Top 10 Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners (2023 Reviews)

Best HEPA Filter Vacuums

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners: Top 10 best HEPA filter vacuums you can buy in 2023

Have you ever wondered why you find dust and debris even after vacuuming?

It is because not all are true HEPA vacuums! With the machines becoming smarter, powerful, and smaller, selecting the right one has become tricky. 

At Vacuum Cleaner Adviser, we are continually testing different models of the best HEPA filter vacuum cleaners to learn about their performance. After reading the reviews of the products in this article, you will pick a model that suits your need without any confusion. 

Here are our top 10 best HEPA filter vacuums reviewed briefly,

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Here is our top rated 10 best hepa filter vacuum cleaners pros, cons and air filter vacuum reviews,

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

The NV501 is a leap forward compared to Shark’s predecessors in the Rotator Professional vacuum cleaner lineup. The variant is powerful, has smart features, and cleans easily on any surface.

The corded bagless vacuum is the best vacuum with HEPA filter in its class, as it comes along with anti-allergen complete seal technology. Basically, it traps the allergens and prevents them from escaping from the unit. Therefore, you will find a clean environment after vacuuming.

The rotatable head makes it convenient to direct in any way. Plus, the suction power tackles the embedded dirt on your carpet with ease without spoiling the fabrics. You can further switch to the hardwood floor at the touch of a button without changing the heads.

The lift-away lightweight pod helps you clean the stairs easily without carrying the entire vacuum unit. You can connect the pod with the extendable hose to clean the ceilings and hard-to-reach spaces.

What makes the NV501 model unique is the anti-allergen complete seal technology. Unlike other models, the unit captures 99.9% of allergens and dust and seals them within the container. The company further added powerful LED headlights to the nozzle to reveal hidden debris.

Why we like it?

  • Lift-away pod with the extendable hose to reach ceilings and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • It has an extra-large dust collector for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • The anti-allergen complete seal traps 99.99% of allergens and dust particles.
  • Advanced swivel steering makes maneuverability a simple task.
  • The accessories include ergo and premium pet cleaning variants.

Take Away:

The Rotator Professional is a handy vacuum cleaner if you want a multifunctional vacuum with anti-allergen trapping technology.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

Kenmore vacuum brands understands the importance of a vacuum cleaner that can trap pet hairs, allergens, and dust particles. The 31150 model is a lightweight model from the company and aims to fulfill users’ needs with pet messes.

The upright model is convenient to handle and ensures freedom in maneuvering because of the lightweight construction. Additionally, the use of the three-motor system with inducer motor increases airflow by 20%.

The AllergenSeal from the company traps 99.97% of dust and allergens, pollen, bacteria, and pet hair, reducing the pollutants from the air it discharges back into the room. It is the best HEPA filter vacuum in its category and offers excellent features for use.

The unique design with 5-level height adjustment makes it easy to move to different surfaces, including carpets. You can now clean pet hair, dander, dirt, and more with ease. Additionally, the built-in LED headlights with Dirt sensors tell you when the area is clean.

The 3-motor direct drive mechanism with inducer motor enhances the suction power, and the double-wall construction ensures to retain the airflow and performance. The increased performance helps in picking tough debris and residues from carpet and hardwood floors without any hassle.

Why we like it?

  • It has a wide carpet sweeper path and designed for multi-surface use.
  • The air-driven turbine rotates the pet brush to high RPMs for removing stubborn pet hair and dander.
  • It comes with an AAFA-certified triple HEPA filter system and traps 99.97% dust and allergens.
  • It uses a 3-D inducer motor that enhances suction power by 20%.
  • It comes with a flexible hose, lightweight wand, and crevice tool.

Take Away:

You can pick the 31150 model from Kenmore if you seek elegance, performance, and affordability in cleaning your house with pet messes.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

A powerful vacuum cleaner is what you need to attend to dust, pet hairs, and dander. The pet-friendly 31140 cleaner from Kenmore is an excellent pickup for your home. It is the combination of two motors that makes it standout in its category.

The power generated by the motors helps in rotating the pet brush at high RPMs for easy removal of dander and pet messes. Additionally, the double-wall construction ensures to retain the airflow for high suction power and performance.

The broad sweeping head comes with intelligent transition. A simple switch shuts the agitator off while maintaining the suction power to lift debris from hardwood floors. Therefore, you can run on both carpet areas and hard surfaces directly.

