Top 6 Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors (2024 Reviews)

Cement Floor Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors: Top 6 concrete floor vacuums you can buy in 2024

Concrete floors are often found in the basement, workshops, garages, and warehouses. However, today, you will find them across major commercial establishments and residential homes. The rise in popularity is because of the concrete material’s versatility and strength.

Choosing the best concrete floor vacuum is not a simple task. You will need a suitable cleaner for the surface to make cleaning and maintenance easier. We have come forward with six products that we consider the best for cleaning concrete floors. Dive into the article to learn more about the products, their specifications, buying guide, and a comparison chart that will help you pick the best for your use.  

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Top 4 Tips for When Buying a Vacuum for Concrete Floor:

Here are some of key considerations and tips to consider before purchasing a concrete floor vacuum,

Vacuum type:

Vacuum cleaners for concrete cleaning are available in an upright, canister, handheld, combination, and robotic models. Each model offers a unique solution to a problem.


Choosing between the cord and cordless depends on preferences. Power cords can annoy many, while the cordless offers ease of operation but has less runtime.

Bag or Container:

Bagged vacuum cleaners hold more dust compared to containers. However, the replacement cost of bags is high, which is not the case in a container variant.


Vacuum for cement floors have different parts, attachments, and powerful motors. Therefore, choosing a cleaner with a guarantee that covers everything is beneficial.

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors Comparison Chart

The following comparison chart will throw a light on the important specifications for the concrete floor vacuum cleaners. The chart will help you make a wise decision before you make a purchase.   






BISSELL 1547 Hard Floor Expert Vacuum Cleaner



Hard floor, carpet, and area rugs

13 pounds

Shark SV1106 Navigator Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Dual action, carpet, and hard floor

7.5 pounds

Anker Eufy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Triple-filter system

Dual action, hard floor, and carpet

5.73 pounds

BISSELL CrossWave 1785A Vacuum Cleaner


Two-tank technology

Bare floors, area rugs, hard floors, and sealed wood floors

11.5 pounds

ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cyclone filter

Floor and carpet

4.5 pounds

VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner


HEPA filtration

Hard floor and upholstery

5.44 pounds

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Best Floor Vacuum Cleaner:

BISSELL 1547 is the best concrete floor vacuum cleaner from the company. For better performance, the company opted for multi-cyclonic technology with which the vacuum cleaner generates higher suction for an extended period. Therefore, users have great control over the power and hygienic condition throughout the home.

The bagless canister design is expressive and proves to be a standout from the rest, for it is simple to empty the trash. There are no bags and less maintenance required in this case, which brings down the overall cost. Likewise, the hard floor turbine foot with 11-inch wide helps clean a more extensive area faster.

You can forget to purchase an additional accessory to clean a carpet. The rotating brush helps you clean the carpet and area rugs without causing any damage to the surface. The multi-surface foot picks up debris from various carpets and covers a larger area.

Delivering a hassle-free performance is now possible because of the slim and compact design. The lightweight construction helps a user use it for a long time and never feel any strain or stress. In addition, the compact design makes it convenient for storing the unit without occupying much space.

The product comes equipped with a hard floor head, wand, multi-surface head, crevice tool, and dusting brush. Therefore, you can quickly switch between any tool depending on the necessity.

Why Do We Like This Concrete Floor Vacuum?

  • The multi-cyclonic technology retains the suction for a longer time.
  • The hard floor foot is tough on dirt and stains.
  • The multi-surface foot functions excellently on carpets and area rugs.
  • The compact design makes it convenient for handling and storing without any hassle.
  • The dirt cup at the bottom with 67.6 fluid ounces reduces frequent trips to empty the contents.

Take Away:

The 1547 corded hard floor vacuum cleaner from BISSELL is an excellent addition for homes or commercial complexes that need regular cleaning on varying surfaces such as concrete, hardwood, carpets, and area rugs.

Concrete Floor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Power Rating

9.2 Amp

Cord Length

18 feet


2 years

Best Vacuum for Concrete Grinding:

Concrete floor vacuums require a rigid surface foot for better performance and results. The SV1106 navigator model from Shark fits this criterion and helps anyone needing a concrete floor cleaner. The upright vacuum is beneficial in many terms and ensures that it picks up debris from any surface with ease.

Although the SV1106 does not come with any attachments, the cleaning foot ensures that it safely navigates on a concrete floor or any other surface easily and collects debris. The cordless makes it a perfect addition for users who prefer the free movement of their vacuum cleaning unit without the hindrance of the power cord. It takes about 4 to 7 hours to recharge the unit, after which it can run up to 20 minutes without a pause.

The unit hosts a mesh filter at the top and the form filter at the bottom. Likewise, emptying the contents of the dirt cup is easy because of the push-button mechanism. You can remove the dirt cup from the vacuum cleaner and replace it after emptying the contents.

The vacuum cleaner equips the carpet mode to ensure that the surface cleaning foot adjusts to the carpet area. It leaves a decent result on a thick carpet and for spot cleanups. Likewise, it performs excellently on a thin carpet removing all the stubborn debris without spoiling the surface.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Cement Floors?

