How to Clean Carpet Without Vacuum

How to Clean Carpet Without Vacuum

Although a vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver when it comes down to cleaning carpeted floors, of course, not everyone can afford to buy one. 

This equipment speeds up the cleaning process while removing dirt and grime from deep within the fibers.

But does this mean homeowners who do not have a vacuum cannot clean their carpets thoroughly? Certainly not! What if we tell you that even without a vacuum cleaner, you can achieve the same cleaning results?

Cleaning a carpet without vacuum all on your own is not hard if you follow our tips and advice. Confused about what we are talking about? 

Just bookmark this blog as what we are about to tell you how to do it perfectly.

How to Clean Carpet Without Vacuum

If you do not have a vacuum to clean your carpets, then you still can achieve the perfect cleaning results. 

Here are some of the best alternatives, which may require some extra effort from your side, but are surely worth going for:

1. Buy a Broom

If you have a flat rug or low nap carpet, a broom and a dustpan are all that you need. 

The broom is easy to use and helps remove dust and garbage from the top of the carpet very efficiently. Broom can be a handy equipment and a must have equipment as it helps a lot in cleaning from tough and tricky corners as well.

The downside of the broom is that it does not reach deep inside the fibers but is great to clean a small area. 

It is perfect to remove debris from floors and upper surfaces of the carpet, but it cannot achieve the best results when it comes to deep cleaning.

2. Carpet Sweeper

The carpet sweeper has been around for since long and is very effective in cleaning a carpet. 

But unlike a vacuum, it doesn’t remove grime and dirt from within the fibers but when used in the right strokes, the sweeper can help get rid of a lot of dirt pretty well.

3. Mop or Sponge

When you cannot find anything to clean your carpet, a brush, or a sweeper, just get a mop or sponge with a bucket full of water and cleaning liquid and you’ll pretty much get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt.

4. Dry Clean

If you are too lazy to clean the carpet at home or do not have the time for it, you can always call professional carpet cleaners to help you with the task. 

Alternatively, simply send it for dry cleaners.

5. Carpet/ Rug Beater

When you are concerned about getting the dust out of your rugs and carpets, the carpet beater can come in handy if you do not have a vacuum. 

But of course, this does require some effort to make possible.

If you have an open area outside the house with wires for hanging, place the rug/carpet over it and beat it with the beater. You will be shocked to see how much dust blew right into your face. 

Repeat the process until all the dust and grime have been completely removed and place it back where it belonged.

6. Lint Roller

Isn’t a lint roller used for removing lint from clothes only? Not at all! You can now find lint rollers for carpet and upholstery that easily remove dust and pet hairs from within the fibers without any damage. 

Lint rollers require additional effort as the surface area of cleaning is more when it comes to this purpose, but the results are astonishingly amazing.

7. Washing

Okay so if you have a small-sized rug or carpet, just put it straight in your washing machine with some washing liquid and it will come all dry and clean. 

However, before doing so, make sure your washing machine is designed for the purpose. We suggest you check the user manual before going for it.

8. Steam Mopping

Steam mops have been around for some time now and are a great tool for homeowners with completely carpeted homes. 

It not only removes grime and dust but also breathe life into the carpet. 

Most of the alternatives to vacuum do not use electricity and are cordless which increases maneuverability, hence making them easy to use. 

Cleaning tools like a mop, broom, and sweepers easily slide under the sofas and tight corners, cleaning carpets of dust, garbage, and grime. 

How to Clean a Rug without a Vacuum

Cleaning carpets is much easier than cleaning a rug because the rugs are much more delicately put together, hence the fibers can easily be damaged by the use of wrong tools and products.

Having said that, how do you clean a carpet or rug and remove stains? If you clean your carpet regularly and do not leave the stain to dry, cleaning the rug shouldn’t be an issue. 

Yet, you might still struggle with cleaning it especially if you have a woven rug bought at a high cost.

So, what do we suggest? Start with sweeping the excess dirt, grime, and garbage off the rug. Next, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the rug and pour vinegar on it little by little, enough in the quantity that the soda starts turning foamy.

Now, take a brush, a toothbrush works the best, and gently rub away the stains. If you allow the solution to sit for some time before rubbing, the stains will come out easier. 

Once the time has elapsed, rinse with water and continue doing so until all the solution has come out. You can either let it air dryer or switch on the fan to speed up the drying process.

If you have confused about using the homemade solution, you can use only baking soda for cleaning. Just sprinkle a good amount directly on the rug, leave it there overnight. 

Cleaning Backing Soda Without a Vacuum

But how to clean baking soda without vacuum? Just use a bucket full of water to rinse it out. And if not, use wet wipes or a wet cloth to clean the baking soda.

We promise, cleaning a carpet without a vacuum is much easier than said. All you need is some time and patience to achieve the desired outcomes.

Is Cleaning Carpet Without Vacuum Possible?

Nothing is impossible to do if you have the will, idea, and technique. We must admit, technology has certainly made our lives easier but what did people do before they had cleaning machines like a vacuum cleaner at home? 

Did they never clean their carpets? Were their rugs always dirty?

Surely not! Rather, they had to put more physical effort into cleaning these things but never left them unattended. Hence, this proves, you can clean carpet without a vacuum if you know how to do it.

Broom, sweeper, mop, and what not! we’ve already listed most of the useful items above and apart from being an alternative to the usual vacuum cleaner, think about the advantages these have.

Most of them do not require electricity to work, hence you save a lot on your bill. 

Moreover, because it requires more physical input to broom or mop a carpet, you’ll have a great alternative to the gym while ensuring your house stays as clean as ever.

Relax and Enjoy!

So, let’s not cry over not having a vacuum to clean carpets and look at the positive side of having the average alternatives. 

For some these may not be the most effective way of cleaning carpets, but certainly not the worst either! 

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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