Top 10 Best Vacuums for Long Hair Reviewed (2023 Reviews)

Best Vacuums for Long Hair

Best Vacuums for Long Hair: Top 10 best hair vacuums you can buy in 2023

It’s normal that a human can shed up to 100 hairs a day. You can multiply this figure with number of humans in your home and add up with your pet hair too. You will realize that hair can quickly take over your home from carpeted stairs to hardwood floors and everywhere in between. What is the best vacuum for long hair?

Sometime using a dust buster to vacuum the hair may seem to be a quick solution, it’s not always that easy. You would need to use the best vacuum for hair, and one that comes with the necessary tools. 

We often tend to assume that top branded vacuum is good for all kind of jobs, but this is not true. Just like anything, all vacuum cleaners have their own strengths and weaknesses and what is best for some jobs, isn’t best for other jobs.

Some basic models will struggle to pick up human and pet hair, while some high-end models get exhausted by long hair. Getting rid of long hair with such vacuum cleaners may, therefore, not be as simple as you might have thought.

The size and shape of a long hair is very different to scraps or other small debris, and therefore some vacuums are far better than others when it comes to this task.

In this ultimate guide, we’ve focused on the best vacuum for long hair, reviewing a variety of models for all kind of surfaces. Based on your house size, budget, and other factors, you can pick a vacuum that doesn’t get clogged with hair that fulfills your requirement.

You do not have to spend time testing and reading reviews, as we have spent huge amount of time reviewing dozens of products, reading consumer reviews, and referring the manufacturer specifications while preparing this ultimate guide for best vacuum for hair.

Here are our top 10 best vacuums for hair reviews and comparisons briefly,

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Here is our top rated 10 best vacuums for long hair reviews and comparisons and hair vacuum reviews,

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

This Dyson upright vacuum is built for a home which required vacuums for hair who also have a large carpeted area. At 306 AW powerful motor, Dyson ball animal 2 is one of the strongest suction power vacuums among all Dyson vacuums which makes this is best vacuum for long hair.

Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum comes with a motorized brush for deep carpet cleaning of long hair, and it leaves no dirt or debris in its cleaning path.

Like Dyson’s other latest models, the Dyson ball animal 2 vacuums also uses Dyson’s root cyclone to ensure efficient suction and filtration. The post-motor filter is HEPA, trapping 99.97% of the allergens up to a size of 0.3 microns. This makes the vacuum safe to use in your home even if someone in the family is prone to seasonal allergies.

The advanced self-adjust cleaning head to works flawlessly on different floors you may have in your home, carpet to hard floor and anything in between, sealing in suction to prevent it from reducing.

The filter is washable and lasts the entire lifespan of the vacuum, which relieves you of the cost of filter replacements. The dust bin’s capacity is 0.5 gallons and features a hygienic one-click mechanism to empty.

The Dyson Total Clean automatically adjusting head will move up and down so you have no switches or buttons like the Shark. The Dyson will self-adjust for all of this, all you need to do is turn off the brushes if you need do for floors.

Moving this up and down the stairs also very easy including vacuuming the stairs. You will be amazed at how much more long hair the Dyson ball animal 2 will picked up over any other vacuums, as it was immediately noticeable the second you empty the bin.

You can vacuum hair in the carpeted flooring with the vacuuming rotating attachment, or the vacuum itself. The extendable wand also easily surpasses the Shark in suction strength, as apparent by many trials.

Why we like it?

  • Very strong suction power for any type of hard jobs
  • Tailor-made for pet hair and allergens concerns
  • Suitable for deep cleaning in multi surface areas
  • One-click push button for emptying the dirt
  • It comes with array of tools for stair and hard-to-reach area cleaning
  • It has tangle-free turbine tool for remove pet hairs from carpets and upholstery
  • It comes with 5-year warranty

Our Verdict

If you are a pet owner, you would love to have this best Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum for pet messes quick cleaning on your large carpeted area.

