Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums (2023 Reviews)

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Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums: Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums Reviews and Comparisons whether you need it for your Garage or Woodworking Shop

The wall mounted garage vacuum is getting more popularity in recent times, especially when it comes to saving your garage and workshop space. These garage vacuums are mounted on the wall, so you get a clutter-free space in your garage while enjoying its impressive vacuuming power.

Wall mounted garage vacuums are fit in the crossover section between a cordless handled vacuum and heavy duty wet/dry shop vacuums. These Wall Mount garage vacuums are designed for not only garage and workshop jobs, but many can use in car interior, household areas as a replacement of a handheld vacuum to spot clean in the house.

Some wall mounted garage vacs are specially designed to pick dry debris while others come flexible enough to suck in both dry and wet debris. Choosing the right wall mounted garage vacuum is a tricky decision given a ton of wall mounted vacuums available in the market today.

We have spent a countless hour to research the  best garage vacuum available today and here are our top 10 best wall mounted garage vacuums for your garage.

Reviewed Top 10 Best Wall Mount Vacuum Comparisons and Garage Vacuums Reviews at a Glance,

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What is a wall mounted garage vacuum?

A wall mounted garage vacuum is a special kind of vacuum most often used in garage and woodworking shops. These things consist of a high-powered motor and suction unit which sucks up dirt, debris, and chunks of material from garage messes and woodworking shops.

They feature a very big and tough hose, a big canister for holding the debris, and they do marvels for cleaning very dirty spaces. Many people refer to garage vacuums as bucket vacuums because, well, they look like buckets with a hose coming out of it.

What is a garage vacuum used for?

Garage vacuums are usually used in garage or woodworking shops, hence why they are called garage vacuums. This type of vacuums is meant for sucking up nails, screws, other smaller metal pieces, sawdust, chunks of wood, and any other smaller objects that are often on the ground of a woodworking shop or garage.

Sure, you can use one of these wall mounted garage vacuums to do some home vacuuming, but that is not what it is built for, nor is it ideal for home cleaning purposes.

What is the best about wall mounted garage vacuum?

Cleaning up messes from your garage is not an easy job. Regular vacuums or shop vacs may not be able to meet your expectations. You need a powerful vacuum with efficient cleaning capability that also can be mounted to the wall. These types of vacuums are very handy to use and saves a lot of floor space.

How is a garage vacuum differ from a regular household vacuum?

There are a few key differences between a conventional household vacuum and the garage vacuum, so let’s look at them.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

Normal Household Vacuum

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums are intended for heavy-duty jobs with larger pieces of debris.  Additionally, Garage Vacuum can suck up nails, screws, and wood chunks with no problem, all things which would be way too heavy and big for a normal vacuum to handle.

Wall Mounted Garage vacuums often need to be lifted up and flipped around in order to empty them of anything that has been sucked up.

Wall Mounted Garage vacuums usually do not have any kind of filter. Their main purpose is sucking up and housing various objects, not cleaning the air.

Wall Mounted Garage vacuums generally come with a big tube with a wide opening, but that is it.

Wall Mounted Garage vacuums usually do not come with any kind of carpet, fabric, or drape cleaning accessories as that is not what they are intended for

Normal household vacuums are only meant for dust, dirt, and other little particles. They are normally not powerful enough to pick up the heavy-duty debris in garages.


With a normal household vacuum, where you can simply remove the bag or filter compartment.


Normal household vacuums have pretty good filters to improve air quality in your home and stop small particles from re-entering the air in your home.

The length of household vacuums hose and tube is limited.

Household normal vacuums may come with additional accessories for some models.

Top 11 Tips to Consider When Buying a Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

How do you choose the best vacuum for your garage? Before you decide on a vacuum, there are a few things to look out for,


Garage vacs suction power is one of most important factors you need to look for. A good vacuum must be strong enough to deal with all kinds of messes such as dust, sawdust, mud, screws, and food crumbs on your garage floor and car interiors.