As capturing allergens is essential, Kenmore ensured to add the AllergenSeal to the cleaner. Compared to a traditional air filter vacuum, the unit with the HEPA filter captures 99.97% allergens, pet hair, dust, dander, and more. It, thus, reduces pollutants in the air present in a room.

The other impressive feature is the LED headlight along with height adjustment levels to the sweeper. You can now see the cleaning area with ease and adjust the height according to the surface.

Why we like it?

  • The bagged-upright construction is easy-to-handle.
  • The wider sweeper head comes with a 5-level height adjustment and built-in LED headlights.
  • The triple HEPA filer system enhances allergen trapping with 99.97% accuracy.
  • The unit includes two motors that create a powerful suction, removing stubborn pet hair, dirt, and other particles from any surface.
  • It comes with a flexible hose, extendable wand, and crevice tool attachments.

Take Away:

It is your choice if efficiency, performance, and triple HEPA filter are the requirement to clean pet messes and dirt from any floor with ease.

Best Robot HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

Robot vacuum cleaners are the trend, as they are becoming intelligent and self-reliant in cleaning your house. You can control the movement, define cleaning zones, and much more from a single app. The GOOVI robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent pick to clean pet hairs, debris, and other dust particles from multiple surfaces.

Unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners, the GOOVI robot cleaner has a high suction rate of 1600Pa. The powerful suction makes it simple for the machine to pick dust, food crumbs, dirt, and other particles with ease. The dust box indicator tells you when to clean it to retain performance.

The robot has a smart movement system, as it can identify between obstacles and furniture. Depending on the arrangement, the robot charts an optimal route for cleaning the room. It has a drop sensor, which prevents it front falling down the stairs or off the ledges.

The robot equips a high battery capacity, which helps it to run continuously for 120 minutes. It quickly proceeds to the docking station to recharge when the power is low. Additional features include intelligent setting mode, all-around cleaning, and large wheels to move effortlessly on any surface.

Why we like it?

  • It has a powerful suction of 1600Pa.
  • It is intelligent and returns to the docking station to recharge when the battery is low.
  • The low-profile design helps it to glide underneath beds, sofas, and other furniture.
  • The intelligent protection system prevents it from falling from stairs and ledges.
  • It comes equipped with multiple cleaning modes.

Take Away:

If you hate manual cleaning and like newer technologies with great HEPA filtration, the GOOVI robotic vacuum cleaner is the answer. 

Best Robot HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

The Roomba 860 robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot is an excellent choice if you like an automated system working for you to clean the house. The model receives significant updates in the form of software and hardware. With all the necessary sensors placed, the cleaner autonomously cleans the house.

You can control the vacuum cleaner through the app provided by iRobot. You can define your house, the rooms you want it to clean, the zones to avoid, and scheduled cleaning. Based on the cleaning mode and settings, the robot activates itself and performs cleaning.

The larger wheels make it easy to glide through any surface and move underneath beds, sofas, and furniture with ease. Additionally, the cleaning brushes’ position is such that they can clean even the corners without leaving any dust particles behind.

The use of iAdapt Navigation technology by the company helps it to adapt to your home and prepare a path that is quick to clean and covers every inch of the house. The Roomba comes equipped with AeroForce three-stage cleaning system, which improves the cleaning performance by a significant 50%.

Why we like it?

  • The robotic vacuum cleaner uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your home.
  • It uses AeroForce three-stage cleaning mechanism that improves cleaning performance by 50%.
  • The use of tangle-free extractors prevents debris and hair clogs.
  • You can control everything through the app.
  • It uses a Lithium-ion battery that delivers 2x lifetime.

Take Away:

If the preference is for remote control and automated cleaning, then the Roomba 860 serves as your best bet.

Best Miele HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

Miele Complete C3 canister vacuum is the best HEPA vacuum. The features and specifications make it unique compared to others. The unique nature of the cleaner is the Turbo Comfort turbo brush. It uses an air-driven technology that helps loosen the stubborn dirt particles on any floor.

The vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning hardwood floors, rugs, and carpeted areas. It also has the Parquet Twister, which provides a 180-degree rotation useful for agile and gentle care needed for smooth surfaces.

The cleaner provides a total of 36 feet cleaning radius that you will achieve with the long electrical cord and telescopic wand. The Calima also has six-stage suction control, which you can adjust with ease according to the requirement and surface.

It is the AirClean sealed system that protects your room from pollutants. The seal ensures that all the trapped dust, allergens, bacteria, and other particles remain in the collection bag. You can now breathe fresh air after each session of cleaning.