The ball technology provides for smooth steering around obstacles while the various attachments allow you to reach and clean multiple areas.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

The APEX LZ601 makes it to the list of the best shark vacuum for long hair. The upright design with hypervelocity suction produces a direct airflow that helps in deep vacuuming of hair even on a tile floor.

It features an extendable hose, which gives you the ability to clean the hair in bookshelves, ceilings, couches, car interiors, and more.

To stand out from the rest and become the best vacuum for hair, coming up with a new design was a wise move by Shark. The upright layout with a detachable pod with the integrated hose helps in vacuums that cut hair every area of the house.

You can also convert it to a handheld vacuum, which is useful while cleaning couches or rugs on the steps, by detaching the vacuum wand.

The APEX features variable options that help in easing the cleaning of your house. The hypervelocity suction helps deliver powerful suction to any kind of debris.

The use of DuoClean brush rolls helps in deep cleaning of long hair in carpets while giving a polished appearance to tile and hardwood floors.

The best hair vacuum also features a detachable pod, integrated hose, conversion to a handheld vacuum, and HEPA filter.

Why we like it?

  • Designed for houses with lot of pet or human hair
  • Upright layout and lightweight construction
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum with ease
  • DuoClean dual brush rolls give a polishing look on tile and hardwood floors
  • Hypervelocity accelerated suction power for sucking of thin hairs
  • HEPA filter
  • Retractable support wheels

Our Verdict

The high-velocity power, convenience of converting to a handheld vacuum, and dual brush rolls do pose a striking combination for operation on tile floors for long hair removal. Make sure you are ready to spend a little extra!

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

Shark is pioneer in coming up with advanced technologies to deliver an ultimate cleaning experience. The upright APEX AZ1002 model gives you the power to clean the house with ease while removing a significant portion of the dust particles to the minute sizes such as dog or human hair with ease.

The primary feature of the AZ1002 is the DuoClean technology. It consists of two brushes that help in deep cleaning of the long hair in carpets and bring a shine to hardwood floors

Removing the long hair from your floors is one thing. But cleaning the long hair from your brush rolls is an unwanted frustration. This is where the Shark AZ1002 really shows its skill. It is Zero-M innovative system helps in removing long hair wrap from the brush roll. It avoids the need for you to do the cleaning manually after vacuums for hair.

Apart from the upright cleaning mode, the APEX model gives two other cleaning options – power lift-away and above-floor modes. The power life uses motorized cleaning head while the above-floor mode uses detachable canister.

Why we like it?

  • Higher dust capacity bin
  • Features DuoClean and Zero-M technology is specifically made for the problems of long hair
  • Three operating modes – upright, powered lift, and above-floor modes
  • Detachable canister extends the reach of the head
  • Motorized brush for floor and stair cleaning
  • HEPA filter with Anti-Allergen seal technology

Our Verdict

Given the technology and reliability, Shark APEX AZ1002 is a best vacuum cleaner for removing the long hair and minute particles if you are allergen to dust and pet hair particles. The pricing also makes it an attractive investment.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

Shark brand has a line of tailor-made vacuums out there which are great for picking up long hair. The NV360 Navigator is perfect fit for carpet and hard floor with easy lift-away hand vacuum. This Professional Shark Vacuum is not high tech as some of their other models but is still excellent at doing this job, especially for sucking up long hairs.

It is very lightweight and can easily be carried around the home, weighing in at 13 lbs, makes it as a great vacuum for a shag carpet and bare floor.  The cord itself is 25 feet long, so you do not have to spend your time unplugging this vacuum then plugging it in again in each room.

The dust cup is large enough to cope with a lot of debris, with a quart of dry capacity. The brilliant features for long hair include the brushroll tool which is great for getting hair out of even deep carpets and rugs, or when stubborn and long hairs have become entangled in your furniture.

