How to Make Stairs Less Slippery

How to Make Stairs Less Slippery

Looks like someone was about to take a flight straight down the stairs! How many times have your kids slipped down from the stairs and maybe hurt themselves too? How many times have you slipped on them and hurt your back?

Moreover, looks like your little furry friend has found a new hobby of sliding down the slippery stairs case all for fun! However, why are your stairs slippery? If you have never had to deal with slippery stairs before, you would not know a thing or two about these!

Why are some staircases slippery? If you have a hardwood or marble staircase in the house, these are slipperier than other floor types as they are finished off with wax for added protection, thus making the stairs slippery!

Nevertheless, since you cannot change the flooring type, is there any other way to fix slippery stairs? If you want to know how to make wood stairs non-slip, just carry on reading for more information.

How to Make Wood Stairs Non-slip

If your love a vintage home with everything earthy and warm, you surely be flaunting the shiny hardwood flooring and stairs in your house. Unless they have been through it, little do people know that hardwood stairs are super slippery.

Moreover, when you do not want to change how the way they look, how can you make them anti-slip stairs, safe for the entire family and pets? 

Let us share some amazing ideas that we bet will help you cater to the stair slippery wooden case without any hard work.

Hence, here is what you can do:

1. Carpet the Stair Steps

One of the best ways to make your wood stairs anti-slip is to add a carpet over them. If you are worried about disrupting the aesthetics of the house, make sure you add a matching carpet over them.

In addition, if you love some adventure, go for some fun colors to amp up the whole look. Adding carpet to your slippery stairs is one of the best and most affordable ways to make them non-slippery and safe for use. 

Nevertheless, can you carpet the stairs on your own? Why not! Here is how you do it:

  • Choose a carpet of your choice and measure it according to the length, width, height of your stairs case
  • Then, either uses a staple or super strong glue to fix it in place
  • Start from the bottom step by cutting the carpet into the same size and shape
  • Pull the carpet piece over the step and fix it in place using staple pins or glue
  • If you have circular rails at the side, don’t forget to make a slit at the corner of the carpet, move it around the rail and glue it in place
  • Repeat the same process for all the steps until you’ve reached the top

On the contrary, if you cannot add a carpet on the stairs all by yourself, you can always call in a professional for help.

2. Add Non-slip Treads Wooden Stairs

If you are not comfortable with adding carpet to your stairs or maybe find it a little expensive, non-slip adhesive stair treads are probably the cheapest solution we could offer.

You can buy these black grip tape-like treads easily online and these are also super easy to put on the stairs. Although the non-slip tread does make the wood stairs anti-slip we would not recommend it highly.

Why? This is because these change the aesthetics of your stairs and because these have a sandpaper-like rough texture to them, the treads can easily hurt your feet if walked upon without shoes for long.

However, if you want a temporary solution for your slippery stairs, these might work for you!

3. Use an Anti-slip Floor Finish

Carpets and treads can easily alter the look of your staircase, which is something you could not stand if you love the way your wood stairs look. Moreover, yes, it is surely not easy to look away from those shinny steps!

So, if you have rejected the idea of adding carpet or tread to the slippery stairs, what else can you make it anti-slip so none in the family comes falling from it? We will suggest going for an anti-slip floor finish!

This is varnish easily available in the market and can very conveniently be added to your slippery stairs using a simple paintbrush. 

It adds a protective layering over your slippery steps, making them anti-slip by producing a certain amount of friction when you come running down it.

You grip your feet much strongly on the stairs step so you do not fall. In addition, the best part is, it won’t alter the look of your stairs either. 

The floor finish for slippery stairs is like a glossy finish, a varnish that adds shine to your stairs while successfully making them non-slippery.

4. The Anti-slip Paint Can Work Too

Just like the anti-slip floor finish, you also get anti-slip paint in the market. 

If you are not bothered by changing the color of the stairs or maybe we are looking to change it for some time, using anti-slip paint will help you achieve both of your purposes simultaneously.

5. Using Clear Non-Slip Stair Strips

Okay, so it is a big no for carpet and treads. But what paint or floor finish? If you are a little skeptical about using chemicals when the kids are around, we would suggest going for a quick fix like the clear non-slip strips.

As the name suggests, these are transparent and anti-slip. Simple, non-colored tape that you can stick to the steps of your stairs and never again worry about it being too slippery for you or the family.

Moreover, these are super affordable, easy to use, and best of all, will not alter the look of your lovely wooden staircase!

6. Try Stair Runners Maybe

How about if you told of a way to make your stairs non-slippery while improving their look? 

Well, how about adding some stairs runners? Stair runners do not cover the whole stairs and look great too. They add some fun to the whole look while making your stairs non-slippery for use. 

Thus, if you have been finding ways to do something different in the house without overdoing it, stairs runners can help you deal with it while also solving your “slippery” problem.

Be Careful on the Wood Stairs

Although wood stairs look appalling if not taken care of properly, they can be dangerous too. Primarily, make sure your stair design follows today’s code of construction. 

The steps should not be very high yet should be wide and have some depth to them to make them safe for use.

Also, make sure you keep them super clean. If you or the kids spill anything on it, clean it properly and quickly, or else the residue will only add to its slipperiness. What if after fulfilling the conduct and being super clean you still fall from it?

Then make sure you carefully step down from it or try one of the above methods to cut down on its slipperiness. As compared to other floors types, wood and marble stairs are super slippery because of the material used in their constructions. 

In addition, if you have wood stairs, make it safe for the kids to avoid serious accidents at home.

Relax and Enjoy!

We have listed all the ways you can make them non-slippery, most of which are super affordable so if you are struggling with slippery steps, try one of these today!

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