How to Clean the Grout in Tile Floors

How to Clean the Grout in Tile Floors

Taking care of a tiled floor as compared to a regular one is much tougher. Why? Because you need to make sure, you use the right cleaners which do not damage its shine and surface hence, can be a lot of hard work.

Moreover, to some, cleaning tile floors can seem much easier but remember, it is not only the tiles that need cleaning. 

Have you ever paid attention to the dirty grout? When was the last time that you cleaned it? Looks like it never occurred to you!

Thus, no matter how attentive you are to cleaning your tiles, most of the dirt and grimes can easily slide into the grout and stain it, giving your floor a dirty look even after extensive cleaning.

So, how to clean the grout in tile floors? Whether it is about how to remove dried grout on tiles or cleaning in between these, here are some tips to help you make it shiny and white again!

How to Clean Grout and Tile

When you first stepped into your house, the shiny tiled bathroom and kitchen flooring must have taken you by surprise. 

However, over the years, tiles and grout lose their color but if maintained well, you might be still able to preserve it.

So, how can clean the grout in tile floors? How do you get them white again? Here re 

1. Start by Scrubbing

Okay, so what we suggest you do is start off cleaning the grout using some water and a hard-bristled brush? 

Do not use cleaner because you first need to remove all the dirt and grime from the grout to reach the surface for the cleaner to work.

Moreover, using warm water as it speeds up the cleaning process by removing dirt quicker and moving the brush in a circular motion.

2. Spritz the Grout with Vinegar Solution

If you have tough stains to deal with, mix some vinegar in water and spray it generously over the stains and in the grout too. 

Let the solution sit for some time to saturate, use the brush to remove stains, and rinse it with water.

3. Whiten with Baking Soda

Are you still not satisfied? Do you want the grout to be even whiter? No problem! Prepare a paste using baking soda and water. 

Apply the thick paste on the grout and spray with vinegar. Once the baking soda paste stops foaming, take a brush, a soft-bristled brush to remove stains, and clean with water.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains like that of water are hard to remove. Thus, how to clean grout in bathroom tiles that are covered with water stains? 

If so is the case, you might need to use hydrogen peroxide to fight the tough stains.

You can either dilute it in water or prepare a paste with baking soda, depending on how old and stubborn the stain is. 

Let the hydrogen peroxide solution/paste sit on the stain for some time before you use a brush to scrub it off and rinse with water later.

5. Time for Cleaning with Oxygen Bleach

Looks like the stain does not want to come up. Hence, if it is giving you a tough time, switch to oxygen bleach quickly. How to use oxygen bleach to clean tiles and grout?

In a spray bottle, combine warm water with oxygen bleach and mix it thoroughly. 

Next, spritz the stain and grout with the solution and leave it there for a few minutes. Because oxygen bleach has no harsh chemicals, it is very much safe to use on tiles.

Once the time is up, get rid of the stains using a brush and rinse with water again. 

Moreover, oxygen bleach is great for removing grease, food, and water stains hence, you can use it to clean tiles and grout all around the house.

6. Steam Clean the Grout If Necessary

If you are unsure of using chemicals or homemade solutions for cleaning the grout, why not give steam cleaning a try? 

Steam cleaning is an environment-friendly way to remove tough stains from the grout.

Moreover, you can use a steam cleaner to pretty clean everything in the house from carpets, upholstery to tiles hassle-free!

7. Hire a Professional

If all of your attempts have failed, it is time to call a professional. 

If you have shifted to a house that was years old, cleaning the tiles and grout will surely be a challenge and hence without professional help, it will become difficult to return its shine.

Professionals are surely the experts of their field and hence, have the newest techniques, tools, and products that allow them to give you the best cleaning results. 

Thus, if you have been trying different ways and products to whiten the grout and clean the tiles, we’d say call in the professionals for some help.

Can You Whiten the Grout Again?

Yes, with a little effort and the right products you can surely whiten the dirty grouts. 

The grout between the tiles stain when you do not clean them regularly, leaving stains and dirt to accumulate between them over time and hence, darkening the area.

Thus, either go for store-bought products or may use a grout cleaner at home just do not forget to brush it out. Move a hard-bristled brush in a circular motion to get rid of the trapped dirt and rinse it out. 

The more regularly you clean the grout, the whiter it will become. Thus, make sure you clean it often!

Being Consistent in Cleaning is the Key

Be consistent in regularly cleaning the tiles and grout around the house. 

In addition, if you have the energy and time, we would suggest deep cleaning the place at least once a month to keep the grouts clean and well maintained.

Have you ever wondered why do grouts become dirty? This is because when you broom the tiles flooring, the dirt slides into the grout and when left uncleaned for long, it starts to accumulate after getting wet over time.

Hence, it is important to clean the grouts as regularly as you clean the tiles to avoid the accumulation of dirt and grime there. 

Nevertheless, we understand, not everyone has the time or energy to be regular in cleaning the place.

Thus, if you are left with tiles shining with uncleaned stains and blackened grouts, call professional cleaners for help. 

These will come in with the right tools and products to remove the stains from the tiles and clean the grouts. Of course, these aren’t magicians. 

If it has been long since you last cleaned your tile flooring and grouts, then it might take a few sittings to bring back its shine and whiteness. 

Thus, if you wish to cut down on your maintenance cost, make sure you clean the grouts and tiles thoroughly yourself and maintain them well.

Remember, cleaning tiles regularly is much easier than getting to them once a week or month. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance will add life to them by increased protection. 

Moreover, you will also be maintaining a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene in the house so the air is fresher and much cleaner to breathe in.

Relax and Enjoy!

A little effort put in cleaning grouts and tiles goes a long way! 

Thus, if you wish to maintain the beauty of your house, remember to clean your tiles regularly or call a professional occasionally to help you with the cleaning task around the house.

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