Top 7 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors (2023 Reviews)

best vacuums for hardwood

Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors: Top 7 best vacuums you can buy in 2023 for your hardwood and carpet floors

So, you have a hardwood floor and are wondering which is the best hardwood floor vacuums? Well, that’s logical. After all, the hardwood floor is the most expansive feature in any house and that means it’s the one thing that everyone notices when they get into your house. In this article, we have come up with seven best vacuum for hardwood floors.

In other words, a dazzling hardwood floor can be the greatest gem of your house but if not well cleaned and maintained. Even so, it can turn to be your worst nightmare if not taken care of well. So, what makes a hardwood floor tick? Well, the answer to that is simple – keeping it clean using a best hardwood vacuum!

The problem is, not every other vacuum cleaner is designed to condition and clean hardwood floors. And with the vacuum market being saturated with tons of brands, it can be overwhelming and frightening for anyone to make an informed decision on vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor.

Fortunately, we handled the difficult for you. I mean, we have spent countless hours of research and testing to come up with the best vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors specially designed.

Here are our top 7 best vacuums for hardwood floors and best wood floor cleaner comparisons briefly,

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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking New for Decades?

Daily vacuuming of your hardwood floors will keep them cleaner than daily usual sweeping. This is because brooms just push dirt around, letting it settle into nooks and crannies, while vacuuming sucks it up. Vacuums, especially those with a good exhaust air filter, remove more dust from the air in general because it’s all contained within the canister and filter.

If you want to make sure your floors are super clean, follow up once a week with a damp mop. This adds a little moisture back into your floors and helps them stay nice and shiny. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re using a decent damp mop with a cleaning shampoo that is meant for finished wood flooring, but you can worry about that after you’ve picked out the perfect vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner on Hardwood Floor?

You may prefer to choose a stick vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor since it is much more manoeuvrable and easier to use when compared to typical canister and full-size upright vacuums. This makes them ideal for cleaning tight areas and stretched corners where big vacuum cleaners can’t fit.

Here are basic things that you need to know how to use your best floor vacuum cleaner hardwood but be sure to consult the manufacturer’s manual.

  1. Check the vac head to see that the canister is well attached. If your vac is not bagless, open the bottom and attach a bag.
  2. If your hard floor vac model doesn’t have a cord, plug it into a power supply and press the on button. If it is cordless, make sure the battery is fully charged.
  3. Adjust the “stick” or handle to a comfortable height and switch to a high-power mode if yours comes with more than one power mode.
  4. Move the vacuum cleaner gently across your hardwood floor making sure no spots are left.
  5. For constricted and tight spaces, you can convert it into a handheld mode.
  6. Once done vacuuming on your hardwood surface, empty and clean the canister.
  7. Wait for the filter to dry before reattaching it. Once assembled, store your vacuum cleaner safely for future use.

10 Tips for Buying a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Now that you have a better idea what type of hard floor vacuum you need, let us look at some other considerations for choosing the best vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors.

Accessories and attachments: 

Though most best floor vacuum cleaner hardwood come with an array of attachments, it’s important to take into consideration your needs and preferences. You might need that specific brush that doesn’t leave scratches on your floor or specific head which sucks up fine pet hairs completely from your hardwood surface.

Crevice and upholstery attachment: 

if you are entirely replacing the hardwood vacuum you have, you might want to consider a hard floor vacuum with all the accessories necessary to keep your hardwood surface house clean such as a crevice and upholstery attachment.

Motorized pet brush: 

If you have a pet, having lots of pet hair on hardwood surface is unavoidable. A hard floor friendly vacuum with a motorized pet brush will come in handy. All in all, it boils down to your needs and preferences.

Baggeg vacuum or bagless? 

Some vacuums for hard floor are designed with bags that can be removed when full of dust and debris they can be removed. This means you don’t have to handle dirt when emptying the canister, but you need a constant supply of these bags.

Bagless Vacuums:

Bagless ones collect dirt directly into the canister which means they can be messy but are cheaper to maintain.

Sensory technology: 

Some hardwood vacuums come with sensors that automatically determine the floor type and adjust the power accordingly. This saves battery life and also prevents damage to floors.

Vacuum Headlights: 

If you have dark places in your house, a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner with LED lights will come in handy to illuminate all the crevices and tight corners that you can’t see.

Vacuum Storage: 

You can usually mount stick vacuums for hardwood floor and other low-profile vacuums to a wall. They are small enough to take up about the same amount of space as a sweeper. Canister type vacuums for hard floor can result in the opposite effect, and while they can provide some serious results in the debris demolition realm, they may require two to three times more storage space than a smaller vacuum.