  • It is a cordless model that offers convenience and power.
  • You can choose between two speeds for the brushroll for hard floors and carpets.
  • The XL dirt cup collects 0.64 quarts of contents, reducing trips to the trash bin.
  • The precision charging recharges in 4 hours, and the charger doubles as a storage block.
  • The swivel steering further aids maneuverability for ease of operation.

Take Away:

The SV1106 Navigator Freestyle from Shark is a resourceful product for hard floors. The cordless convenience, swivel steering, and XL dirt cup are significant advantages in the vacuum.

Cement Floor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Power Rating

14.4v nickel-metal hydride battery

Cord Length


5 years

Best Vacuum for Concrete Dust:

Anker manufactured Eufy, the best floor vacuum cleaner, for a hassle-free experience to maintain hygienic conditions at home. As it operates with both a smartphone and Amazon Alexa, you can use your phone from anywhere to schedule a cleaning or use your voice when at home to start cleaning.

The RoboVac 15C has a strong suction power of 1300Pa, enabling it to collect every particle in its path. Interestingly, the three-brush mechanism helps pick up dirt and other particles, including pet hair, with high efficiency. In addition, the mechanism loosens, extracts, and vacuums for a superior finish.

The RoboVac 15C can run up to 100 minutes on standard mode. However, on the MAX mode, the time drops to 40 minutes. And, when the battery is nearing completion, it docks its station automatically for a recharge. In addition, Anker ensured complete protection to the robot vacuum cleaner by adding several sensors. For instance, the drop-proof technology prevents falling down the stairs or ledges.

The triple-filter system is unlike any other for a robotic vacuum cleaner. The dual-layer filter traps particles of any size, while the performance filter captures fine particles to achieve a clean surface finish. As there are different cleaning modes available, you can choose the one that best fits the requirement.

The robot efficiently functions on tiles, laminated floors, hard floors, wooden floors, and low-to-medium pile carpets. The slim profile helps it to clean under low-profile furniture without any interruptions.

Why Do We Like This Cement Floor Vacuum?

  • RoboVac 15C operates for 100 minutes in standard mode and 40 minutes in MAX mode.
  • The robotic vacuum packs a powerful 1300Pa strong suction.
  • The vacuum has a three-point brush mechanism for loosening, extracting, and vacuuming for a superior finish.
  • The large wheels climb over carpets or get down from the ledges easily.
  • The triple-filter mechanism prevents the escape of the collected particles and increases motor life.

Take Away:

The RoboVac 15C from Anker is an excellent vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floors. The scheduled cleaning, auto mode, spot, or 30-min cleaning modes provide the comfort of cleaning with Alexa or smartphone operation.

Bare Floor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Power Rating

1300 Pa suction power

Cord Length


1 year

Best Vacuum for Cement Floors:

The 1785A CrossWave model from BISSELL is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner and the best vacuum for concrete floors. The technology that the company installed in the vacuum helps you vacuum and wash simultaneously. Therefore, you can avoid rewashing the cleaned area, saving time and energy.

The multi-surface cleaning head is effective and safe for use on any floor type, including hard floors and sealed wooden floors. Due to this, you can quickly vacuum a hard floor and perform a wash based on the mess. In addition, the dual-action brush roll picks debris and pet hair effectively and mops more efficiently than a sponge mop.

The dual tank technology from BISSELL keeps the dirty water away from the fresh mix of formula and water. Therefore, you always have a new solution available at your fingertips to clean the floor. The brush roll rotates at 3,000 pm and consists of nylon and microfiber materials to pick fine dust and hair and mop effectively without leaving wetness on the floor.

BISSELL provided a 25 feet power cord for ease of operation from a single power outlet. It means that you can cover a larger area effectively and efficiently with less time consumed. In addition, the filtering mechanism ensures that any dirt collected during mopping does not venture into the dirt tank. You can remove the filter after vacuuming and mopping, wash it, and reuse the same.

Why Do We Like This Concrete Dust Vacuum?

  • You can vacuum and mop simultaneously.
  • The vacuum cleaner uses dual tank technology that separates freshwater from dirty water.
  • The filter provided helps capture dirt and fine particles after mopping.
  • The multi-surface cleaning head attends to vacuuming and mopping on any surface.
  • The nylon bristles and microfiber brush roll effectively pick up debris, including pet hair.

Take Away:

The 1785A BISSELL CrossWave vacuum cleaner is a simple solution for people who need vacuuming and mopping simultaneously. The dual tank technology, multi-surface cleaning, and compelling brush roll make it a fantastic investment.

Concrete Floor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Power Rating

4.4 Amps

Cord Length

25 feet


2 years

Best Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner:

 ROOMIE TEC cordless vacuum cleaner is the best floor vacuum in its category, for it is cordless and equips a cyclonic filter for enhanced dust collection. Additionally, the company designed the product to be a 2-in-1 utility. You can switch from the upright vacuum to handheld based on the requirement in a moment and clean car interiors, stairs, and soft furnishings.

