How to Clean Bathroom Floors

How to Clean Bathroom Floors

Unlike floors of other rooms, your bathroom floors are more prone to damage. Why? Because when you bathe there, the water seeps into the floors and absorbs moisture that may lead to wearing over time. 

In addition, water tends to stain the grout and the tiles so you need to make sure you clean it regularly.

But how to clean bathroom floors? Are there any specific cleaners for cleaning bathroom tiles? Although bathroom floor cleaning can be a little more challenging than the rest of the house, this does not mean it is impossible. 

Thus, if you are looking for the best way to clean the bathroom floor then just read on for some great tips!

How to Clean a Bathroom Floor?

Bathroom floors are the most common breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. 

Moreover, when you come from the outside and go straight into the shower to relax, the germs you carry inside are washed on the floor and stay there until removed.

Thus, these contribute to allergies and other health problems. Since you have now understood that a dirty bathroom floor can cause health problems, it is much necessary to keep it clean. 

So, how to clean the bathroom floor to avoid any damage to it while also getting rid of germs? Here is how you do it:

1. Declutter the Place

Every one of you has a habit of throwing away your stuff especially the washable cloth on the bathroom floor. 

Whether it is makeup, a towel, or clothes, when you are in the shower or do with it, the bathroom floor is usually cluttered with unnecessary stuff.

So, before you start rubbing the floor, make sure you have packed everything up from the floor and put them away in its rightful place. Even remove the bathroom rug if you have one!

2. Broom the Floor

Just like, you broom the other m to remove loose dirt, do so with the bathroom floor as well. 

We will not recommend using a vacuum here, but yes, use a broom for bathroom floor cleaning.

But before you broom the floor, make sure the floor is fully dry, or else you’ll end up moving the dust into the grout. Collect all the dirt and throw it away in the bin. 

Clean any residue left from the corners and under the sink so you have a dirt-free area to clean further. This is so the floor does not get dirty water and the grime does not settle down.

3. Use a Cleaner

When you are cleaning your bathroom floor, make sure you do not forget to sanitize the place. Why? Because most of the germs and mold breed within the bathroom floor. 

Having said that, you can always buy a good bathroom cleaner from the store. Nevertheless, which one you use depends completely on the type of bathroom tiles you have.

Most cleaners contain bleach or ammonia to get rid of stains quickly but if used in the long run, these cleaners pose a high risk of damaging your bathroom floors.

So, we recommend you to either commercial cleaners with no harsh chemicals or use plain warm water and liquid soap to get done with it. 

If you do not have stubborn stains to remove, liquid soap and warm water mix will make a great cleaner.

But if you have stained bathroom tiles, add some vinegar and baking soda to the solution and wash the floor with it. 

What we recommend you to do is leave the solution on the floor for a few minutes, then get in with a brush to rub the stains and rinse the place with water.

4. Use a Mop If You Want

Okay, so if you do not have a large enough outlet in the bathroom to flush the water, make sure you clean the water with a damp mop to avoid the use of excess water. 

But on the contrary, if you have a big outlet, use a viper to move the water out of the bathroom through it.

Mop helps get rid of excess water easily and if you have some easy stains to remove, you can also do it with a mop. Just make sure you use a good mop that does not absorb much water and is easy to use.

5. Do not Forget the Grout

So, before you leave the floor to dry, make sure you clean out the grout using a brush. 

When you have poured the cleaning solution over the tiles and cleaned it, put in a little more effort to rub the grout clean as well. 

This is important because most dirt and dust accumulates in the grouts over time and hence staining. So, whenever you get a chance, make sure to rub these as well.

6. Dry It

We bet this has never occurred to you but when you are done cleaning or mopping the bathroom floor, you should always let it dry. 

But how? You do not have fans inside the bathroom to help you with the drying. So, what else can you do?

Well, for starters you can open any windows that you have for ventilation. Use a viper t flush down the excess water and then use a dry piece of rag or a dry mop to wipe the floor.

A Clean Bathroom Means a Healthier Home

As we already mentioned earlier, dirty bathrooms are the leading cause of illnesses in the house as these are the most common breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. 

Thus, it is crucial to keep clean. You should be cleaning bathroom floors often, like every other because it does not take long to do it.

When you get into the shower, first clean the floor and take a bath. Spare a few minutes for cleaning the bathroom floor and it should be good to go. 

But what should you be cleaning it to make sure it remains good as new for long?

As we said, you can use good bathroom cleaners but make sure these do not have ammonia or a high concentration of bleach in it. A little amount of bleach does not harm but never empty bottles and bottles of it for cleaning.

Also, rub the stains using vinegar and baking soda if you believe more in using a natural cleaner. 

Moreover, add a few drops of lemon into your cleaning water and nothing can beat the power of it. Lemon is acidic and is quick to remove stains and kill germs too.

Moreover, never use a vacuum in the bathroom to avoid accidents. In addition, if the need is, use a broom to collect and remove the loose dirt. 

Also, do not forget to scrub under the sink and into the corner because these are the places where most of the dirt can accumulate.

Nonetheless, clean the grout and all the tiles only after you have decluttered the place to avoid getting your things wet. Moreover, rub the grout and remove stains while you are at it. 

Remember, whenever you make a mess in the bathroom, clean it immediately before it stains the tiles and thus, becomes difficult to remove later.

Moreover, when you are cleaning the floors make sure you clean the showers and all the racks. Deep cleaning of the bathroom floor is highly recommended once every 15 days but apart from that; make sure you clean it regularly. 

Relax and Enjoy!

Clean the bathroom floor to your convenience just make sure if you do not want it to be damaged over the year, do not use any bleach or harsh chemicals for cleaning it, and avoid rinsing with excess water especially if you have an improper flushing system.

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