The design is functional and straightforward. It features convenient onboard accessories, making it ideal to choose between dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery tool.

Why we like it?

  • It uses the Turbo Comfort turobrush to loosen stubborn dirt particles.
  • You can reach closed and hard-to-reach spaces with the 180-degree Parquet Twister.
  • You can change the suction power according to the need via footswitch.
  • You will have a total of 36 feet cleaning radius with the telescopic wand and long electrical cord.
  • The AirClean seal system traps 99.97% of lung-damaging particles.

Take Away:

Pick the Complete C3 Miele HEPA vacuum if you do not want to compromise on quality, suction power, and accessories.

Best Miele HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

The Complete C3 is a bundle of performance and elegance. The series set a new standard in floor cleaning, as the canister vacuum comes with a wide range of features that are hard to find in its price range. The Marin vacuum cleaner delivers outstanding results and with efficiency.

The C3 hosts a skeleton construction with specialized ABS material. It makes it light for use and moving it around the house. The other convenient feature is the 36-foot operating radius. You will achieve it with the telescopic handle and long electrical cord.

The C3 features a silent motor, offering you a quiet environment while cleaning. Plus, the AirClean sealing mechanism ensures to trap 99.97% of all airborne particles for a cleaner environment within a room. The Marin cleaner also features an Electro Comfort cleaning brush, which is ideal for cleaning piles on carpets, smooth flooring, and rugs.

The machine also comes furnished with a 180-degree Parquet Twister, which helps you reach hard-to-reach spaces and clean smooth surfaces. Additionally, the machine features an automatic transition that helps adjust the suction power according to the surface. For instance, it changes the power when you move from hardwood floor to carpet area.

Why we like it?

  • It is lightweight, powerful, and quiet.
  • The AirClean sealing mechanism traps 99.97% of allergens and bacteria.
  • It comes with a Powerhead cleaner that is ideal for deep cleaning.
  • It also has a 180-degree Parquet Twister for gentle cleaning.
  • It comes with a performance bundle.

Take Away:

Although expensive, the C3 Marin is the best HEPA vacuum for allergies and cleaning carpet areas and hardwood flooring.

Best HEPA Filter Wet and Dry Vacuum Review:

If portability and cordless operation are what you seek, then the Makita XCV11Z fulfills the criteria. The cordless vacuum cleaner hosts the best HEPA filter vacuum bags capable of trapping dust particles of sizes 0.3 microns and larger.

With a single charge of the battery, you get up to 60 minutes of continuous runtime. You have ample time to clean your room or the selected areas in your house. You can use it for regular dust management applications.

The design is handy and straightforward. Additionally, you can convert it from a vacuum cleaner to a blower in a few seconds. The XCV11Z models come with a two-speed push button to select the preferred suction power depending on the application. It even has a tethering hook for increased portability.

The use of a brushless motor delivers a 50% longer life than its predecessors, and with the rapid charger, you can charge it in less time. The efficient power management system from Makita saves the unit from overloading, overheating, and over-discharging.

Why we like it?

  • The model uses a brushless motor to deliver 57 CFM.
  • It has a rapid charging mechanism that charges it 3x times its predecessors.
  • The filter cleaning system design ensures optimum efficiency and performance.
  • The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles measuring in size 0.3 micron and larger.
  • It hosts a compact and portable design.

Take Away:

If portability, efficiency, and lightweight are the essential criteria, then pick the Makita XCV11Z without a second thought.

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Best Commercial HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

Hoover’s MAXLife Pro model is an excellent machine to get rid of dust, pet hair, dander, and more. What makes it unique is the design, ease of use, and features.

The Hoover with HEPA filter model ensures to trap 99% of allergens and pet dander to ensure fewer pollutants within the room. The model is a multi-purpose unit, as you can tackle dirt on the furniture, clean hard-to-reach areas, stairs, ceilings, and more. The model comes with an enhanced MAXLife mechanism that delivers lasting suction power without compromising on performance. It is helpful, as you can avoid regular filter maintenance that is necessary for other brands.

As you will be cleaning on multiple surfaces, Hoover provided a single solution for all: the single steering head with the brush roll. You can move it across the hardwood floor, rugs, and carpet areas with ease. Plus, the brush rolls ensure to pick pet hair and dander, avoiding tangling to retain suction power and performance.

Why we like it?

