How to Vacuum

How to Vacuum

Technological advancements have certainly made life much easier today. Remember, how your grandmother used to clean the floor using a hand mop? 

How did your mother use to wash and dry clothes with her hands only? Life in the past was not easy because there were no machines to help you with the work.

Luckily, for the present generation, chores like cleaning the house are not a problem anymore all thanks to everyone’s favorite Vacuum Cleaner. Whether you have the latest model or an old one, this equipment is not less of a blessing.

Vacuum cleaners save a lot of your time and energy but speeding up the cleaning work, reaching in tight spaces, and avoid much physical exertion. 

As much as these electronic cleaners have made life much easier, how do you use them? How to use vacuum because not one trick works for all.

If you are new to the idea of vacuuming your house to get rid of dust, mites and grimes then here is a quick guide that will help you work through the process.

How to Use the Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are an amazing addition to electronic inventions aiming at making life better for people. 

Although the new generation is pretty good at using vacuums, if you’ve gifted one recently to your mother and grandmother, they might not know how to use it.

The design of vacuum cleaners has evolved over the years; thus, they have become more compact and powerful letting your finish your cleaning work in lesser time. 

However, to use it for maximum benefit you should understand how it works. So, how to use the vacuum cleaner so you get rid of dust and grime a 100%? Well, does not matter which model of vacuum cleaner do you have. 

Just follow these steps and you are good to go:

1. Be Regular

The most important thing to remember when vacuuming is to be consistent in your work. If you are not into the habit of regularly cleaning your floors, develop one soon. 

Do not wait to vacuum your carpets until they look dull and stained because then, to get rid of the dust and dirt, you will have to get them deep cleaned.

Hence, as a basic rule to follow, make sure you vacuum your floors at least twice a week if not more to maintain a healthy living environment.

2. Prepare the Vacuum

This may seem less important but we advise you to prepare your vacuum cleaner before you start vacuuming the floors. 

Empty the bags if you have not emptied them before check the rollers for damages and pipes for blockages.

This is important because if your tanks will be full, it will lead to blockage of the pipes and the cleaner will not be able to suck dust and grime off from the carpet. 

Hence, make sure it is well prepped before you use it.

3. Prepare the Room

Next, if the need is, dust the tables and furniture in the room. Clean everything before you vacuum so that the dust already sitting on your tables, chairs and baseboards drops to the floor and is then, cleaned by the vacuum cleaner.

If you will dust the things in the room after vacuuming the place, you will only allow the dust to settle on the carpet again.

4. Do not Rush

What most people fail to understand is you should never rush with your vacuum cleaners. 

Do you have the entire house to clean? You will be done vacuuming by running around the place like a crazy person and missing spots.

Do not do so! When you are vacuuming, make sure you take your time and work slowly so you do not miss any place on the floor or corners in the room.

5. Move-in Multiple Directions

What most of you do not know is that a vacuum cleaner should never be used in one direction only. 

If you are in a habit of going up and down, know that it will not clean out the dust and grime 100%.

To remove the stubborn particles hiding deep inside the fabrics, move your vacuum in a different direction. 

Once you are done with the up and down movement, next move it in the side-to-side direction so no fiber is left untouched and the powerful suction of the cleaner sucks out all the dust and dirt.

6. Set the Right Speed

If you think setting your vacuum on a high-speed means getting rid of the dust quicker, then you are so wrong! The vacuum cleaner’s speed needs to be according to the nature of the work. 

If you have allowed people to enter the house with their shoes on, then yes, your floors and carpets will be full of dirt for which you need to set the cleaner speed at high for thorough cleaning.

But if no shoes are allowed in the house and the windows are always closed too, then vacuum cleaning at low speed will work just fine for you. 

Thus, make sure you know how dirty your house is to set the speed of cleaner accordingly for best results.

7. Use the Right Attachments

Since how long have you owned a vacuum cleaner? Do you know what those attachments are for that came along with the main body? Have you ever used them?

Even if you have been using a vacuum cleaner for a long, what most people fail to realize is that these attachments were not for show only. 

Rather, different attachments aim at cleaning different spots in the room and hence, should be used accordingly.

If you need to reach under the couch, use the nozzle designed for it, or else, you will leave the spot unclean no matter how hard you try to reach it otherwise.

8. Remove Stains First

Vacuum cleaners are not meant to remove stains unless you have steam cleaner which can assist in getting rid of stains. 

Thus, to achieve the perfect cleaning score, make sure you remove all the stains from your carpet before vacuuming it to dry.

Moreover, if you have small objects lying on the floor, pick them up before you vacuum the place or else these tiny objects are easily be sucked in the vacuum cleaner to block or damage it, which is something you couldn’t afford to happen.

The Best Invention Ever – A Vacuum Cleaner

If you ask the majority about their favorite invention to date, most homemakers will vouch for a vacuum cleaner. 

Vacuums have certainly improved the lives of people today by speeding up the cleaning work so you have enough time left for yourself from the hectic routine.

With a tough schedule to follow, cleaning your house can look like a difficult task if you have to do it with hands only. 

But thanks to the vacuum cleaner, now you can save a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is just plug the machine in and vacuum away.

One thing that most people do not realize is that you should always clean your vacuum between cleaning turns so the performance of the vacuum cleaner remains uncompromised.

If you have not gotten a vacuum cleaner because of the fear of using it, know that within a few attempts you will perfect it. Just remember the tips shared above and you should have no problem. 

Why clean the house using a mop or broom when you can clean it much quicker using a vacuum cleaner?

Also, make sure you read the instruction manual of the model of vacuum that you buy so you have a fair idea of how to use it right. 

Relax and Enjoy!

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