The vacuum cleaner has enhanced suction power because it hosts two motors. Based on the floor and the dust collection, these motors operate in sync for excellent dust and debris collection from hard floor and carpet. Due to this, the machine picks up everything on the rug without spoiling the surface.

The cordless is a massive benefit for users who like cord-free operation. The 2200mAh lithium battery powers the unit for 23 minutes without any interruption. Therefore, you have all the power you need for the whole 23 minutes to clean the entire house with ease. Additionally, with the auto-recharge feature present on the docking station, the vacuum cleaner charges when you place it in the dock and be ready for the next session.

The cleaning foot has six LED lights that illuminate the cleaning path. Therefore, you are no longer in the dark when you go under the furniture or the hard-to-reach spots around the corners. The light will help you look at the debris and clean them efficiently. Additionally, the cleaning foot comprises rubber wheels to make the operation smooth. These wheels do not leave any mark on the floor.

Why Do We Like This Vacuum for Concrete Floors?

  • You can use ECO mode or Turbo mode for increased suction.
  • The cleaning foot has six LED lights and rubber wheels.
  • The docking station has an auto-recharge facility, which recharges the vacuum once placed in the position.
  • The 180-degree swivel head makes maneuvering simple on any surface.
  • The 2200mAh lithium battery powers the unit for 23 minutes without any interruptions.

Take Away:

The cordless vacuum cleaner from ROOMIE TEC is an incredible machine. The 2-in-1 feature helps switch between upright and handheld instantly, while the attachments, runtime, suction power, and more act as the plus points.

Cement Floor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Power Rating

2200mAh lithium battery

Cord Length


1 year

Best Concrete Dust Vacuum:

The stick vacuum cleaner from VonHaus dons many roles. The fantastic feature is switching from upright stick vacuum to handheld vacuum. This helps anyone achieve the best concrete dust vacuum results without any strain. Replacing the extension tube turns the stick vacuum into a handheld within a moment, after which one can continue cleaning.

The bagless design is a blessing for those who hate bags and constant replacements, which also increases the maintenance cost. In addition, the 1.3 L dirt cup holds onto a lot of dirt, which reduces the trips to the trash bin for emptying. Therefore, one can continue using the vacuum for a longer time without emptying the contents. Likewise, detaching the dirt cup is straightforward.

Unlike other bagless stick vacuums that offer no HEPA filtration, the VonHaus stick vacuum uses one for better performance. The presence of the HEPA filter helps the vacuum cleaner to capture fine particulate matter of sizes 0.3 microns and prevent recirculation of the same back into the air. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain a HEPA filter – wash, dry, and reuse.

The stick vacuum comes with an extendable handle, increasing the reach and reducing the strain. The 19.5 feet quick-release power cord also functions excellently and helps cover a larger area from a single power outlet. With all the accessories provided by the company, using any of them is feasible according to the requirement.

Why Do We Like This Bare Floor Vacuum?

  • It is simple to convert from stick to handheld unit.
  • The bagless model equips a 1.3 L large dust cup with a HEPA filter.
  • The quick-release power cord serves the purpose of covering a large area from a single power outlet.
  • The smooth and sturdy rotating wheels provide a gliding experience on any surface.
  • The equipment arrives with all the essential accessories to clean different surfaces, corners, and upholstery with ease.

Take Away:

The VonHaus Stick vacuum is an apt model for a house with hard floors and carpets. The power cord length, HEPA filtration, large dirt cup, and accessories make it a good investment choice.

Bare Floor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Power Rating

5 Amps

Cord Length

19.5 feet


1 year

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors Buying Guide

Cement Floor Vacuum
Cement Floor Vacuum

What to look when buying a  vacuum for concrete floors

Vacuum cleaners are not affordable, and therefore, essential to consider the crucial factors before deciding. The buying guide outlined here helps everybody narrow the search based on their requirements.

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors FAQs

What are the best brands?

A quick look on the internet will display several companies providing concrete floor vacuums. However, opting for trusted brands is beneficial for the long term.

How to clean dust from concrete floors?

If vacuuming is not possible, use a soft bristle brush to sweep the floor. It will help release the stuck-on dirt. Later, you can use the vacuum to clean the area.

Is it possible to bring shine to the concrete floor?

Clean it regularly if you want a polished appearance for the concrete floor. Further, dusting and mopping once a month and using pressure wash for deep cleaning help shine the floor.


A best floor vacuum cleaner possesses the ability and performance to maintain the original beauty of the flooring without strain. The answer is finding the right product that fits your requirements and eases your daily cleaning chores. You can select upright, robotic, canister, or stick vacuum depending on the need.

The products mentioned here are the best in their respective segments and provide a thorough clean of concrete floors. Use the available information, the buying guide, and the comparison chart to make an informed decision before zeroing on a specific product.

Overall, the best vacuum for concrete floor from our ultimate review list is BISSELL 1547 Hard Floor Expert Vacuum Cleaner.

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