  • It uses a HEPA filter with Sealed Allergen System to trap 99% of dust, pet dander, and allergens.
  • The quick-release wand helps you reach messes anywhere.
  • The advanced action from the brush roll picks pet hair and prevents tangling.
  • The illuminating headlights make it impossible to miss dirt and pet hair.
  • The crevice tool with an extendable hose helps pick up manageable dirt with ease.

Take Away:

If you are considering a vacuum machine with less maintenance, power, HEPA filter, and easy access to tight spaces, the Hoover MAXLife Pro is the answer.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Review:

BISSELL has a reputation for offering quality products. The 2999 upright vacuum cleaner is the best pick if you like to deal with multiple cleaning questions, from dirt on furniture to pet hair.

The best vacuum filter HEPA ensures to capture 99.97% of pet dander, dirt, and allergens. The upright design is captivating, for it is easy to use, handy, and flexible. You have the quick-release wand to reach the ceilings and hard-to-reach spaces for deep cleaning. You will never miss the pet hair again!

BISSELL designed the product for multi-surface use, meaning you can use it on a hardwood floor and carpeted regions without shifting or taking a break. The machine adjusts the suction power automatically during the surface transition. Plus, the swivel head makes it convenient to move the machine with less stress.

The specialized onboard tools, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, an upholstery tool, give you the ease to attend to cleaning without moving around for accessories. Likewise, you can remove the motor filter, wash it, and reuse it to ensure the smooth running of the machine!

Why we like it?

  • It uses a powerful motor for high performance and suction power.
  • The HEPA Sealed Allergen System captures 99.97% of all the pet dander, allergens, and other particles.
  • The swivel head makes it convenient to move across different surfaces without the need for lifting.
  • The quick-release wand helps reach ceilings and tight spaces.
  • It comes with onboard tools.

Take Away:

Pick the 2999 HEPA vacuum model from BISSELL for a powerful cleaning performance across multiple surfaces and attend to pet dander without hassle.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners
Best HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners

What to look when buying a HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner

Here are few key important points and reviews for robot vacuum you need to consider before buying a most suitable robot vacuum cleaner for you,

Filter Types

The High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a air filter that removes 99.97% dust particles of size 0.3-micron particle from the air that passes through the robot vacuum cleaner. For people with Asthma or any other breathing issue, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner is the best choice. The Coredy R300 Robotic Floor Cleaner is the vacuum cleaner that features a HEPA filter.

Dustbin Size

The Robot Vacuum Cleaners dustbin size is measured in liters. The size ranges from 0.25 to 1 liter. Smaller the size of the bin, the lesser will be the cleaning area capacity. With a 0.25 liter bin, you would need to clean it manually before it completes covering the whole room. Since the gadget would need manual intervention, you cannot schedule it to do job like emptying the dustbin.

Going for a higher capacity is the best option if you reside in a big room liked Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Battery Life

Most robot vacuums come with a battery docking station so as and when the device needs a charge, it automatically goes back to the docking station for charging. The charging time for Robot Vacuums is generally 3 to 4 hours long which might be an issue for some people. 

Go for a device that has a long battery life in case you want the cleaning process to finished at quickly and efficiently. The Roborock S6 Robot vacuum Cleaner battery can cover more than 2500 square feet areas in single charge.

Corner cleaning effectiveness

One of the wonderful features of the Robot vacuum cleaner is its effective cleaning of corners that are not always within the manual reach. In case you would like your corners to cleaned well, do not choose for large robot vacuums as they generally skip corners or get stuck in upholstery.

Scheduled Cleaning 

With a scheduler, you can set specific time during the week for your vacuum cleaner and at the scheduled hour, the machine will rise and start cleaning automatically. You can even step out during the process. For someone who does not mind manually starting the cleaner, they can skip this feature. 

New models of the vacuum cleaner come with Wi-Fi capability, enabling you to schedule this chore through your smartphone. The device will notify you when the cleaning is done on its own. Notifications for any errors or problems can also be accessed through your phone.


The sensor of a vacuum cleaner detects the obstacles and walls. Good robotic vacuum cleaners detect and stop at a wall or table before hitting them. The Roomba i7+ is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner which automatically detects any obstacles and move away, keep doing it job perfectly.


Noise is a critical factor in the operation of a vacuum cleaner. If you plan to clean while you step out, then noise should not be the concern. Choose a lower decibel floor cleaner in case you will be staying during its cleaning process.


Now that we provided the reviews of the best HEPA filter vacuum cleaners, it is time to head for shopping and pick the one within your budget and requirement. Do remember to compare if you find yourself in confusion. Happy Cleaning!

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