Top 8 Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet (2023 Reviews)

best vacuum for plush carpets

Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet: Top 9 best vacuums for high pile carpet you can buy in 2023

A high pile carpet achieved recognition across different households, offering a grandeur appearance to the living room. What makes it unique are the long fibers. They offer increased softness and endurance. However, that also calls for an increase in the accumulation of dust and debris. We have spent quality time in researching about the best vacuum for high pile carpet available in the market from leading brands.

You can use the vacuum cleaner that you have to clean the carpet. However, we recommend you not to plug and clean the carpet. There are instances where the suction power of the cleaner destroyed the fibers of the rug. Therefore, it is crucial to warrant that the vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning a high pile carpet.

The market has several carpet cleanings vacuums and picking the best vacuum for high pile carpet is tedious. If you in search of a vacuum that helps you clean the carpet and retains the fibers’ softness, this article is for you! .

We like to present to you a list consisting of the shortlisted products and the pros. Based on the carpet you own, the dimensions, the budget you are willing to spend, you can choose the appropriate cleaner for your high pile carpet.

Here are our top 9 best vacuum for high pile carpet reviews and comparisons briefly,

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Here is our top rated 10 best vacuums for high pile carpet, thick plush carpet cleaners reviews and comparisons and pros, cons

Our Review for Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet:

If you like to own a carpet cleaner that is simple to operate and move, then pick the Soniclean upright carpet cleaner. Developed by Mohawk Industries, the cleaner gives you the highest performance than others. We consider it as the best thick carpet vacuum in its category.

It is the unique sonic cleaning technology that separates it from others. It generates over 200 vibrations per second that help in loosening the dirt and dust on the rug’s fibers. The patented EZ-Push adjustable vent system gives you the freedom to push and pull on the carpet with ease. Even more exciting is the presence of the ultra-soft brush rollers. They are practical and yet soft on the mat.

The advanced jam technology ensures that the device switches off during a jam automatically. It prevents accidents and burnout. The cleaner uses the HEPA filter, which captures particles up to 0.3 microns. The digitally controlled motor helps you choose between two cleaning modes – deep carpet cleaning and floor+carpet cleaning.

The company chose to give out a 35-foot cord with the product. You do not have to change multiple outlets for vacuuming different rooms. It can easily glide under beds, tables, and chairs with its 7-inch clearance.

Why we like it?

  • Sonic cleaning technology
  • Patented EZ-Push adjustable vent system
  • Ultra-soft roller brush
  • Large front wheels 
  • HEPA filter
  • Digital multi-speed motor

Our Verdict:

The Soniclean upright vacuum cleaner is a suitable choice if you like to have a technology-backed gadget to clean the high pile carpet. 

Our Review for Best  Miele Vacuum for High Pile Carpet:

The only thing that can get rid of debris and pet hair from your carpet is a vacuum cleaner. The Miele Complete C3 comes equipped with advanced features and is perfect for cleaning your high pile carpet.

Considered among the best vacuums for thick carpets, the C3 uses the Vortex motor manufactured by Miele. You can change the power level based on the requirement. Therefore, there is reduced pressure on the carpet while cleaning.

Miele went with the Electro Plus floorhead. It glides through the carpet with ease while removing debris without causing damage to the fibers. Additionally, the use of the double swivel head makes it convenient for you to reach the corners. The soft bristles offer high-quality cleaning for delicate floors.

The other element that makes it unusual is the integrated accessories. The C3 vacuum features three different onboard accessories. It comes equipped with a dusting brush, upholstery device, and crevice tool. The decision to choose the HEPA filter was a wise move. It helps in removing 99.99% of microparticles.

Additionally, the instrument comes with a time strip replacement indicator for replacing the filter. It is the AirClean Sealed system from Miele that ensures maximum filtration. The mechanism prevents dirt or dust from releasing back into the air.

Why we like it?

  • Five-level height adjustment on the electrobrush
  • 1,200-Watt Vortex Motor
  • Included are dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool
  • HEPA filter
  • AirClean Sealed system

Our Verdict:

Although it is pricey, if you can spend money, the C3 is the perfect addition to your high pile carpet cleaning requirement.