The brush will help to disturb the hairs ready for the suction mechanism to grab the hairs. The NV360 also has an extendable wand to allow you to reach up to 10 ft high. It has a 5.5-inch crevice tool so you can reach hairs even in smaller, awkward areas and stairs. All-in-all, this is a fantastic corded vacuum for long hair removal.

Why do we like it?

  • Very strong suction power
  • Large capacity dust bin and easy to empty it
  • It comes with anti-allergen complete seal + a HEPA Filter
  • It has deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors capability
  • It comes with pet power brush mode for deep cleaning of pet air, dust and allergens from pillows, sofas and furniture.
  • It comes with an extendable wand and crevice tool

Our Verdict

This Shark Navigator Deluxe NV360 vacuum for long hair is doing a great job on both bare floors and carpeting. It is also doing best job on stairs with very little effort and emptying the canister also simple. This Shark NV360 vacuum is perfect compact device for sucking up of a lot of small matters like human or dog long hair. Overall, it is really worth for the money spent if you’re looking for tangle free vacuum.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

Severin company is known for producing the vacuums with low-noise as possible, making this is most silent vacuum you can find on our list. The Severin Nonstop (MY7115) comes with plenty of tools including an XL parquet nozzle, suction hose, an upholstery tool and a crevice wand too.

Equipped with Constant Multicyclone technology, the 10lb lightweight model offers powerful suction power, constant suction power and does not incur any consequential costs for bags and filters.

In Constant Multicyclone Technology, the first cyclone stage is followed by several small cyclones, which spin even the finest particles from the air stream. Downstream filters are hardly ever stressed, and they are rarely cleaned. There are no consequential costs for bags and filters. If the container is filled, a consistently good dust absorption is guaranteed.

The easy click button makes it very simple to empty the container. This model is very lightweight and relatively simple to use, though it could be a little more flexible and ergonomic when you are taking it around the house.

The suction hose is under six feet which is less than some of the competing models. Many of the users have reported this as being good for removal of pet hair or long human hair, and while some of the features aren’t quite as impressive as some of the other options, the Severin Nonstop MY7115 is quite affordable compared to a lot of the other models on the market.

If you don’t have a huge home and don’t require an upright vacuum, then this can be a good option, with the added bonus of being about as quiet as you can get from a vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filter that many of the best long hair vacuums have is included here and has been built to last the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner.

Why do we like it?

  • A lightweight bagless vacuum and filter is washable
  • Advanced Multi-Cyclone technology offers very strong suction power
  • Made for those who suffer dust allergies
  • It comes with plenty of tools for different jobs
  • Dust bin can be emptied by press of a button.
  • Doing great job picking up hairs on carpeting and hard floor
  • It comes with an extendable wand and crevice tool

Our Verdict

We would recommend this little gem without any doubt, overall, it gets the job done perfectly for picking up long hair quietly and very easy to store. It has great suction, the handle on the cord is made of metal making it a sturdy without possibility of breaking. This long hair removal vacuum body is small and moves about easily. If you have mixed of hardwood, carpet, and slate floors, so this Severin nonstop MY7115 vacuum is a perfect best vacuum for long human hair.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

The Shark Rotator Power Lift-Away Hand Vacuum provides everything you are looking into a best vacuum for long hair. It’s compact, lightweight, and versatile, and cost-effective too.

A 3-in-1 design will always attract buyers that want a little extra versatility from their vacuum cleaner and the Shark Rotator NV752‘s combination of a powerful upright machine, lift away pod with brush roll and a canister with a caddy is particularly appealing to those looking for the best vacuums for long human hair.

This shark best vacuum hair comes with a 30-foot power cord and features an easy-to-empty dust cup that you can empty simply by pushing a button.

Additionally, it comes with a variety of attachments not only for removal of long hair, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, extended-reach hose, and pet brush, to help you clean just about any surface.

One of its best attachments has got to be its long, flexible hose. With this tool, you can reach into those tough to get to areas, like under car seats or into the corners of your ceilings. Lifting pet hair or long human hair may be the primary aim but this adaptability means any dirt can be attacked from almost anywhere.