Vacuum Weight:

 If you are after something light, keep a close on the weight. Anything over 3 kilograms can fell heavy after long periods. Therefore, go for a model whose weight is concentrated around the floor.

Battery Power: 

A battery-powered vacuum can enable an operator to move freely and without limit. So while there are not physical cords limiting mobility, the cleaning clock is ticking from the first suck. Battery life is a key factor when comparing cordless vacuums for hardwood floors.  Most cordless vacuums should be able to supply enough power to get through a reasonable amount of cleaning, and the lack of a cord can help shave minutes of a vacuum session.

Hard Floor Vacuum Comparison Chart

Comparing the different best vacuum hardwood floors in this article will help you choose the appropriate vacuum suitable for your hardwood cleaning requirements. The comparison chart helps you glance at the differences quickly so that you can take an informed decision.






Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum


Canister Vacuum

Carpets and Hard Floors

Cyclonic Technology and Multi Surface tool

13 pounds

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum HV322


Stick, Upright, Handheld

Carpet, Hard Floor and Upholstery

Advanced Swivel Steering, Pet Multi-Tool & Pet Crevice Tool

8.6 pounds

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner



Hard Floor and Area Rugs

Easy-to-empty dirt cup and Swivel Steering


5.8 pounds

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick, Handheld

Multi Surface, Carpets and Hard Floors

2 Tier Radial cyclone, Cordless, Bagless

5.75 pounds

Miele C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum

Carpets and Hard Floors

Lightweight, Wheels, Rug and Floor Tools

19 .51 pounds

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum PUCRC95



Carpets and Hard Floors

Remote Control, Automatic Recharge Deck, Allergy and Pet Friendly

5.96 pounds

INSE Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick, Upright, Handheld

Hardwood Floor, Low and Med Pile Carpet

Motorized brush head, 5-stage filtration, Wall Mount

3 pounds

Here is our top rated 7 best vacuum hardwood floors reviews and comparisons of best vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors,

Best Overall: Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

Hardwood Floor Vacuum Review:

The 1547 hard floor canister vacuum from Bissell is reliable hardwood vacuums if you live in a house with hardwood floors and varying surfaces with carpets. The powerful cleaner is one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors. You can keep your environment clean and tidy by removing minute dust particles. It uses the turbine foot, which helps lift the debris with ease without causing any damage to the floors.

The corded mechanism gives you freedom from recurring charges, which otherwise is an everyday activity for cordless devices. With continuous powering available, you can clean away all the dirt at a faster rate. It is the turbine foot design that makes the vacuum an interesting product. It picks hairs, minute particles, and dirt with ease.

You also have the provision to use a multi-surface foot to clean different surface areas. For instance, you can use the attachment to clean the wood floor and a carpet without removing the attachment. All you will be doing is pressing a button on the multi-surface professional foot.  

Considering its use as a best vacuum for hardwood floors pet hair, Bissell ensured to keep it lightweight and powerful. You can swiftly reach underneath furniture and corners with ease – thanks to the use of a telescopic handle. The same is useful in cleaning ceilings and drapes! What more could you seek from a vacuum cleaner? 

The use of high-quality parts ensures that the product functions efficiently. Likewise, the use of Multi-Cyclonic technology is promising, for it has enhanced suction power than others. Therefore, cleaning is no longer a tedious task. Pick-up the vacuum and start cleaning!

Given its use, Bissell hardwood vacuum is offering two additional crevices that help in cleaning upholstery and other hard to reach spaces. You can attach them on-board to the telescopic handle, making it convenient for you to choose the right accessory according to the need.

Why do we like this vacuum for hardwood floor? 

  • Multi-Cyclonic technology
  • Hard floor turbine foot
  • Cleaning path of 11 inch
  • Multi-surface professional foot
  • Telescopic handle with on-board accessories

Our Verdict:

Bissell hard floor expert is the best vacuum for hardwood floors pet hair removal. It is the best vinyl floor vacuum when you are ready to invest in a quality and expensive product.

Hardfloor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Hard Floor, Carpet


2 Years

Included Components

Canister, Brush

Best Vacuum for Stairs with Carpet: Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum HV322

Best Floor Vacuum Cleaner Hardwood:

The Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum provides everything you could want in a best hard floor vacuum. It’s very compact, super lightweight, handy, and cost-effective too.

This ultra-lightweight upright hardwood vacuum easily converts to a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. It comes with the Duster Crevice Tool, which gives you extended reach into small spaces and the ability to clean a multitude of surfaces, and the Pet Multi-Tool, for capturing embedded pet hair on all surfaces.

This wonderful shark hardwood vacuum weighs under 9 pounds, so it’s easy to maneuver around the house. It’s equipped with Advanced Swivel Steering, LED headlights to reveal debris, and has an XL-capacity dust cup.

