How to Clean Garage Floor

How to Clean Garage Floor

It is about time you pay attention to your dirty garage, right? Since moving a few things here and there or while parking your car if you have noticed the garage floor stained yellow, it is high time you get to cleaning it,

So, how to clean the garage floor? Because your garage is open to all types of dust, dirt, and grime, you need to make sure you clean it regularly to avoid staining. 

In addition, if you have been too lazy in cleaning it which has led to staining of the concrete floor, make sure you use the right techniques, tools, and cleaners to get rid of it.

Looking for the best way to clean the concrete floor in the garage? Then read along!

How to Wash Garage Floor

Cleaning a garage should not be hard. Yes, it can be time-consuming depending on the size of it, but should not be difficult to do. 

Having said that, what if you have not paid attention to cleaning your garage for a long time and it has been brutally stained?

Thus, how to clean a garage floor that has turned yellowish with dirt, dust, and all kinds of stains? Well, worry no more because here we are to share some best ways to do it:

1. Declutter the Garage

First thing first, remove everything big and small from the garage. De-clutter is by moving anything including the car that you have put in the garage to expose as much area as you can.

This will make it easier for you to reach corners and clean them without a problem.

2. Protect the Dry Wall

Okay so before you start blindly splashing water all around, make sure you cover your dry walls with a tarp and tape any electrical outlet for safety purposes. 

Nevertheless, what will happen if you do not cover the drywall? Well, while washing the garage, the water can easily splash the walls, making it wet. 

Although the walls do get dry it takes a lot of time and the water that has already seeped inside will cause damage to it over time.

Thus, make sure you are extra careful in this regard, or else, over time, you will find yourself fighting hard with mold and more.

3. Vacuum or Broom the Floor

Okay, so before you rush into mopping the garage floor, make sure you remove all the loose dirt. 

You can either use a vacuum on the concrete floor or a simple broom to collect and remove the loose dirt.

Moreover, make sure you reach and clean every corner so when you begin to mop, no dirt accumulates against the walls and make it dirtier.

4. Time to Remove the Stains

If you have not cleaned the garage in ages, you will find all kinds of stains on it from rain stains to oil spills, which have certainly dried up and made it harder to remove. 

Thus, here are some of the best stain removes that will help you get through it:

1. Lemon and Vinegar

Whether you have grease marks or rust stains, these can easily come out using super acidic ingredients, lemon, and vinegar. You can either directly squeeze the lemon on the stains and then pour vinegar over it. 

Alternatively, you can mix both in a bottle and spritz the stains with it.

Whatever method you use, just remember to leave the solution over the stains for some time. The tougher the stain is, the longer you should leave it. When the time is up, use a brush to rub the stains and rinse with water.

2. Liquid Soap/ Powder Detergent and Water

Okay, so you couldn’t find lemon and vinegar in the kitchen? No problem! If you have either liquid soap or some powdered detergent in reach, just grab hold of it and mix it in some warm water.

Pour the cleaner on the stains and let it sit. Then use a rub to brush it off and rinse. This homemade solution works great for less stubborn stains like spills, which are easier to remove.

3. Commercial Cleaner

Not everyone has the patience to make cleaners at their home. 

In addition, if you are amongst those lazy ones who trust commercial cleaners more than homemade ones, just go ahead, grab a commercial cleaner and use it to remove the stains.

Moreover, if you have stains like paint or wax on the concrete garage floor, use a knife or scraper to scrape them off and then treat them with a cleaner.

5. Shampoo the Entire Floors

Only removing does not count as cleaning the floor rather you need to make sure you wash the entire garage. 

For this, you can use plain liquid soap and water or if it smells funny, add some baking soda and vinegar to the solution as it works as a great deodorizer.

Spread the cleaner on the floor, use a broom or big brush to rub the floors, and rinse with water.

6. Wipe and Dry

Once you are done washing the garage floor, pick a viper and wipe away all the water. Do not leave the water as it is or it will absorb into the floor and damage it from the inside. 

What little water will remain after wiping the floor let it air dry before you put things back inside the garage.

7. Hire Professional Cleaners

Yes, cleaning a garage can be time-consuming, and thus, if you have a busy routine to follow, you might not be able to spare much time for it. 

Moreover, even if you do, you might not have the right garage floor cleaner to clean the garage or the technique to do so.

Thus, never shy away from calling in professionals for some help. Professional cleaners will come prepared with all the tools and techniques that will allow them to remove stains effortlessly and clean the garage in no time at all.

Yes, garage-cleaning services can be expensive but hiring them once in a while won’t hurt you!

How Often Should You Clean the Garage?

Because most of the houses have garages constructed on the outside, it is more prone to getting dirtier. From dirty car tires to rainwater, your garage manages to go through a lot of dirt and grime every day.

Hence, if not every day at least make it a habit to clean the garage once a week to avoid build-up residue and stains that when dry up over time can become difficult to clean.

In addition, because you are supposed to clean the garage once a week or so, you can use commercial cleaners for the task. 

However, make sure you use ones that do not contain bleach or any other harsh chemicals and yes, do not use it every time for a cleaning because using too much can lead to damage.

Remember, if you will keep your garage clean, your house will remain clean too. How? Because your shoes will not be picking up any dirt from the outside and thus, you will not bring any in either.

Relax and Enjoy!

Also, a clean garage enhances the aesthetics of the house and will tell people a lot about your personality and how well-behaved you are. 

Thus, make sure just like you are regular in cleaning your house, you also clean your garage and maintain it well.

And if you do not have time to do so or are too tired to clean it, professional cleaners are always available for assistance. Just book your slot with them and get a clean garage in no time at all!

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