This neat little accessory joins the hard-floor genie to showcase the potential of this Shark vacuum that cuts hair as a truly versatile mode across different surfaces and addition of the LED lights and “extreme” under furniture reach just add to its capabilities.

Shark rotator performance on vacuuming long hair is great but the main reason it is seen as one of the best vacuums for long hair is that its design lets it clean pretty much anywhere.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy fingertip two cleaning modes – deep for carpet and quick for hard floor
  • Large capacity tanks
  • It comes with anti-allergen complete seal + a HEPA Filter
  • It has above-floor cleaning capability
  • It comes with pet power brush mode for deep cleaning of long air, dust and allergens from pillows, sofas and furniture.
  • Two inserts for cleaning pet messes
  •  It has detachable canister for portable cleaning

Our Verdict

The power and effectiveness of the pod and its brush make it one of the top vacuums for dog or human hair and this is enhanced using the anti-allergen complete seal technology and the TruePet mini-motorized brush attachment.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

The Compact C1 vacuum cleaner from Miele fulfills is a good pickup in its class for vacuums long hair, provided you are considering a reasonable deal. The device provides a complete cleaning solution for best vacuum hair with enhanced suction power and features.

The vortex motor comes with C1 is provides great suction power with the option to adjust the power according to the need. The floorhead runs smoothly both on hard and carpet floors. The switch on the head glides the rubberized wheels, which prevent scratching on the floor while sucking up a lot of long hair and minute particles.

The Miele Compact C1 has three accessories clipped to the hose. You can quickly choose the required accessory and clean quickly with ease. Miele opted for the AirClean seal system to ensure that there is an enhanced filtration.

Likewise, the extension of the steel wand gives you the choice to cover 29.5 feet radius with ease. You can further add the accessories to reach the corners and ceilings for best vacuum hair experience.

Why we like it?

  • Compact design for easy maneuver
  • Powerful vortex motor with six controllable settings
  • Convertible floorhead for different surfaces
  • Varioclip holds the three provided accessories
  • AirClean system protects escape of dirt particles
  • Steel wand gives 29.5 feet cleaning radius

Our Verdict

If you are seeking for a perfect vacuum cleaner for long hair removal that also gives you the freedom to choose power and is compact, the Compact C1 is the one of the best hair vacuum cleaners.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

Dyson is keep reinventing its product line-up with innovative technologies to meet and suit various needs of its customers. The Dyson V11 torque drive cordless vacuum cleaner is a best vacuum for long hair removal on hard surface areas such as tile floor or hardwood floor with a surplus of features that are bound to prove beneficial.

The advanced Dynamic Load System or DLS feature as Dyson calls changes the operation of the motor according to the load of the motor.

The intelligent modes of operation optimize the running time and suction power while the LCD displays reports of performance, power mode, battery time, and maintenance remainders.

The 14 cyclones mechanism generates massive suction power that it forces all the minute particles or long hairs into the bin with ease. 

The V11 dyson cordless vacuum cleaners for hair comes equipped with acoustic baffles making it soundproof with an increase in airflow.

The High torque cleaner head which automatically adapts suction and power to deep vacuuming the hair different floor types including tile floor without changing cleaner heads. The attachments further make cleaning the simple and reach the ceiling and corners with ease.

The advanced complete machine filtration system captures 99.9% of microscopic particles.

With 60 minutes of run-time, the Dyson V11 Torque is engineered for larger cleaning areas with pet hair or human air.

Dyson V11 Torque can quickly and easily transform to a handheld for cleaning on the stairs, in the car and on the sofa in addition to tile floors. Low profile cleaner heads and slim design make it easy to clean low and awkward spaces like under furniture.

Acoustic baffles built into the motor divert direct sound and improve airflow making the V11 Torque Drive quiet to use on hard floors for cleaning up long hair.

Why we like it?