Therefore, your garage vacuum must be capable of sucking up those wastes so that you don’t need to clean the same area so many times.


When it comes to capacity, there are two approaches to follow. Before you buy a garage vacuum, ensure that you have enough space to wall mount it. If your garage is small, a more compact unit would be ideal. On the flip side, a large vacuum holds more dirt. This reduces the frequency at which you need to empty the vacuum.

Just keep in mind that when you have a smaller bin, the vacuum will need to be emptied more frequently. Smaller bins will always cause your cleaning jobs to go on longer. They will save you space, though. You need to choose the option that is right for you. 

Hose Length

The hose is one of the most important parts of a garage vacuum. Check whether the hose length is enough for your garage. the longer the hose is, the better for you. Luckily, there are some vacuums that have hoses long as 50 feet.

Additionally, you need to check whether your garage have enough space to wrap the hose and store it. Always check how strong a hose is, the stronger the better life. The hose diameter is also crucial. If you deal with large debris, consider getting a vacuum whose hose is large enough.


Garage vacuums are come with enough attachments for a wide-ranging cleanup job. Some important attachments include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery nozzle.

Some garage vacuums will often come with accessory storage as well. You should look for a wall mounted garage vacuum with a variety of attachments. These will ensure you can clean up any mess on your garage.


If you are concerned to asthma and allergies, its important to look a garage vac with filter. HEPA filters capture and trap up to 99.97 percent of allergens such as mold, dust, and pollen. This way, the air in the garage or car interior remains clean after using the vacuum.

Wall Mounted

There are many garage vacs models available in the market today which various in shapes and sizes. You may go with a shop vac or a wall-mounted vacuum. It is possible that some of wall mounted vacuums offer features such as where you can remove the vacuum for its mount. This offer you more convenient and ease of usage.

You will need a wall mounted vacuum if you make large messes in your garage. Messes that happen in a single location also need a wall mounted vacuum cleaner. A large garage that gets dirty everywhere may be better suited to a shop vac.

Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum

A garage vacuum may be either bagged or bagless. Both options have their merits and demerits. Bagged vacuums are easier to empty for those dealing with allergies and asthma. However, emptying a bagless canister may be messy and could expose you to allergens.

Bagless vacuums, however, are cost-effective. You do not have to worry about buying replacement bags as you would with a bagged vacuum.

Liquid Messes

Do your garages get wet messes too? If your answer is yes, you need to purchase a vacuum that can handle both wet and dry messes which handle your liquids messes as well. The best option is you need to choose a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your garage. This list includes a few of wet and dry vacuum cleaner too.


The performance of the shop vacuum is relying on how powerful the motor is, and you need to have vacuum with robust motor for your garage use. Compare the horsepower (HP) of the walk mounted garage vacuums. The higher the HP number, the more powerful the vacuum. The more powerful the vacuum, the greater its cleaning ability.


You also need to plan your budget while shopping for garage vacuum. You can impressive performance and durable one around 300 dollars. However, there are some cheap garage vacuum options that cost less than 100 dollars.


You need to check whether a wall mounted garage vacuum that you decided to buy has enough warranty coverage. Look for minimum 3-year standard warranty and know what all parts are covered.

Here is our top 10 best garage vacuums wall mounted reviews and best wall mount shop vac comparisons,

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

VacuMaid’s GV50PRO comes with a 5.7-inch Ametek Lamb 15.amp motor to generate powerful suction. This motor has 75% percent more life (550-650 hours) than other models of the same size. It also comes with a HEPA approved filtration bag to sore dirt which is a 7-gallon dirt bin. This means that you only need to empty it seldom. It also has an extra-long hose for extended reach (50 feet).

Vacumaid GV50PRO design is cylindrically shaped, which can easily mount on the wall. This machine is very light, with the dry weight being only 30 lbs. Together with its small size, this vacuum is not a bulk at all.

