How to Clean Tile Floors

How to Clean Tile Floors

Oh, how much one just loves sparkling flooring in the house, right? Tile floors are highly durable and low maintenance. 

If you take good of the flooring, it can last over a lifetime before you get bored of them and decide to replace them. Floors are very important in overall outlook of the house and improve the interior as well.

However, even with the perfect cleaning routine and techniques, some dirt and grim can be left behind especially between the cracks. 

Moreover, if you are observing the tile flooring is becoming dull or discoloring, you might have to rethink your cleaning liquid and technique.

Having said that, what is the best way to clean tile floors? How can you keep them shiny and clean for longer? 

If you are looking for ideas of how to deep clean a tile floor or just clean often, we are here to offer some great tips!

Best Ways of Cleaning Tile Floors

Since you have landed here to look for some amazing tile floor cleaning tips, let us dive straight into it without any delays. Here is how to deep clean a tile floor:

1. Remove Loose Dirt

Over the years, what is it that one thing that you always struggle with when cleaning ceramic tiles floor?

The accumulation of dirt and grit in the gaps after you mop the floor clean! Yes, the struggle is real but what you have not realized here is that you need to remove the loose dirt first before mopping the ceramic tile floor.

How? You can either use a broom or a vacuum to collect loose dirt from all around the house so it does not settle down or stick to the floor and gives a neater look when cleaned.

2. Warm Water and Cleaner Does Wonders

Cleaning tile floors with only water will do you no good. Oh, do you add a good cleaner to it? 

Good work but make sure it is tile-friendly and not super acidic or alkaline that would damage the tiles over time.

Moreover, rather than mixing a good tile flooring cleaner in cold water, add it to warm water as it will speed up your cleaning work by removing the stains quicker while also killing germs on its way till the end.

3. Wring the Mop

Once you are done with removing dust via a broom or vacuum, get ready for mopping it. 

But, we repeat, use a damp mop that has been nicely wrung. Because if you will mop the floor with a dripping mop, not only will it take for the floor to dry up but also leave water stains behind. 

But ensure the removal of complete dampness after you are done cleaning.

4. Move Slowly

Remember, when you are mopping a tile flooring, do not rush into finishing it. 

Make sure you mop it in gentle strokes and one direction only, going slow all the way, so you do not miss a spot. Doing this process quickly is risky as it will not ensure proper cleaning as well.

If there are some stains that you find on the way, use the damp mop to rub them away.

5. Change the Water

Once you are done with one room, when moving to the next one, rinse out the rag or mop head to avoid spreading germs or dirt, as these become active carriers of both. 

In addition, when you see the water has become dark and cloudy, that surely indicates that the water needs to be changed ASAP.

6. Do not Miss the Grout

When cleaning floor tiles, most people do not pay attention to cleaning the grout (the material filled between the gaps/cracks of the tiles). So, what is the best way to clean tile floors with grout

Use a store-bought liquid solution made especially for cleaning grout. 

Alternatively, if you do not find one, you can wear some gloves and use bleach to clean the area. Leave it there for a few minutes and rinse it out nicely.

But what if the grout is badly stained? Do not worry! If you cannot get the stains out using the grout cleaner, mix some baking soda and water to make a thick paste and apply the grout. 

Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it. Also, if needed you can use a soft-bristled brush to rub out the stains.

7. Let it Dry

Once you have done cleaning the ceramic tile flooring, either use a clean, fresh towel to rub it dry or switch on the fans to air dry to avoid water damage to the tiles and avoid breeding of bacteria.

How to Clean Marble Tiles

Ceramic tiles and marble tiles are cleaned in a slightly different manner. 

Where you can use bleach on ceramic tiles without a problem so cannot be done for marble tiles. 

Moreover, because marble and natural stone tiles scratch easily, you should always use a broom with soft bristles to avoid unnecessary damage.

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring and Linoleum Tiles

Vinyl and linoleum tiles are an affordable alternative to expensive ceramic and marble tiles. 

Thus, this is why these are more delicate and prone to damage if cleaned with the wrong products.

For vinyl flooring, use a manufacturer-recommended cleaner or need be, mix vinegar and water to prepare your cleaning solution at home. 

But make sure you do not use any harsh cleaning liquids in an attempt to remove stains quickly and easily.

If you have linoleum tiles all around the house, use a mixture of borax and water to clean it and preserve its color and shine so it lasts longer.

8 Things to Consider When You Deep Clean Tile Floors

Although cleaning tiles may not be a tough job but if you wish to keep your tiles shiny and healthy for long, you need to take good care of them. 

Here are some important things to remember:

  1. Always broom or vacuum the tiles floor to remove the loose dirt
  2. Use warm/hot water instead of cold water for speeding up the work
  3. Use the mop in gentle strokes and wring it before use to avoid water stains
  4. Go slow so you do not miss out on any spot
  5. Do not forget to clean the grout properly
  6. Always use a tile floor cleaner that is recommended for your floor type
  7. If there is a need, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the stains
  8. Use a fresh rag to dry the area

Remembers these few tips when cleaning tile floors and you will see a huge difference in your cleaning outcomes.

Take Good Care of Your Tile Flooring

Ceramic and marble tiles are a little more expensive than other types and when taken good care of, you’ll watch them shinning even after years of being walked on. 

The one thing that is crucial to tile floor cleaning is to use the right cleaner, or so we suggest making one at your homes.

Strong solutions are damage the tiles over time, which is, indicated when these lose their shine and become dull. 

Thus, make sure you opt for a more natural or organic floor cleaner to maintain your health.

Relax and Enjoy!

Moreover, be regular in cleaning your floors to avoid dust build, which can then easily move into the gaps and become hard to clean. 

Thus, use a vacuum or a broom and then mop the place for better a cleaning experience! 

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