  • Automatically changes motor speed and suction power
  • Realtime intelligent reports for performance and alters
  • 60-minutes of run time
  • 14 cyclones suck up to 0.3-micron particles
  • Provided an array of attachments make it easy to reach different corners
  • Docking station also acts as the charger
  • Mini motorized tool to remove long hairs and finest particles

Our Verdict

The long running time with intelligent operating mode makes Dyson V11 Torque is an ideal best vacuum for hair for everyday floor cleaning. The mini motorized tool is a gift for those who looking for vacuuming carpet area for long hair.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

The Roomba i7+ is an intelligent best robot vacuum for long hair removal. It saves time in cleaning and always helps in keeping the house clean. The high suction power helps lift long hairs, particles from carpets, and large debris with ease. The vacuum cleaner is intelligent and recharges and cleans itself automatically. With advanced mapping technology, it zooms past several obstacles, cleaning efficiently and remembering the path.

You can control the vacuum cleaner using the provided remote control or using the app that you can download on your smartphone. The app gives insight into different statistics and helps in scheduling automatic cleaning with ease. You can choose to clean the entire house or a room. You can further control it using your voice with the assistance of Alexa and Google Assistant.  

The vacuum cleaner hosts a smart charge and resume function. It recharges depending on the time required to clean the remaining area. With advanced hardware, the robot keeps getting better. With Imprint Link Technology, you can initiate the robot vacuum and mop in sequence.

The Smart Mapping features allows it to learn and map areas with ease. It helps in determining the smart way to clean the house/room to save time. It cleans and removes collected dirt automatically once it reaches the base.  

Why we like it?

  • Learns, maps, and adapts automatically
  • Differentiates between different rooms
  • Cleans and recharges automatically
  • Imprint Link technology
  • App and voice-controlled
  • Automatic bin emptying
  • Smart recharge
  • Low noise

Our Verdict

Although expensive, choosing Roomba i7+ is an ideal choice if you have pets and challenges in picking up long hair, minute particles on the floor and want a complete automated cleaning solution.

Our Best Vacuums for Hair Review:

The CordWave 2554A cordless vacuum from BISSELL is an all-in-one best vacuum cleaner for hairs. You can clean and mop different types of floors, including laminate floors that require high suction power. The benefit it gives is the ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously.

The cord-free operation helps you to reach different parts of your house with ease. You will have the best hair vacuum for your home.    

A vacuum cleaner that cuts air requires a smart approach to the design of the product. BISSELL ensured that the all-in-one cleaner is efficient and intelligent in every way. The upright design with cord-free operation makes it an ideal hair vacuum.

You can reach underneath furniture with ease that is where a lot of long hair stay while mopping simultaneously. Two-tank technology, improved edge cleaning design, and self-cleaning cycle are significant addons to the Bissell CrossWave vacuum which make one of the best vacuum for long hair on tile floors.

This hair cleaning vacuum has several exciting features that are hard to find on most of the products in its class. The 2554A does both vacuuming and mopping picking up both wet and dry debris and long hair from tile floors with ease.

Cordless access helps in quick cleaning sessions and at required spots. It can clean on hardwood, carpets, area rugs, laminate, rubber floor mats, tile floors, and more.     

Why we like it?

  • Hugh suction power
  • Vacuuming and mopping simultaneously
  • Cordless operation
  • Two-tank technology
  • Improved edge vacuuming for hair removal
  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • 3-in-1 docking station

Our Verdict

The 2554A from BISSELL is best vacuum cleaner for hair on tile floors. The dual cleaning mode helps to lift both dry and wet debris with ease on tile floors and other flooring types.

Best Vacuum for Long Hair Buying Guide

Best Vacuum for Hair
Best Vacuum for Hair

Discovering the right vacuum for right job isn’t always an easy job. We often tend to assume that a high-quality top branded vacuum like Cirrus is good for all kind of jobs, but this is not true. Just like anything, all vacuum cleaners have their own strengths and weaknesses and what is best for some jobs, isn’t best for other jobs. If your vacuum is continuously facing challenges in picking up hair when you are vacuuming, then it may not be the case that you have a bad quality vacuum cleaner but it could be that you don’t have right vacuum for picking up long hair.

