How to Clean Vacuum Brush

How to Clean Vacuum Brush

Vacuum is one the best to clean any type of flooring around the house. Whether you are looking at ways to clean carpets or tiles, a vacuum can easily work its way through the dirtiest of places without a hassle.

In addition, since this equipment always comes in handy when cleaning your house, it could also get dirty. If you ever got a chance to take a close look at the vacuum, you see the vacuum brush the one part responsible to clean all your dirt.

Thus, in the process, it can become dirty too. So, is it important to clean the vacuum brush? Yes, it is! Because if your brush is dirty, it will not remove the dirt efficiently. Hence, a brush roll clean vacuum is important to clean your house thoroughly.

How to Clean Vacuum Brush

Since you now know that you should be cleaning your vacuum, how to clean vacuum brush roll? How to remove hair from a vacuum roller

Your vacuum brush gets hit with all sorts of dirt and hence, here is how to clean it:

1. Detach the Brush

So, here is how the brush roll cleanings start. Start by detaching the brush from the vacuum. 

Nevertheless, how do you do it? the detaching style varies from model to model but one thing that is among all is that the brush roll is usually attached to the hose. 

You might either require some twisting or pulling or might need to push a button to detach it.

2. Wash the Brush

Next up, fill a tab or your sink with warm water and add some liquid soap to it. 

Remove heavier chunks of dirt with your hand and for the rest, dip it in the water and soap solution and clean.

If the need is, use your hands or take another soft-bristled brush to gently move through the bristles of the roller to ensure the inside is all clean of dirt and grime. 

Alternatively, may just submerge it in water and use the faucet to apply water pressure to remove all the dirt.

3. Rinse with Water

You will be surprised at how quickly the water turns cloudy from all the dirt and grime. Thus, when it does, flush it away and rinse the brush with fresh, clean water.

4. Sanitize with Vinegar

This may not occur too many times but cleaning the brush does not mean you’ve sanitized it. 

And to ensure no germs are left behind in the house when you use the vacuum, always sanitize your vacuum brush with some vinegar.

However, how do you do it? Dilute white vinegar in some water and pour it gently on the brush bristles so they do not get damaged while killing the germs hiding silently between the bristles.

5. Dry it Off

To ensure your vacuum brush roller does not breed any mold, make sure there is no moisture within the bristles. 

For this, you can either place the brush under the sun to dry or pat it completely dry using a clean piece of cloth.

Gently move the microfiber cloth between the bristles and pat it dry.

6. Fix it Back

Once you are done cleaning the vacuum brush, do not forget to put it back. So, how to fix a vacuum brush roller

All you need to do is attach it to the hose, undoing what you did earlier and it should be good to go!

Why is it Important to Clean the Vacuum Brush Roll?

If you often clean the house using a vacuum, you need to understand that when it sucks up the dirt and dust from around the house, most of it gets stuck to the brush, especially the pet hairs.

In addition, little do people realize that you should open it up and clean it once in a while so the performance of the vacuum remains uncompromised. 

Moreover, apart from making sure the vacuum performs at its best, cleaning the brush roll is also important to avoid spreading the dust, grime, and germs around the place.

If the roll is blocked with dirt and hair, it will not suck up dirt and hence, even after spending hours cleaning the place, you’ll come back to find it dirty.

Top 10 Tips That Will Come in Handy When Cleaning a Vacuum Brush

Although, cleaning a vacuum brush roll should not be a problem if you find it a difficult task to do, make sure you get extra help with it. 

Moreover, here are some tips that will come in super handy:

  1. Always read the instruction manual that comes along with your vacuum because every brand and model have a different of detaching the brush roll
  2. If you have screws to remove, make sure you put them in a safe place from losing them later
  3. Use only water and soap to clean the brush
  4. Use a soft-bristles brush or your fingers to move through the bristles of the roller and get the dirt out from within
  5. Rinse it thoroughly
  6. Pick and remove pet hair before dipping it in water
  7. Use a piece of cloth to thoroughly dry the bristles from within or let it air dry
  8. Never put the wet brush back into the vacuum or it will damage it
  9. Look for clogged pipes and clean them too
  10. Change the filters if needed

How often do you clean the brush rill depends on how regularly do you use it. 

If you use it on daily basis, then you should clean it more often especially if you have pets in the house or else doing so once a month is okay too.

A Cleaner Vacuum for Better Cleaning

Electronic equipment’s when kept well maintained will work for a long time. 

Moreover, the vacuum is something that comes in very handy, making cleaning around the house super easy, quick, and convenient, especially for working individuals who have less free time on hand.

So, have you been observing the performance of your vacuum to be decreasing day by day? 

Did you get a closer look at it? Well from the outside if everything looks okay to you, then open the vacuum brush roller to get the root cause.

Voila! The brush roll is clogged with dirt, hair, and grime. Looks like this is why your vacuum was not cleaning as it should have been. 

As we already said, if you are regularly using a vacuum cleaner to clean the house, you should pay special attention to the cleanliness of the brush or else, it can very well affect the overall performance of it.

Thus, make sure you clean the brush thoroughly and place it back only when it is completely dry. Also, comb through the dried bristles so they even out and function as well as before.

But what if you are unable to detach the brush roller and clean it? Well, cleaning it should not be a problem but we understand detaching it can be. 

For that, you should go through the instruction manual for better understanding. In addition, if you still are not able to do it, ask someone to help you out with it.

Relax and Enjoy!

It only takes you half an hour or so maximum to get the brush cleaned completely fully which is important to do because then if the vacuum one day stops functioning, you will have to spare a good few bucks on buying a new one. 

Hence, cleaning it all by yourself is much cheaper than buying a new one. So, make sure you pay extra attention to its maintenance and clean the vacuum brush often.

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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