How to Clean Carpet Stairs

How to Clean Carpet Stairs

Who needs chairs when you have carpeted floors to sit on! Yes, carpets do not only look luxurious but also add a touch of comfortableness to your homes. 

However, as much as these look great, carpets are expensive and difficult to maintain. It is a universally known fact that it is way much harder to clean the carpets that to clean the floors.

Why Clean Carpets on Stairs?

Just like we see on TV in our favorite movies and series and if you you have always wished to carpet your stairs to add just the right amount of exquisiteness to your den. 

However, of course, everything comes at a price! With kids running up and down the stairs with shoes on, the stairs tend to get dirty easily. By the way, adding carpets to your stairs adds the safety if you have kids.

Moreover, the dirt easily slides into the corners of the stairs, which can make it hard to reach and clean. But of course, you cannot leave it like that, or can you? 

When you have carpeted stairs, you need to be super careful around them and make sure you clean them regularly. A regular cleaning routine, can improve the overall life of the carpets as well.

How to Clean Carpet Stairs

Just like we mentioned above, cleaning the carpets can be tricky. We have compiled a process and different ways through which you can clean carpet on stairs

Let us share some quick tips to help you complete this task with minimal effort and cost.

1. Things You Will Need

Before you rush into cleaning the stairs, you need to gather all the gadgets, which are mentioned below. 

These gadgets will ensure will ensure that you can reach the smallest and trickiest corners to achieve the perfectly cleaned results. 

Moreover, dirty shoes can also leave a stain on them hence; you will have to make sure that you rub them on the way down when cleaning them.

Thus, here is all that you need:

  • Vacuum
  • A brush
  • Carpet cleaner or shampoo
  • Paper towels or a clean piece of cloth

Once you have all the things in hand, let us move quickly to cleaning the carpeted stairs.

2. Remove the Excess Debris

As we already mentioned, dirt and grime can easily be stuck in the corners of the stairs and dirty shoes can stain them easily. 

Having said that, before you get the stairs carpet wet, make sure you remove the debris and stains using a brush. Removing the debris before you start cleaning with fluids is a very important step.

We would suggest going for a brush with stiff bristles as it would make it easier to work on the stairs. Soft bristles will increase the overall required effort. Gently rub the stains and move them in the corners to remove as much dirt as you can. 

Moreover, as a basic rule of cleaning the stairs, always start from the top and work your way downwards. This will ensure that the dirt falls down and you can clean it up easily.

3. Vacuum to Remove Dirt

Since you have already cleaned the stains, next you need to loosen the dirt and girt from within the fibers, which cannot be achieved manually. 

Thus, vacuum the carpet on the stairs to suck up the excess dirt, grime and dust before you shampoo it.

Moreover, this is important to do before shampooing, or else when getting the stairs’ carpet wet, you will make the dirt settle down and hide between the fibers making it difficult to clean. 

Thus, make sure you vacuum the stairs thoroughly using different attachments to reach out to the corners easily.

4. Shampooing

Since you have already vacuumed the stairs, now is the time to shampoo each stair individually. And by shampooing we do not mean using one of your own, rather bring in a good quality carpet cleaner and use it to clean the carpet on the stairs. 

Shampoo will not only help you achieve a clean carpet, but will also remove the unwanted odor.

Spray a generous amount of the product on the carpet stairs, blot with towels, and leave it some time to saturate. If the need is, use a brush to scrub the carpet to get rid of the dirt that has settled between the fibers.

Furthermore, you can also make a good carpet cleaner at home by mixing baking soda and white vinegar in some water. 

This is solution is both a natural carpet cleaner and deodorizer, this will help clean carpet stairs without damaging the fibers.

5. Rinse and Dry

Now, rinse the carpet stairs with water or use a wet piece of cloth to remove the cleaner and vacuum it to dry. Vacuuming speeds up the drying process, removing moisture from deep within so it smells clean and fresh.

Once you are done, look at the edges if they are clean or not. So, how to finish carpet edges on stairs? If you see the dirt has settled down in the corners, use a toothbrush to clean it. 

Something small as a toothbrush is easy to reach between edges or else, use a vacuum attachment that helps you reach the edges and suck it clean.

How to Clean Carpet Stairs with Machine?

Cleaning carpet stairs manually can quite work. it requires a lot of time, energy, and patience and thus, not everyone is up for it. So, what other option do you have? How else can you clean carpet stairs?

By using a carpet stair-cleaning machine! These machines are specifically made for cleaning carpets on the stairs and hence, are easy to maneuver, durable, and speed up the work. 

So, if you have less time on hand and still want to clean the carpet stairs, invest in a good carpet stair cleaning machine.

But how do you use it? Just read the instruction manual and move accordingly. Normally, instruction manuals are elaborative and give a complete “How to do it?”. 

In case, you still have any confusion, there are video tutorials on the internet. If that does not work, just, quora it. There will be so many people with the same problems and we are sure you will get all the answers easily.

How Often Should You Clean the Stairs on Your Carpet?

When you have an entirely carpeted home, the carpet on the stairs is probably the place taken least care of. 

But little do people realize that stairs are one of the trickiest places to clean and stairs can get dirty more often than other places.

The dirt from your shoes quickly moves into the corners and is hard to clean. Thus, these accumulate over time that may compromise your health. 

This is why, when you regularly clean or vacuums your carpet all around the house, do not forget to clean the carpet on the stairs too. 

Book Carpet Cleaning Services

How to keep carpet stairs clean when you do not have time to do it yourself? 

When you have a tight schedule to follow but are worried about your family’s health, make sure you hire professional carpet cleaners for their service. They may be a little expensive but at least it is worth it.

Or maybe bring in a steam cleaner for the stairs and use different attachments to reach out to different parts of it for cleaning purposes. 

A steam cleaner is a reusable product and it can help you achieve more or less the same results. It is a good investment, trust us.

Relax and Enjoy!

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