Also, the unique feature of VacuMaid garage vac design is that its container is completely made of steel. VacuMaid gv50pro vac comes with a numerous of attachments and tools. The attachments include extension wands, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, dusting brush, and a floor tool with natural bristles. This makes it ideal for household cleaning and vehicle detailing.

This GV50 vacuum also has an extra-long hose for extended reach at 50 feet. This model is perfect for vacuuming up after taking out the pets or messes to the vet in the car before letting in an allergic family member get in the vehicle.

This high power Vacumaid garage vac comes at a premium price, but it is well worth it as it’s a strong build to last for years and, moreover, isn’t much louder than other similar type vacuums.

Why we like this garage vac?

  • It offers powerful suction so can deal with large dirt capacity
  • It comes with HEPA approved filtration bag
  • Built on strong and durable materials
  • Very long 50 feet crush-proof hose
  • Very easy to mount and maneuver
  • Very less noise comparatively
  • It comes with several attachments and tools
  • It Tool storage bag
  • It offers 5-year limited warranty

Our Verdict:

The GV50 garage vacuum has a longer motor life, robust built-in quality than their competitors. If you expect to use this best garage vacuum for every day clean up job in your garage or car detailing, the premium price will pay you back as dividends by the longer operating life.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

Vacmaster wet and dry wall mounted vacuum VMW510 comes with 2-stage motor with 8.5 amps to create strong suction. This means it can pick up of dry and liquid messes very efficiently. Vacmaster vac is not as loud as some of its rivals and can operate quietly at 74 dB noise level even with this high powerful suction.

This vacuum has a 5-gallon capacity and vacmaster wet dry vac strength is how easy it to detach from the wall and can be carried around the garage. The vacuum has a 21′ length hose and 20′ length cord. The only limit is the 20-foot power cord, although with an extension cord the range is virtually unlimited.

The standard extension wand also has a remote control on/off switch so that you can switch the vacuum without returning to wherever you left the unit. This vacmaster vacuum is made of polypropylene material for longer life.

It also has seven attachments and an accessory storage bag. These attachments include two extension wands, a dusting brush, a combo floor nozzle with brush, a crevice tool, and a car nozzle. The vacuum can also be used as a leaf blower.

Why we like this garage vac?

  • It comes with strong suction power
  • It has remote control on/off switch
  • Easy to wall mount and carry when needed
  • It can be used as a blower
  • It comes with 20 feet long power cord
  • It has in-built tool storage
  • 21 feet long and crush-proof hose
  • It offers 2-year limited warranty

Our Verdict:

If you are looking highly efficient versatile wet and dry wall mounted vacuum for the budget price for your small to medium garage, this vacmaster vacuum cleaner is best garage vacuum for you.

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Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

Garage Pro Wet/Dry vacuum 18P03 from Bissell is one of best rated wall mounted vacuum which perfectly deals with your garage wet and dry messes. This bagless canister vacuum is divided into separated wet and dry tanks.

The wet tank comes with an LED indicator to let you know when it is nearly full and other side, the four gallon dry storage tank has a window panel to let you check when it needs to be emptied.

In addition to being able to pick up both liquids and solids, the air flow of the vacuum can be reversed to turn it into a blower. You may use this option to unclog the hose or blow leaves and dirt into a corner to be swept up.

The most important benefit of this wet/dry vacuum is, it comes with seven attachments that can be used for detailing a car, cleaning in the small crevices of a work bench or cleaning the floor.

Garage Pro Wet/Dry vacuum also have 32’ long hose that lets you reach most areas in a garage or inside a vehicle without having to remove the vacuum cleaner from the wall.

The 18P03 wet/dry vacuum comes with excellent suction power, which makes it a perfect professional detailer. The motor of 12 amps gives strong suction to meet different cleaning needs regardless of you are tidying your garage or detailing your vehicle.

Why we like this garage vac?

