How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

As a homeowner, you may understand the different types of flooring you can go for in the house but what most fail to understand is that not every kind can be cleaned in the same way. Sounds new to the ears, right?

Do you have hardwood floors in the house? What products do you use for deep cleaning hardwood floors? How often should you go for hardwood floor deep cleaning? How do you maintain hardwood floors from wearing out quickly?

If all these questions have been bothering you for a long time, you can certainly land at the right place. Let us discuss ways to deep clean wooden floors so they keep shining for long!

Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors- Why and How?

Before we get to the ways, some tips and tricks to the deep clean hardwood floor, you need to understand the basic difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning first.

1. Regular cleaning:

This type of cleaning is done on regular basis to maintain a certain level of cleanliness around the house. Like you using a broom to collect loose dirt, vacuuming the place every other day, or mopping it regularly to remove stains.

2. Deep cleaning: 

Deep cleaning of hardwood floors is more focused cleaning where you remove the furniture or make sure to clean under the tables, on the baseboards, and every corner of the place, thoroughly scrubbing out the stains and freshening the place up with a good air-freshener.

So, how often should you deep clean? If you wish to maintain the health and look of your hardwood floor, add to its durability we’d suggest deep cleaning the floors once a month or so because too much of anything can cause damage.

Nevertheless, even if you are deep cleaning the place occasionally, what is the best way to clean hardwood floors? Which product should you be using? 

Here is how to clean hardwood floors so they incur minimum damage overtime:

Vacuum the Place

Although hardwood floors are very durable, we always suggest vacuuming the floors rather than using a broom or a mop. 

Even if you use a broom to clean the place, make sure you use one with soft bristles so it does not scratch the floor.

Or else, to get rid of the loose dirt and grime, vacuuming is the safest method!

1. De-clutter the Place

The basic rule to follow when deep cleaning any kind of flooring is to declutter the place. 

Pick every small to big thing in your way and if the need is, even remove the furniture to expose areas that we previously hard to reach.

This is will speed up your cleaning work while you have to put in less effort and energy.

2. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

One mistake that most homeowners repeat without knowing is the wrong use of cleaners. 

Every floor type is different and reacts differently to cleaners. Where ceramic and marble flooring can stand acid-based cleaners, hardwood cannot.

Thus, make sure you understand the flooring type and then choose a cleaner accordingly. 

Otherwise, the best is to switch to homemade cleaners that are natural and free from any chemicals.

However, how do you make one for cleaning hardwood? Simply by adding ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar (organic is better) to one gallon of warm water. 

A gallon of water is estimated to be a full bucket of water that you use for moping around the house.

3. Use a Rag

Next up, we never suggest using a mop to clean hardwood. Even if you do, make sure is only damp with the homemade cleaning solution and not dripping with it, or else, it will leave water stains on the flooring.

Thus, a cotton rag or any fresh piece of cloth will work just fine. Damp it in water and start cleaning from one corner of the room moving backward so you do not leave a trail.

4. Rinse the Cloth

One of the biggest mistakes you make when deep cleaning the floors is not rinsing the rag/mop well and using the same water for all the rooms. 

Once you are done cleaning one room, make sure you rinse the rag thoroughly and if the water has become cloudy which is very likely, you need to throw it away and refill the bucket.

This is necessary to avoid spreading dust, grime, and germs all around the house, which will just kill the purpose behind deep cleaning the place.

5. Dry Completely

Once you are done mopping the hardwood floors, make sure because this is crucial, to let the floor dry completely before placing the furniture back in. 

Either use a dry cloth, vacuum the place or switch on the fans, do anything to help the floors dry completely, or else the moisture will absorb into the hardwood flooring and ruin it over time.

Top 3 Benefits of Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Many people around you might have suggested you deep clean the place because it is “necessary”. 

The question arises, what benefits does deep cleaning hardwood floors have? Moreover, even if you are following the best way to deep clean hardwood floors, what benefit does it offer?

The advantages there might not be many, but here are to name a few:

  1. Increased protection- Deep cleaning occasionally helps add life to your hardwood flooring by protecting it from the accumulation of dirt and grime, which usually speed up the wearing process of the floors.
  2. Healthier home- With every corner clean of germs and dirt, you will be satisfied to breathe in the fresh air and hence, avoid allergens and grime that make your family sick.
  3. Cutting down the maintenance cost- If you do not deep clean your place for a long time, more and more things will be worn out quickly. Thus, this will only increase your maintenance cost because then one day, you will have to call in a professional to have a look at it. Nevertheless, by deep cleaning hardwood floors often, you can surely cut down on the maintenance cost.

Deep cleaning hardwood is not difficult if you understand what and how to do it. 

As we already said, one mistake that speeds up the wearing of the hardwood flooring over the years are the use of wrong cleaning products and low maintenance.

Thus, if you switch to a natural cleaner or one that is free from harsh chemicals and opts for deep cleaning of the hardwood floors more often, you will happily be able to maintain its look and health.

Moreover, not only will cleaning help you protect the flooring for a long, but also help maintain a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene around the house. 

You and your family will have fresher air to breathe in and clean floors to walk on. Thus, you would not have to worry about getting sick anymore.

Hardwood floors give this amazing vintage, comfortable and warm look to your house but can wear pretty quickly if not well maintained. 

Thus, make sure if you have opted for hardwood flooring in your house, you have the time, patience, and heart to clean it as well.

Relax and Enjoy!

And just when you do not have much time, patience, or energy to do it on your own, you can always hire professional cleaners for the work who will charge you for the service but will take care of things while helping you keep the floor well protected and preserved. 

Thus, spending a few dollars on a professional cleaning service is not a bad deal at all!

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