Our Review for Best Vacuum for High Carpet Shampooer:

If a powerful vacuum cleaner is what you need, then Shark’s Professional product is the answer. The affordable pricing is what makes it stand out from others. The versatile cleaning gives you a better way to maintain a healthy environment at home. You can use the cleaner in upright mode to clean the floor and carpets, lift-away position to clean the stairs, and lift-away overhead to reach the ceilings.

To be the best thick carpet vacuum cleaner, Shark ensured that the motor was powerful and light on the carpet. The variable speed makes sure that it is lifting the debris, including microparticles, without harming the rug’s fibers. The bagless feature is the attractive element of the product. You can say goodbye to bags and save money. The XL dust collector gives you the freedom to clean the entire home without any interruption.

Shark Professional captures allergens and prevents them from escaping to the air. The anti-allergen seal prevents the escape and makes sure the air is clean. The lightweight design removes stress from your hand. You can easily hold in hands and maneuver with ease.

Why we like it?

  • XL dust cup measuring 2.2 quarts
  • Anti-allergen complete seal with HEPA filter
  • 1,200-Watt powerful motor
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Upright, lift-away stair cleaning, and lift-away overhead cleaning modes

Our Verdict:

The Navigator Professional series from Shark is suitable for budget-oriented customers. If what you seek is a powerful vacuum cleaner and fits within your preferred pricing, the Navigator is the right pick.

Our Review for Best  Wet-Dry Vacuum for High Plush Carpet:

If you tend to incline towards newer technologies, then Sirena bagless vacuum cleaner is the answer. Unlike other products, it uses a water-based filtration system to clean out the debris and other microparticles from multiple floors, including a high pile carpet, with ease.

You do not need air and a powerful motor for vacuuming high pile carpet. Sirena uses water as the primary element to remove dirt from the rug without harming the fibers. Additionally, with no dust bags and cups, the product functions efficiently without clogging.

The transparent basin of the vacuum cleaner gives you a glimpse of its performance. You can remove the bay easily and dispose of the water effortlessly. Furthermore, there is an additional baffle located at the intake port to prevent larger particles from entering the separator. You can pour the collected water with debris down the drain while holding the pet and larger debris. You can further use the cleaner for wet surfaces, as it can catch up to 3-liters of liquid before you remove it from the basin. You can also use it as a vaporizer and spread the preferred fragrance around the house to entice ambiance. 

Why we like it?

  • Water-filtration mechanism
  • Flushes dirt through the air and mixes with water
  • Design for quick movement and stability
  • Powerful two-speed motor
  • HEPA filter and accessories included

Our Verdict:

If technology is what keeps you going and like to have the latest one that keeps your high pile carpet clean, the Sirena vacuum cleaner is your section.

Our Review for Best Dyson Vacuum for High Pile Carpet:

Dyson has a reputation for delivering high-quality vacuum cleaners. The Animal Complete is one such series from the company. You can use the upright vacuum cleaner to dust your precious high pile carpet without harming the fibers’ softness. Additionally, the use of the Radial Root Cyclone technology sucks the dirt without causing excess pressure on the motor.

The Animal is the best vacuum for high pile carpet, as it comes equipped with several accessories. You have the turbine tool available that removes the pet hairs and microparticles from the rug without tangling. The Up-Top tool is another accessory that twists into various angles, making it an ideal choice to reach different corners. There is the dust brushing tool, reach under tool, stiff bristle tool, etc.

The rigid construction and lightweight vacuum cleaner help you remove all the debris from your carpet with ease. You can utilize the other available accessories when you need to maintain a healthy environment at home. The exciting part is the handle, where you can place all your accessories with ease. Therefore, you do not have to bother about the replacement of tools during cleaning.

Why we like it?

  • Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • Reconfigured brush bar
  • Tangle-free turbine tool
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head
  • Powerful motor with speed control

Our Verdict:

Dyson has etched a name for itself in the cleaning segment. If you are searching for a high pile carpet cleaner, then the Animal model is the choice. It has all the accessories and cleans the carpet without harming the softness and at an affordable price.

Our Review for Best Mile Canister Vacuum for High Pile Carpet:

A vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice to keep your high pile carpet clean from pet hairs, dirt, and microparticles. The Miele Blizzard CX1 is a bagless cleaner, which gives you the freedom from constant changing of the dust bags. The in-house Miele Vortex motor ensures that it sucks the dirt without causing any damage to the rug’s surface.