  • Can be used for both dry and wet messes in garage, workshop, and car interior.
  • This best garage vacuum comes with blowing function too
  • This wet/dry vacuum has Helix Cleaning system
  • It comes with seven versatile attachments which are useful for car detailing
  • It comes with an accessory bag to clean up floor carpets and upholstery too
  • It comes with extra-long hose at 32 feet
  • It has LED water tank full indicator

Our Verdict:

Does having spillages in your garage or inside the car is a concern for you? Here, you need a specialized appliance – a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 is the best wall mounted garage wet/dry vacuum in the market currently.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

The Prolux Garage Vacuum is a powerful wet/dry vacuum that generates very strong suction, it makes even most strenuous cleaning jobs as quick one. 

This Prolux Garage vac is packed with ton of tools which allow you to fully detail your car including removing dog hair tangled in your carpets, blowing crumbs out of small cracks and shampooing your seats.

The prolux canister vacuum can suction up both liquids and dry messes and separates liquids and debris into two separate canisters. An LED indicator lets you know when the liquid canister is almost full, while a viewing window lets you check on how much space you have left in the four-gallon debris canister.

In addition, the prolux vacuum doubles as a blower when needed. The filtration system is HEPA-rated and can be cleaned in the sink for a lifetime of use. The 32-foot hose is crushproof and provides enough length to get around the garage.

This prolux garage vacuum comes with plenty of tools for any kind of job you throw at. Especially, the motorized brush attachment makes short work of removing the dog hair from the floor mats in the car and the long “needle nose” attachment will reach into the tight spaces between the car seats.

The prolux vacuum unit blower feature often comes in handy by allowing you to inflate pools, mattresses, rafts, balloons. Heavy-built design, filtration and wet/dry pick up ensures the longevity of this prolux vacuum.

Why we like this garage vac?

  • It comes with strong powerful suction
  • Small footprint and easily wall mountable
  • Doubles as blower which works great for blowing dust and debris
  • It comes with plenty of tools for any job
  • Suits for both wet and dry messes cleaning jobs
  • It has HEPA rated filtration
  • It has a washable cloth filter as well
  • It comes with 32 feet long crush-proof hose
  • It comes with 3-year limited warranty

Our Verdict:

This Prolux vac offers great performance at an excellent price and its best garage vacuum for mobile auto detailing. The Prolux Garage Vac provides an array of tools for any tasks, ranging from extension wands, upholstery tool, duster brush, inflating and detailing tools to tools for crevice and those difficult-to-reach corners.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

The Hoover Garage Utility Vacuum (GUV) L2310 is one of most reliable wall mounted garage vacuum available today with budget price. Hoover GUV L2310 comes with 10-amp motor that generates enough suction to pick up all kinds of dirt ranging from dust to nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

This bagless wall mount vacuum also has a large-capacity dirt canister that can hold up to 5 Gallons of dirt. Some people felt that removing the canister can be difficult, but it takes some practice to handle it properly. Though, it comes with lifetime self-cleaning filter that cleans itself. The crush-proof 30 feet hose in this unit is long enough for most garages.

Also, Hoover GUV comes with an array of attachments so that you can clean every nook and cranny in the garage or vehicle. These include two extension wands, a wheeled floor nozzle, two crevice tools, an upholstery nozzle, and a dusting brush.

This garage vacuum is made of heavy-duty steel for longer durability. This guarantees longer life that is expected of any good garage vacuum.

Why we like this garage vac?

  • It comes with powerful suction
  • Easy to dismount and clean
  • Comparatively it operates in low noise
  • It has 5-gallon bagless canister capacity
  • It comes with seven attachments
  • Hoover GUV has self-cleaning filter system
  • It has accessory storage bag
  • It comes with 30 feet long crush-proof hose
  • It comes with 3-year limited warranty

Our Verdict:

The attachments such as nozzles and dusting brush add flexibility to this wall mounted garage vacuum so that it is easily able to handle both sawdust on the garage floor and debris buried deep in your car’s carpets.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

A wall mount vacuum not only saves space but also offers superior functionality.  For instance, the GH120-E wall-mounted garage vacuum from GarageVac is an exceptional product. The sleek and lightweight design makes it simple to carry and use anywhere in the garage when the need arises.

