How to Carpet a Staircase

How to Carpet a Staircase

Have you been thinking of carpeting your stairs for since long? However, if you do not know what to do? 

With the right guidance, tricks and tips, even a novice can install a stair carpet, but yes, it is a little tricky.

The stair carpet is comfortable and looks easy. If your kids have a habit of running down the stairs and have hurt themselves while doing this multiple times, stair carpets are what you should think of.

As easy as it may sound, how to install carpet on stairs properly by yourself? Instead of spending a fortune on hiring handymen to do this task for you, you can do it all by yourself. 

You will not only learn it super quickly, but will also feel accomplished while saving a whole lot of money as well. You will need the right tools and patience to make it work. 

DO you want to know more? Let’s get straight to work!

How to Carpet on Stairs

Okay, so before we list down the items needed to install carpet on the stairs, you need to understand one very important point here. 

Installing carpet on the stairs is done in two ways and you need to choose either one of them, depending on the design of your stairs. Choosing one of these methods is completely down to your personal preference.

At the start, you might think it is a difficult job to do on your own, but let us provide you a comfort level here, by following the instructions properly; you will be able to complete it in a professional manner and without any hassle. 

Your confusion at this point is justified and fully understandable, but as we go through with this blog, you will have the complete guidelines about the process. Here are the two ways of installation explained in detail:

1. The Hollywood Method

If you are looking to achieve the perfect and professional finish, try the Hollywood style of carpeting the stairs. How do you do it? 

This method allows you to put the carpet over the stairs with the threads covering the edges fully. It gives a neat and clean look to the finished product.

Moreover, it pulls and sits down evenly on each step of the stairs with the thread nosing around the steps and attaching to the riser to give the carpet stairs a more tailored look. 

In addition, in some cases, the carpet is stapled under the nose so you get the perfect finish that you have been looking for. 

2. The Waterfall Method

If you are new to the idea of installing carpet on the stairs, the waterfall method will suit you best. 

The method requires you to thread the top of the carpet to the edge of the stairs and then run it down until the next thread and secure it there too.

This style gives you a more casual look and is easier to conduct hence, surely advised for beginners to try out.

1. Things You Will Need

So, before you rush into installing the carpet, make sure you have gathered the following tools to make your work flawless, effortless, and quick. 

Hence, here is what all you will need to make the project a success:

  1. Carpet
  2. Carpet staplers
  3. Screw-driver (a flat head one)
  4. Cutting tools
  5. Knee Kicker

Now make sure you have chosen a carpet and cut it in the right size so it sits on the stairs without any ugly gaps.

2. Staple

Once you measured and cut the carpet, now staple the carpet to the bottom rise under the fibers so these do not stuck in the stapler and get damaged. 

Now, staple the carpet underneath the nosing of the thread and wrap it around the nosing and at the back of the thread. 

Next, grab the knee kicker to stretch the carpet over the stairs to remove any bumps and then staple it in place.

3. Trim the Edges

Once you have securely attached the carpet to the first stair rise, trim the edges to get rid of excess carpet patches so it looks neat. 

Now, repeat the same process for the next rises, and do not forget to trim the edges on your way.

Or if you think trimming at every step takes a lot of time, leave it for the end when you have carpeted the stairs completely. 

Types of Stairs and Carpeting Them

When carpeting stairs you need to consider the shape and design of these because each type is carpeted a little differently. 

Here is how you install carpet on different types of stairs:

1. Finishing Off Cap Stairs

If you have railed at the side of the stairs, you need to cut the carpet around the post and re-join them. 

Although the rest of the carpeting process will remain the same, the only thing you need to remember here is to cut along the posts of the stairs and join for the perfect finish.

2. Hollywood Stairs

Hollywood-styled stairs do not have any riser and hence, carpeting is probably the easiest of all. Just run the carpet over it and staple it under and around the thread to secure it in place.

3. Pie Stairs

Pie-stairs are slightly curvy which makes your carpeting work more difficult. 

Although, the basic steps remain the same when you reach the curvy risers, make sure you pull the carpet well over it, going with the flow, and staple it in place.

If the need is, you can also cut patches of the carpets to gently fix over the curvy risers to it give you a neater look.

4. Finishing Bullnoses

Do you have stairs with curvy edges in the home? Those are bullnoses stairs for you friend! So, how do you carpet these? 

By simply making a slit in the carpet that falls over the curvy edge of the stair and stapling it in place. 

Rest; follow the above steps to install a full carpet on the stairs.

What is the Cost to Carpet Stairs?

If you are hiring a professional for installing stair carpets, the cost will vary according to the skill ad area covered estimated to be between $150 to $600. 

But, if you are carpeting the stairs on your own, you will only incur the cost of the carpet bought and tools that were needed.

How to Remove Carpet from Stairs?

Are you bored of the old stair carpet? Or do you need to replace it because it has worn out over the years? Whatever the reason may be, removing a stair carpet is not much of a job.

Grab a screwdriver to remove a tiny bit of the carpet from the edge. Once you have removed a small patch, move your fingers underneath to feel the staples and start removing those using pliers or anything similar. 

Do not pull the carpet as it is or else it is torn from places where the staples were attached.

Or if you had fixed the carpet on the stairs using glue only, then you might have to pull it out. Either way, make sure you jerk it upwards with force so the carpet leaves the stairs and you can remove it completely.

Moreover, if you have staples still fixed in the stairs, use pliers to get them out, smooth out the risers and paint it if the need be. 

Once the old carpet has been successfully removed, you can either carpet the stairs with a new set or simply get it painted.

Relax and Enjoy!

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