Features to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for Long Hair

Now that you have a better insight of what type of vacuum you need for long hair cleaning, let us look at some other important considerations for choosing the best vacuum for long hair.

Type of Hair Vacuums

There are a lot of different varieties of vacuums available in the market today. Each type of vacuum comes with their own advantage and disadvantage for the given purpose. The top types of vacuums usually are handheld, upright, stick, robot and canister vacuums.

Robot vacuum:

Robot vacuums are doing great job in picking up short or long strands when it comes to cleaning long hair. Its intelligent enough to route your home and go around in all your rooms to do the job for you. It comes with ant-hair tangle brushes for effective long human hair cleaning. Though, you can’t use robot vacuum on furniture or other upholstery, and robot vacuums can also be pretty expensive.

Handheld vacuums:

 These are the type of things people use for furniture or cars, and most preferred for long hair. They are lightweight and versatile, which makes them up suitable for quick cleaning after pet messes.  Though great for getting troublesome areas of hair they aren’t suitable for your home.

Canister vacuums:

Canister vacuum are more powerful and perfect fit for vacuuming long hair. These are often more affordable than other models and are quite compact, with a hose which reaches out from the canister itself to do the vacuuming. However, you may find difficulties some time as you may have to bend most of the time and juggling between two pieces which often makes cleaning is not the best experience.

Upright vacuums:

Upright vacuums usually have strong suction power and effective on all type of debris such as long hair and minute particles. Upright vacs are relatively easy to use, and in theory, they are great for pushing around the house in front of you. Some models of upright can convert into canister or even handheld models or have smaller wands which satellite off and help you clean in awkward areas. The only disadvantage of upright vacuum is shorter power cord length and often you’ve to plug and unplug to move different area.

Most of the vacuums reviewed on our list comes with in different types but all doing awesome job when it comes to cleaning up the long hair. Which hair vacuum you purchase will come down to personal preference and the area in which you plan to use it.

Floor area

The question when picking the best vacuum for hair cleaning comes when you have both hard wood floor and carpet floors area in your home.

You may be exploring a hair vacuum cleaner that suits for hardwood flooring, while the other surface requires cleaning too, and its requirements may be different. The best way to approach this problem is to determine which floor makes the largest part in your home. If a bigger part of your home is hardwood floor, consider choosing your vacuum from the list of best vacuums for carpet. Typically, Dyson or Shark vacuums has capability for multi surface areas.

If your home has large areas of carpet, you may go with one which have strong performance on carpet cleaning such as an upright or canister vacuum with deep cleaning motorized brush.

Brush Roll

A motorized brush is must have tool if your cleaning area have carpets and area rugs in your home and having a vacuum without a rotating brush can be a drawback.

In recent times, the most brushes feature a comb-like part atop the brush roll. Its function is to remove long strands of hair that could cause tangles. Modern brushes such as those used by recent Shark vacuums do not use bristles. They’re made of blades that do not allow hair to remain stuck on the brush instead vacuum that cuts hair. The design makes these vacuums one of the most effective on long hair, especially if the suction is high enough.

It’s wise to choose a machine that offers an on/off function for the brush. That way, you can switch it on when cleaning carpets and off when using the machine on tiles. There are some vacuums like Dyson V11 Torque which suits for multi floor surface areas with automatic feature.

Suction Power

When it comes to picking up hair, the vacuums required massive suction power and the more suction power, the better performance in removing long hair. Its most likely will not be having high suction power if you have a handheld vacuum.

Many Shark vacuums and other upright vacuums in our review list built up with more power which produces strong air flow that leaves no hair on your home uncleaned.