The vacuum uses patented hypo-allergenic filtration that prevents the collapse of the bad and exposes the collected dust particles. In addition, the design and methodology help retain the suction power, helping you clean all the dirt and debris with ease.

The unit comes along with an adjustable steel wand. You can use it anywhere in the house, and due to its portable nature, you can also use it in your RV, utility room, boat, and other areas.

Why Do We Like This Garage Vac?

  • It uses patented hypo-allergenic filtration.
  • The design is compact and sleek.
  • It occupies 2 ½ feet of wall space.
  • It comes with an adjustable steep wand.
  • The hose stretches from 8′ to 40′ with ease.

Our Verdict:

The GH120-E garage vacuum is an exceptional product if you wish to have a portable, sleek, and lightweight vacuum. You can use it anywhere, including RV, boat, and other rooms in the house.

Wall Mount Shop Vac Review:

The wall mount garage vacuum from SHOP VAC CORP has a space-saving design and uses a powerful motor to produce powerful suction. You can use the vacuum in your garage, laundry room, hobby area, and workshop. With a 4.0 peak motor, it functions soundless due to the robust housing construction.

You can install it by yourself and requires no professional assistance. It comes with an automatic float shut-off valve to prevent wet pickup. The use of rugged plastic ensures the longevity of the product and prevents rusting.

The extended hose length helps you reach the maximum height and clean everything with ease. In addition, the metallic wands further increase the cleaning reach, making it an ideal choice for all floor shops and garages that requires frequent cleaning at a faster rate.

Why Do We Like This Garage Vac?

  • It comes with space-saving technology.
  • It uses 4.0-peak high-power motor.
  • It comes with a carrying handle at the top for quick mobility.
  • Installation of the unit is easy and does not requires professional assistance.
  • It generates 130 CFM.

Our Verdict:

The 3941000 model from SHOP VAC CORP is helpful for those who are seeking a powerful garage vacuum with mobility, the convenience of use, and extended reach.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

A wall mount shop vac for commercial delivers outstanding results, for it becomes easy to clean. The Detail King Metro Vac N Blo commercial series is one such model. For a professional cleaning center, time is essential, and completing the task with quality and efficiency retains customers.

The PRO-83BA-CS model is a 2-in-1 unit. Therefore, you can clean both the interiors and exteriors with ease. The unique feature of the vacuum is the crush-proof 30 ft. hose, which allows you to reach any corner with a high degree of mobility.

Using a 4.0-peak HP motor helps the vacuum and blower develop all the suction and blower power it needs to suck or blow debris away. The 2-stage dual fan system generates 130CFM with 95” water lift capability.

Why Do We Like This Garage Vac?

  • The garage vacuum is a 2-in-1 unit.
  • It uses a 4.0-peak HP motor with 130 CFM and 95” of water lift.
  • It has a 30 ft. crush-proof hose.
  • The construction is lightweight, and the unit comes with rolling wheels.
  • You can install it as a wall mount unit or carry it along based on the need.

Our Verdict:

If you are into a commercial cleaning service and require a product with vacuum and blower functionality, pick the PRO-83BA-CS.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review:

A wall mount wet dry vac is beneficial if you are into a professional cleaning business. However, you can still choose a dry vacuum when you need to visit different places. The Allegro Poco MU3100 car and garage vacuum is one such product.

The unit uses a 2-stage fan system that generates a 130CFM and 95” water lift capability. Due to this, you can use it anywhere you like it and even have it wall-mounted, if necessary. Furthermore, the model comes equipped with a 30 ft. long and crush-proof hose in addition to the telescopic wand.

All the accessories provided with the vacuum help you attend to different cleaning requirements, which you can adjust according to the need. The durability ensures an extended lifespan and reduces the investment in the unit within a short period.