What makes it best high pile carpet vacuum is the use of Gore CleanStream fine dust filter. With its use in the vacuum cleaner, you will never encounter fine dust or allergens. The ComfortClean mechanism auto cleans the filter and removes the collected particles with ease. Plus, the Vortex motor gives you the flexibility to alter the speed using the rotary dial. You can adjust the suction power based on the surface.

The use of the HEPA filter ensures that it traps 99.9% of allergens and other invisible particles to the eyes. The filtration efficiency is suitable for everyone who is allergic to dust and microparticles. Rather than removing a dust bag and cleaning, the Blizzard CX1 does not require one, and you can empty the contents without touching. Mono-cyclone technology helps separate coarse and fine dust. It prevents the re-entrance of the fine particles back into the house.

Why we like it?

  • 1,200-Watt Vortex motor
  • 4-setting rotary dial control
  • Gore CleanStream fine dust filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Hygienic emptying
  • Integrated accessories

Our Verdict:

The Blizzard CX1 is an ideal pick if you want everything cleaned, including the high pile carpet, without any damages.

Our Review for Best Commercial Vacuum for Thick Pile Carpet:

The ProForce 1500XP upright vacuum cleaner is a powerful machine from the ProTeam with several onboard tools. The compact design and lightweight structure ensure that you can easily carry it around the house for cleaning. The upright design is capable of withstanding tough cleaning conditions. The use of the dual-motor generates adequate high suction power that removes microparticles without damaging surfaces. What makes the cleaner efficient is the use of the 15-inch low-profile cleaning head.

A best vacuum thick carpet cleaner must have the best filter mechanism. The ProLevel filtration system with three varying filters helps in collecting different sizes of dust particles. It collects pet hairs, dead skin cells, mold, bacteria, etc. The HEPA filter ensures that it traps the micron particles that otherwise lead to asthma.

The vacuum cleaner includes a super-stretch hose, a crevice tool, a quick-release tool, and a combo of upholstery/dust brush. All the accessories provided help clean every corner of the house and remove minute particles with ease. The 50-foot power cord keeps you going through your cleaning requirement without changing the power outlet.

Why we like it?

  • Dual-motor system for powerful suction
  • Four levels of advanced filtration system with HEPA filter
  • Suitable for hardwood floor and high pile carpet cleaning
  • Large rubberized wheels for smooth movement
  • 50-foot long power cord

Our Verdict:

With 15-inch wide low-profile cleaning head and powerful motor, you can clean every corner of your house, including the high pile carpet. The affordable pricing and accessories included make it an attractive product in the budget category.

Our Review for Best Vacuum for Thick Pile Carpet:

If whole-house cleaning is your priority, then pick the Hoover UH71250 WindTunnel 2 vacuum cleaner. The product has everything to offer that you need. You can use to from floor-to-ceiling cleaning with multiple attachments provided with the cleaner. What makes it unique is the use of the multi-floor brush roller. While it moves smoothly on different surfaces with ease, you can switch it on for optimal cleaning on a high pile carpet and off to avoid the escape of debris around the hardwood floor.

The WindTunnel 2 is the best high pile carpet vacuum in its price range. The use of advanced multi-cyclonic technology ensures that it operates continuously without causing excess pressure on the motor. You will experience no loss of suction power. It uses two channels to lift the debris and remove it while offering protection to the surface. The 25-foot power cord gives you the freedom to move around the house quickly without frequent power outlet changes.

With the advanced AllergenBlock technology and HEPA filter, the WindTunnel 2 blocks pet hairs and microparticles with ease. Additionally, the provided accessories ensure that you can reach different corners without any hassle.

Why we like it?

  • 25-feet power cord for automatic retraction
  • 2-channel suction for deep cleaning power
  • Multi-floor brush roller for optimized cleaning
  • Extended cleaning reach
  • Advanced AllergenBlock technology, HEPA filter, and odor-absorbing carbon

Our Verdict:

WindTunnel 2 is an excellent vacuum cleaner if you need a product that is suitable for both carpet, pet menace, and deep house cleaning.

Our Review for Best High Pile Carpet Vacuum:

Oreck Commercial Vacuums gives you the solution to keep your house clean and tidy. With the Swivel Axis upright vacuum cleaner, you will experience the best cleaning experience. The standard set by the company meets your expectations. The product is lightweight, powerful, and has everything you need to clean right from the floor to ceiling. The unique feature is the 360-degree Glide technology. The steering ball helps you steer the cleaner with ease across all angles.

