30 feet


1 year

Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum:

A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is essential for a service-oriented company that must attend to different cleaning requirements daily. The Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaner fits in this segment and helps cover a larger area without leaving behind a trace of dust. The high suction power picks up debris efficiently while the larger collection shake-out bag remains collectible because of the 18-quarts of collection capacity.

Sanitaire provided a motor with a longer life than a household vacuum. With over 2,000 working hours of motor life, the commercial vacuum from the company offers extensive use for both professional and personal requirements.

The durable structure of the product is reliable and convenient in handling. The lightweight makes maneuvering simple, which aids the cleaning process for greater efficiency. Likewise, the soft wheels provide a perfect base for a smooth ride on any surface without a hassle. The chrome hood is tough against challenging environments, while the looped handle offers extended comfort for the user.

The vacuum cleaner equips unique maintenance features such as the tool-free brush roll and quick belt replacement. The brush roll effectively picks all the debris of any size, including pet hair, and lasts longer than other products. Additionally, the Quick KleenTM fan chamber and metal clip bag release system help maintain the product effectively with less hard work. Finally, the unit has a detachable commercial-grade 50-foot power cord that reduces the need for switching power outlets.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Commercial Cleaning?

  • The motor functioning life is more than 2,000 working hours.
  • The structure includes a chrome hood and looped handle for comfort.
  • It has unique maintenance features such as the tool-free brush roll and Quick KleenTM Fan Chamber.
  • It comes with a commercial-grade detachable 50-foot power cord.
  • The large shake-out bag has a carrying capacity of 18 quarts.

Take Away:

Unlike other products, Sanitaire commercial vacuum is suitable for commercial complexes, schools, business areas, and different workspaces that require heavy-duty cleaning. It is a good bet for it comes with all the needed tools and suction power.

Commercial Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Decibel Rating

79 dB

Cord Length

50 feet


2 years

Bissell Commercial Vacuum:

BISSELL has carved a name in the heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaner’s segment. The 2215A bagless vacuum system is one of the many products available from the company. The PowerGlide is an upright vacuum with the needed suction power to lift off debris from any surface with ease.

The bagless collection makes it simple for maintenance. As there are no bags involved, you can empty the trash as and when needed and reuse it to heart’s content. Likewise, the dirt cup is washable, making it highly reliable for long-term use.

The vacuum cleaner is an effective product for homes with pets. The unique design of the brush roll helps pick all the pet dander and particles swiftly, leaving behind no trace of the particles. In addition, the triple-action brush with both hard and soft bristles works like a charm. The soft bristles prevent scratches while the hard bristles brush and remove tough stains.

Because of the on/off button on the brush roll, one never experiences scatter suction. The possibility of the brush roll pushing the dust and debris at times is possible. Switching off the brush roll turns it into a pure suction mode that helps clean the hard floors effectively.

The vacuum system has a SmartSeal allergen system for capturing and retaining all the collected dust and debris. The seal prevents the escape of any particle into the motor or back into the air, and its presence paves for better air management after a cleaning session.

Why Do We Like This Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

  • The Suction Channel technology helps in edge-to-edge cleaning with no suction loss.
  • The SmartSeal Allergen system prevents the escape of particles into the air.
  • The triple-action brush roll effectively removes debris and pet hair.
  • The on/off brush mechanism calls for scatter-free suction cleaning.
  • The 9x cyclonic separation prevents the escape of collected particles beyond the motor filter.

Take Away:

The 2215A from BISSELL is a versatile product in the vacuum system category. The triple-action brush, suction channel technology, bagless collection, swivel steering, and more make it an ideal investment choice.

Professional Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Decibel Rating

65 dB

Cord Length

27 feet


5 years

Shark Professional Vacuum:

The NV501 from Shark is a commercial heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and performs to the peak for best results. Using the vacuum cleaner makes things easy because of the features it hosts. For instance, the lift-away functionality helps detach the pod for cleaning under the furniture or remove the nozzle to clean the ceilings, upholstery, stairs, and more.

Unlike a non-HEPA filtration media, the NV501 hosts an anti-allergen complete seal. Therefore, as it combines with HEPA media, the collected dust, allergens, pollutants, and bacteria remain within the container. In addition, the machine hosts a swivel steering for ease of movement without straining the hands. Therefore, getting in and out of any space is no longer tedious.

Shark made sure that the cleaning region was well-lit with the help of built-in LED headlights. Therefore, even if you attend to a corner, you can still clearly see the debris. In addition, the wide cleaning path of the head covers a larger area and consumes less time in cleaning. With ease, you can remove dust, pet hair, and other debris from mattresses, curtains, couches, shades, and more.

Thanks to the XL dust cup capacity, you can continue using the vacuum for a more extended period. In addition, as it can store more than other products in the segment, you will avoid visiting the trash bin to empty the contents. Further, the 30 feet cord length prevents frequent trips to find electrical outlets.

Why Do We Like This Heavy Duty Vacuum cleaner?

  • You can detach the pod or the nozzle for enhanced cleaning.
  • The anti-allergen seal with HEPA media blocks allergens and dust within the cleaner.
  • The advanced swivel steering aids maneuverability in tight spaces and corners.
  • The nozzle head comes equipped with LED headlights to reveal hidden debris.
  • The wide upholstery tool consumes less time in covering a larger area.

Take Away:

The NV501 from Shark is a step ahead of others in its category.

The XL dust cup, HEPA media, swivel steering, and more make it an apt product for commercial requirements.

Industrial Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Decibel Rating

69 dB

Cord Length

30 feet


5 years

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

What to look when buying a vacuum for commercial cleaning 

Finding an appropriate vacuum cleaner for industrial use is confusing, given that there are several products in the market. Nevertheless, with the aid of the buying guide, you can narrow the search and select the model that fits your requirement.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners FAQs

Can I extend the hose length further?

You can purchase couplings and attach another hose to extend the length.

Will the hose diameter affect suction power?

Smaller diameter hoses are flexible, lighter, and maneuverable. Large diameter hoses pick debris of large sizes with fewer chances of clogging.

Are commercial vacuums different?

Yes, commercial vacuums are different because they focus on specific tasks requiring heavy-duty cleaning and attention.


To possess the best commercial vacuum, you need to understand the application. Once you have a clear idea, you can narrow the search and use the comparison chart and buying guide to select the appropriate product.

Do remember that an expensive product does not always meet expectations. Therefore, a careful approach is advisable to pick the right commercial vacuum that benefits for long term and reduces maintenance costs.

Overall, the best vacuums for commercial cleaning from our ultimate review list is Hoover HVRC2401 Backpack Vacuum

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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