How to Clean Carpets with Steam Mops

How to Clean Carpets with Steam Mops

Having carpets in the home is not easy at all. With the continuous stomping and dirty shoes, carpets become discolored and lifeless easily. 

Unless you have embedded it in your routine and you are regular in cleaning it and pay high attention to its maintenance, taking care of it can be hard.

As compared to dark-colored carpets, light-colored ones lose life quicker and look ugly. That goes without saying that you cannot replace them every time they lose color or look.

So, what can you do? Something reliable to help you breathe life into your carpets around the house. There are so many ways to revive your carpets, but important thing is to follow a set pattern and routine to clean those regularly.

We would suggest buying a steam mop for carpets and going for a steam clean carpet rather than the regular cleaning. Steam mop is not only less expensive but really efficient in cleaning.

Can Steam Mops Be Used on Carpet?

Steam mops are great way to preserve your carpets. If you have lost the color and look, the steam mop will surely breathe some life into it so it at least lasts a few more years without a hassle.

But how do you steam clean carpet? It is not as difficult as one thinks it to be. It is pretty common and easy to use. 

However, if you are a beginner and new to this idea, here is how you can use a steam mop to freshen up your carpets:

1. Check the Carpet Material

Before you rush into steaming the carpet, make sure you check the material of your carpet, because carpets are made out of man-made fibers, woven and Berber ones are easily damaged by high heat be it steam from the mop. 

So it is important that you adjust the temperature before using it.  

Hence, if you have carpets of this type, you might have to be extra careful with the steam output. Remember, if you have delicately woven carpets or rugs; make sure to set the steam mop at the lowest setting to avoid accidents.

2. Fill with Water

You cannot have steam until you have water. Therefore, take out the mop reservoir and fill it with water. 

We would suggest reading the label’s instructions to have a clear idea about how much water should you add, the temperature of water and other guidelines.

This will help the mop perform better if you know how to handle it.

3. Attach the Glider

Once you have filled the reservoir, attach the glider or carpet attachment to the steam mop. Make sure you attach the glider before plugging the mop in to avoid scalding. 

In case of high quality steam mops, you get different type of gliders based on the requirement. It is important that you choose the one, which works perfectly for you.

4. Remove Things in Sight

Before you switch on the steam mop, de-clutter the place. Pick up any mess insight be it small toys or big balls so they do not come in the way. 

Moreover, a small piece of toys or nails if missed and left on the floor can get stuck in the mop while cleaning, even damaging in the process. 

We suggest to carry out debris removing activity before you move to steam mopping. Debris removal can be done by broom.

So, before you are quick into using the steam mop, make sure there is nothing in the way.

5. Clean the Baseboards

If it has been a long since you cleaned the tables and baseboard around the house, it is high time you do it now. 

Why? Because steam mop increases humidity and the water droplets formed can easily accumulate on the dirty baseboards. 

The dirty droplets may then drop on the carpet, seeping into the corners and making it difficult to remove later.

Hence, make sure everything around the house is clean and well-dusted so when you steam mop the carpet, it looks as fresh as new.

6. Vacuum First

Remember, a steam mop is not a replacement for a vacuum. Rather, it is used to brush out the carpet fibers, adding some life to it. 

Thus, before you use the mop, do not forget to vacuum the carpet to remove dirt, grime, and pet hair which otherwise, will settle within the fibers if steamed mopped only.

7. Remove Stains

Although steam mops are great to use you need to be careful with them. 

Remove any stains from the carpet before steaming the carpet or else, the heat will let the stain seep into the fibers deeply, making it permanent and hard to remove.

Thus, pick up debris, clear the stains and vacuum before adding “final touches” to your carpet.

8. Plugin the Mop

Once you have sorted out all the things around the house, plug in the steam mop and make sure you set it in the right setting. 

Moreover, because these are quick to heat up, do not leave them for long after switching them on and doing your work. Use the right plug as well. 

We suggest you plug in the steam mop directly into the power switch rather than using an extension as every steam mop might have their own wattage.

9. Keep Moving

When using the steam mop, be in a continuous motion and do not leave it sitting in one place when switched on, or else, the water will accumulate inside the carpet. 

Unlike steam cleaners, steam mops do not suck up water rather use water to create steam and clean the carpets.

Things to Take Care of After Steam Mopping

If you think you are all done after steam mopping the carpet and can move your furniture back in, then friends, you are wrong! Here are some things you should take care of after steam mopping the carpet:

  1. Let the carpet completely dry before moving in your things which can take anywhere between 3 hours to 9 hours
  2. If the need be, wear socks on the carpet and leave the shoes outside because you wouldn’t want to introduce new dirt before it dries fully
  3. Vacuum the carpet once it is dry to brush out the stiff fibers
  4. Empty the steamer’s tank to avoid the growth of mold between uses
  5. Put away the mop safely after drying the tank fully
  6. Remove the carpet glider before storing it to avoid damage to the steam mop

Hope now you have the answer for “can steam mops be used on the carpet” because they very well can be! Just follow the instructions step-by-step and pay attention to the after-care to ensure it remains clean and fresh for longer.

Top 3 Advantages of Steam Mopping the Carpets

  1. Little did people know before cleaning carpet with steam cleaner help preserve the fibers and increase durability? However, what other advantages does it have? Why should you steam-mop your carpet occasionally?
  2. If you are still confused about can you use a steam mop on the carpet then believe us, you are missing out on something amazing? Steam mop not only helps in preserving the color of the carpet and re-freshening it but also kills bacteria.
  3. The high heat produced by the steam mop effectively kills bacteria without damaging the fibers. Moreover, it also helps get rid of tough stains and grime without using any harsh chemicals. So, if you still have not used it, try it today!

Relax and Enjoy!

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