It is essential to meet certain qualities to become the best plush carpet vacuum cleaner. The Swivel Axis uses the HEPA bag and HEPA AirClean filter to give you exceptional cleaning experience. Both the filters capture 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles. Keeping the home clean is essential to ensure a clean environment and prevent unwanted development of ailments.

You can customize the cleaning by changing the speed control. You can do it without bending right from the handle. Additionally, the company added headlights to brighten the cleaning path. You can easily maneuver the cleaner in the bright-lit path. The wide cleaning mouth ensures to suck away all the debris with ease while being easy on the high pile carpet’s fibers.

Why we like it?

  • Swivel steering with 360-degree Glide technology
  • Dual speeds for customized cleaning
  • HEPA inner bag and HEPA AirClean filter capture 99.97% particles
  • 13-inch wide cleaning mouth
  • 30-foot power cord

Our Verdict:

If affordability is what you seek, the Swivel Axis is your answer for cleaning your high pile carpet without causing any damage.

Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet Cleaners Buying Guide

best vacuum cleaners for thick carpet
best vacuum cleaners for thick carpet

What to look when buying a Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

Here are few key important points and reviews for robot vacuum you need to consider before buying a most suitable robot vacuum cleaner for you,

Filter Types of High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

The High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a air filter that removes 99.97% dust particles of size 0.3-micron particle from the air that passes through the robot vacuum cleaner. For people with Asthma or any other breathing issue, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner is the best choice. The Coredy R300 Robotic Floor Cleaner is the vacuum cleaner that features a HEPA filter.

Dustbin Size of High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

The Robot Vacuum Cleaners dustbin size is measured in liters. The size ranges from 0.25 to 1 liter. Smaller the size of the bin, the lesser will be the cleaning area capacity. With a 0.25 liter bin, you would need to clean it manually before it completes covering the whole room. Since the gadget would need manual intervention, you cannot schedule it to do job like emptying the dustbin.

Going for a higher capacity is the best option if you reside in a big room liked Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Battery Life of High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Most robot vacuums come with a battery docking station so as and when the device needs a charge, it automatically goes back to the docking station for charging. The charging time for Robot Vacuums is generally 3 to 4 hours long which might be an issue for some people. 

Go for a device that has a long battery life in case you want the cleaning process to finished at quickly and efficiently. The Roborock S6 Robot vacuum Cleaner battery can cover more than 2500 square feet areas in single charge.

Corner cleaning effectiveness of High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

One of the wonderful features of the Robot vacuum cleaner is its effective cleaning of corners that are not always within the manual reach. In case you would like your corners to cleaned well, do not choose for large robot vacuums as they generally skip corners or get stuck in upholstery.

Scheduled Cleaning of High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

With a scheduler, you can set specific time during the week for your vacuum cleaner and at the scheduled hour, the machine will rise and start cleaning automatically. You can even step out during the process. For someone who does not mind manually starting the cleaner, they can skip this feature. 

New models of the vacuum cleaner come with Wi-Fi capability, enabling you to schedule this chore through your smartphone. The device will notify you when the cleaning is done on its own. Notifications for any errors or problems can also be accessed through your phone.

Sensors of the High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

The sensor of a vacuum cleaner detects the obstacles and walls. Good robotic vacuum cleaners detect and stop at a wall or table before hitting them. The Roomba i7+ is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner which automatically detects any obstacles and move away, keep doing it job perfectly.

Noise of the High Pile Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Noise is a critical factor in the operation of a vacuum cleaner. If you plan to clean while you step out, then noise should not be the concern. Choose a lower decibel floor cleaner in case you will be staying during its cleaning process.


Now that you have robot vacuum reviews in your hand, you can pick the one that suits your requirement. Make sure to consider your living condition, the apartment or house size, number of rooms, and other factors to pick the one that cleans efficiently.

With varying price ranges, these small robots perform an excellent job in vacuuming and mopping. Significant improvements to technology, navigation, mapping, and other areas helped these robots to evolve within a short period. The detailed analysis helps you to understand deeply about the products and their functionality. It allows you to pick the one that is effective and falls in your budget.

With a robot vacuum in your house, you will always maintain a healthy environment, as they lift from pet hairs to sizeable debris particles. They function continuously, never get bored, and run out of power. Look for a simple product if it is your first time!

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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