How to Disinfect Carpet

How to Disinfect Carpet

Even after regular cleaning of the carpet, it can be still dirty. Yes! If you have been experiencing allergy-like symptoms lately without no visible known cause, you must take a close look at your carpets. 

Carpets can be the breeding grounds for bacteria if not cleaned regularly and properly. 

Although neat-carpeted floors add that special layer of aesthetics to the overall outlook of your house, maintaining that outlook is the hard part.

Why You Should Disinfect Your Carpet?

No matter how thoroughly you clean carpets, the dust and mites can hide deep within the fibers. 

When you walk in with shoes from the outside, you bring in germs and grime that are invisible to the naked eye. 

Moreover, if not deep cleaned, these microscopic organisms can breed in the carpet, leading to serious health issues at some point.

Thus, this is why you should disinfect the carpet occasionally to ensure you and your family remain healthy while breathing in fresh and clean air. 

Having said that, how to disinfect carpet? Is there any product that kills germs without damaging your carpet?

Here is everything that you need to know!

How to Disinfect Carpet?

Disinfection and sanitization are two different things. Where sanitization removes 99% bacteria while leaving behind some, the disinfection process promises to kill 100% germs so they do not breed again. 

It is important for the homeowners with carpet floors to ensure both, sanitization and cleaning. There are many ways to achieve both with great effectiveness, even by your own self.

Hence, when you clean carpets, it is necessary to disinfect them twice a month because you do not want germs to be lingering around the house and making you sick. 

In addition, because disinfection of carpets is done differently on multiple levels, you need to make sure you use products that are aimed at disinfecting carpets at home. While choosing the product, it is important to pick the right product wisely. 

As different products are used for different functions, some products provide cleaning without sanitization, while other only sanitize and are not good cleaners, the product will put great impact on the final result.

So, how to disinfect carpet? Follow these few simple steps and you will be good to go:

1. Disinfecting Washable Rugs

Carpets or rugs small in size are easy to disinfect and require less effort to clean. In some homes, the owners do not fully carpet the house, but only choose certain areas for rugs and carpeting. 

Vacuum the rug to remove excess debris and then simply throw it in the washing machine. Add detergent and laundry disinfectant and leave the rest to the machine.

Once it has been washed and dried, place it under the sun to be sure to germs remain on the surface of the rug and later, lay it back in place.

2. Disinfecting Carpets

Bigger carpets are harder to disinfect because you cannot just throw them in the machine like the rugs. So, what do you do? Start by removing all the furniture from the carpet and vacuuming it

Next, if you do not have a store-bought carpet disinfectant, no problem! Mix some vinegar in water to make a solution and spray it over the entire carpet. Let it sit for some time and vacuum again.

Although vinegar is a great natural germ-killer and deodorizer, if you are not satisfied with the results, go for a store-bought carpet disinfectant. 

But before you are quick to use, test the product on a patch to make sure it does not pose any damage to the type of carpet you own. Once it is good to go, move ahead and spray it on the carpet as instructed.

Leave it for some time to saturate and then steam clean the carpet. If you do not have a steam cleaner, no worries just use a normal vacuum to dry and clean it. 

3. Steam Clean

Steam cleaners are ideal for disinfecting carpets. The best is to use a homemade disinfectant or store-bought one and spray it on the carpet. 

Next, use a steam cleaner to remove the solution while the heat reaches deep into the fibers and kills the germs 100%.

Moreover, you can often use steam cleaners on their own too which will only disinfect the carpet but freshen it up too. 

Hiring Professionals for Disinfection of Carpets

Okay, so don’t you have time to disinfect your carpet? We do agree that the process is pretty much time-consuming and requires a lot of effort but this doesn’t mean you should go for it.

What can you do if you cannot disinfect the carpets on your own? Well, you can always call in professionals for help. 

Whether you have a small area covered with carpet or an entirely carpeted home, book professional carpet disinfection services.

They will charge you for their service but will make sure your carpets are germ-free for sure! All you need to do is find the best carpet disinfector service provider around you and call them in!

Top 4 Carpet Disinfection Tips to Remember

Disinfecting a carpet may not seem difficult when you do not when and how to do it. From choosing the right products to tools and techniques, one should know their way through the process.

Here are a few tips that will help you disinfect the carpet like a professional at home:

  1. Slowly vacuum the place so you do not miss out on spot. This is necessary to remove dirt, grime, and dust from deep within the fibers so you have a clean surface to work on.
  2. Use different vacuum attachments to reach out to different areas of the room. If you wish to reach out to the tightest carpeted corner of the room, use attachments made for the particular area and enjoy hassle disinfection of your carpet at home.
  3. Do not forget to vacuum under the sofas, chairs, and tables. Germs hide under the area the most unreachable and hence when disinfecting the carpet, make sure you reach out under the furniture too.
  4. Remove carpet stains before disinfection.

Just remember, use high-end carpet disinfectants when disinfecting carpets so you know you have done it right.

Your Homemade Disinfectant

Sometimes buying a carpet cleaner from the market can be expensive. Thus, what if we tell you that you can now make a carpet disinfectant in your home with ingredients from the kitchen?

As unbelievable as it may sound, you can do so! If you have baking soda and vinegar then you are good to go. Just mix the two with water and spray it on the carpet for disinfecting it.

Or use salt, borax, and vinegar mixture to disinfect the carpets. It depends on what is available in the house at the moment. 

However, one thing that we know for sure is that these kitchen-bought ingredients are super safe to use. Not only are these natural disinfectors but will also remove any lingering smell around the house without damaging the carpet.

Disinfection of carpets is important if your family’s health has always been a priority. Because germs and bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eye, telling them to be present on the surface is hard.

Relax and Enjoy!

Hence, unlike sanitization and plain cleaning, disinfection if done right, promises to kill 100% germs so you and your family breathe in the fresh air and stay healthier. 

Therefore, if you have not given a thought, maybe it is time you disinfect the carpets and see the numerous benefits it has.

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