Why Do We Like This Garage Vac?

  • The product is simple to use and has a durable construction.
  • It uses a 2-stage fan system for powerful suction delivery.
  • It has a 30 ft. long crush-proof hose and telescopic wand.
  • It has all the needed accessories.
  • Wall mounting the unit is simple.

Our Verdict:

The Allegro Poco MU3100 is ideal for anyone in the service field, especially for car cleaning and wood carving services.

Dewalt Shop Vac Review:

The shop vac DeWALT cleaner is an exceptional addition to your garage. The DXV06G is a wall-mounted cleaner using a 5-peak HP motor to produce strong suction and a 6-gallon large capacity bin to avoid the frequent cleaning of the trash bin while focusing on cleaning.

The model fulfills your daily requirements with ease by attending to different cleaning needs, such as absorbing dust, debris, pet hairs, and liquids. You can further use it to blow dust and water, and it is an ideal product for cleaning cars, attending to the garden, and maintain the garage.

The unit features onboard accessories storage system and hose organizer. The large accessory bag makes it convenient to store parts and shift to a different accessory when needed. The installation of wall-mounting is simple, and it comes with all the accessories.

Why Do We Like This Garage Vac?

  • It has a 6-gallon trash bin.
  • It comes with an onboard storage system and hose organizer.
  • It uses a 5.0-peak HP motor.
  • It has a 10’ power cord and a 20’ hose.
  • You can use it for vacuuming, blowing, and drying.

Our Verdict:

The DeWALT 3-in-1 wall-mounted garage vac is an excellent choice if you are on a budget.

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Buying Guide:


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Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum FAQs:

How to clean and maintain a wall mounted garage vacuum?

Wall mounted Garage Vacuum Air Vents

There are air vents located above the motor that allow heat to escape and cool air to flow over the motor when it’s running. Check occasionally to ensure there is no dust or debris cluttering these vents.

Canister/Tank Cleaning

Due to the wide range of materials your garage vacuum picks up, it is important to keep the canister clean. Begin by wiping off any dust from the outside with a damp cloth. Then wash the inside with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a cloth.

Cleaning a Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Filter

You will want to handle the filter carefully to avoid damaging it. Large debris can be removed by gently tapping it while it remains in the housing. For removal of dust and other fine particles, however, it is best to rinse the filter under gently running water. Allow the filter to completely dry before replacing.

Tubes and Attachments

Sometimes things can get stuck while you’re vacuuming. These obstructions can interfere with suction and reduce the efficiency of your vac. Check these components after using them to pick up any larger objects to ensure they’re clear of debris.

Garage Vacuum Bags

While collection bags are highly recommended when collecting dust, dirt, or drywall dust, they are not necessary for standard debris. But if you want extra protection for the motor and to make for easier cleanup, use a collection bag that’s sized right for your model of shop vacuum.

What to expect from a wall mounted garage vacuums?

The best wall mounted garage vacuum should have following advantages over the rest,

  1. It should have Long and sturdy hose
  2. It should have powerful suction capacity
  3. It should handle much bigger objects than normal household vacuums
  4. It should have large bin capacity
  5. It should do good job with wet messes
  6. It must be handy and should save space
  7. It should come with at least standard 2-year warranty
  8. It should be versatile and priced reasonably

Final Thoughts: Best Garage Vacuum Wall Mounted

Buying a best wall mounted garage vacuum for your garage is not an easy decision and required some deep analysis. The performance, durability and built in quality are some of key parameters you should consider against your budget and requirements before making a final decision on your next best wall mounted garage vacuum.

If you are confused about finalizing which wall mounted garage vacuum is right vacuum for your garage, we have listed here top 5 best garage vacuum system available in the market based on our detailed assessment and customer feed backs.

Overall, the best wall mounted garage vacuum from our ultimate review list is VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum with 50 ft. Hose and Tools.

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