A vacuum which deals to clean long hair needs to be sufficiently powerful. It’s because that strands and fur blobs tend to get stuck in the vacuum’s tube if the suction is too weak. When that happens, the speed of airflow reduces, causing the vacuum to lose more of its cleaning power. It results in debris pilling behind the stuck hair and the cleaning efficiency dropping tremendously.

Hair Vacuum Versatility

Carpet or Hard floor is not probably the only surface on your home for cleaning. You will have furniture, ceilings, and other areas to clean. Consider such places when choosing the best long hair cleaning machine for your home. Many vacuums come with features to enhance versatility, such as the ability to detach and transform to a handheld very easily.

Most of best vacuum for long hair also come with attachments to improve hard to reach areas and for the cleaning of challenging spots such as under furniture, and tight gaps, edges, corners, and many more. Some attachments make picking up pet hair easy or the cleaning of stairs.

Filtration System

Most of vacuum cleaners for hair cleaning comes with HEPA filters offer the best filtration efficiency. They retain more than 99% of allergens, which means the particles you pick with your vac while cleaning won’t return into the air in your home. In addition to HEPA filters, it’s advisable that the vacuum you buy to be sealed. If not, the HEPA level of filtration may not be useful as allergens would still find a way out and contaminate the air in your home.

It is easy to clean the long hair other than most debris; it can also hold a lot of dust and other types of allergens. These don’t usually disappear with regular sweeping. It’s only vacuuming that can pick them up efficiently, and the reason experts recommend ensuring your home is free of the allergens that can sometimes be within the hair, especially dog hair or other pet hairs

Dust Bin Capacity

The dust bin capacity determines the volume of dirt you expect to be cleaning in single vacuuming session. Bagged vacuums deal one of the largest capacities to hold dirt. Though, they come with costs in replacing filled bags. Bagless vacuums are popular today for their cost-free maintenance.

Also, some manufacturers produce bagless vacs that feature dust cups of considerable capacity. Whichever vacuum type you buy, consider the type of debris you anticipate being cleaning, cleaning frequency and in what amounts.


These Days, the latest vacuum models come with a variety of tools and attachments for various jobs. Some of them will do a good job of cleaning long strands of hair without causing tangles. In case of Dyson, there is a self-cleaning tool. Here are two most required tools especially when it comes to vacuuming the pet hair or long human hair.

  • Pet hair removing tool: it’s tailor-made to stuck up pet hair, but also works well on human hair. It will help you vacuuming long hair in your home with ease.
  • Upholstery vacuuming tool: this tool is great for removing hair from sofas, under furniture and other places that are likely to harbor long strands of pet or human hair. Combined with adequate suction power, the upholstery tool is an essential accessory for a hair-free home.


Price is most likely to play a key role in any decision you make for purchasing your next best vacuums for long hair cleaning. It is quite rare to find a vacuum cleaner under $100 or $200 with solid performance, your choices will be limited. Most of the products on our list are between $150 and $500. Generally, the more you spend, the more benefits you will get for your money.

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The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean is named our editor’s choice of vacuum for hair and it comes with plenty of tools for every job required for long hair cleaning. Not only does this have massive amount suction power than any other vacuum but it also does a great job on pet hair and human hair cleaning on multi-surface areas. It comes with 5-year warranty and very strong product built.

The Shark LZ601 APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean Stick Vacuum also makes it to top of our list. It is another very impressive vacuum for hair cleaning and it has brushes that help it to stir and remove hairs, and a detachable pod, integrated hose, an easy conversion to a handheld vacuum, including a lot of suction power and reliability.

The Shark APEX AZ1002 is also near to top in our list. The fact that it has three different patented operating mode working to ensure its effectiveness, and Zero-M technology which is perfect for long hair removal, detachable canister and HEPA filter with anti-allergen seal technology.

In the end, what is best vacuum for long hair is decided based on your own budget and what is best for your home floor area. We hope that this detailed review will acts as ultimate guide to choosing the best vacuum for long human hair.

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