It comes with a 30-foot power cord. This vacuum for hard floors has an easy-to-empty dust cup that you can empty simply by pushing a button.

This best vacuum for hardwood floors is designed to clean everywhere with the included attachments; Rinse both with tap water until the water runs clean, then air dry completely and insert back into your vacuum. This shark vacuum can be used as 2 in 1 vacuum which deep cleans the carpets as well hardwood floors.

Additionally, it comes with a variety of attachments, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, extended-reach hose, and pet brush, to help you clean just about any surface. One of its best attachments has got to be its long, flexible hose. With this tool, you can reach into those tough to get to areas, like under car seats or into the corners of your ceilings.

The hard floor vacuum has two suction settings: powerful and tornado. This shark vacuum for hardwood surface is not too loud though which is really nice. It also has washable filters so paired with the bagless canister; you don’t have to waste money replacing these items.

Most of customers declare that this shark hard floor vacuum brush head bends backwards slightly making it super easy. Everyone with stairs in their home needs one of these best hardwood floor vacuum.

This vacuum has the reach to clean above floors or in tight spaces by using the wand. It’s also a convenient handheld vacuum when using it without the wand.

You can attach the handheld vacuum directly to the floor nozzle for convenient cleaning on stairs.

Why do we like this vacuum for hardwood floor? 

  • Two cleaning modes – deep for carpets and quick for hardwood floors
  • Large capacity tanks and easy to convert to hand vac
  • Suitable for multi surface areas such as hard floor, upholstery and carpets
  • Removes minute pet hairs perfectly from any surface compare to any other vacuum
  • Very light weight and handy
  • It come with 5-year limited warranty

Our Verdict:

You will love this best hard floor vacuum how you can go from vacuuming laminate floors to switching on the beater bar at the flick of a switch and then back again. No need to remove and replace the head. You won’t regret with this shark hard floor vacuum if you’re looking for cost-effective multi-surface powerful-suction vacuum for hard floors.

Best Vacuum Hardwood Floors Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Hard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet


5 Years

Included Components

Duster Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum for Pet Hair: Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hardwood Floor Vacuum Review:

The best thing about a hardwood floor cleaner is its ability to lift dirt and debris with ease. However, not every product meets the expectations of customers. Consider the Bissell PowerEdge stick vacuum cleaner if you are considering an upgrade or looking for a new purchase.

When compared with other hardwood floor vacuums, the PowerEdge stands out due to its design and features. The selling point of the cleaner is the V-shaped foot and rubber squeegees. The V-shape foot ensures easy maneuverability across all furniture and corners of the house while the rubber squeegees capture pet hair and minute particles. It then funnels them into the vacuum. A better way to get rid of dirt!

Considering the actions needed for users, Bissel added the swiveling point after the foot. The design makes it interesting, as steering the vacuum cleaner becomes easy. You can move it across different corners and spaces without any hurdle and pick all the pet hair and debris with ease. You will own the best vacuum for hard floor, considering that it fulfills your need.

Bissell gave importance to construction and design while keeping the suction power to the maximum. The use of reliable materials ensures the longevity of the cleaner and accessories. The structure weight 7.5lbs, making it versatile and lightweight in its category. You can handle it with ease and carry it across the house to perform cleaning action.

The other point of consideration in the product is the ease with which you can empty the trash. The bagless technology makes it convenient for removing the bin that collects the dust, hair, and debris for quick emptying. The V-shape foot collects large debris at the center while the remaining portion capture minute particles and direct them to the suction head.

Why do we like this best floor vacuum cleaner hardwood? 

  • V-shaped foot
  • Unique rubber squeegees capture pet hair and minute particles
  • The V-shape foot helps in reaching corners and edge with ease
  • Swiveling steering makes it convenient for maneuverability
  • Easy-to-empty bagless technology

Our Verdict:

Bissell PowerEdge Pet is best vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors which suits your need for a flexible cleaner, as it belongs to the best vacuums for carpet and hardwood floors.

Hardfloor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Hard Floor, Area Rugs


1 Year

Included Components


Best Dyson Vacuum for Hardwood Floors: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum Hardwood Floors Review:

If you are interested in a cordless best vacuum for wood floors that meets your expectations, meet the Dyson V8 Absolute cleaner. The product surpasses most of the cleaners in its class, for it offers excellent features. It is hard to compare it with others. But you must shell more money than others.

Dyson established itself as the leading solution provider in vacuum cleaning. If you wish to own the best vacuums for carpet and hard floors, then the V8 Absolute is your choice. What makes it exciting is the powerful suction achieved due to the use of direct motorhead. It is highest in its category and helps in lifting debris, pet hairs, and other particles with ease.

The direct drive is also the reason it helps in cleaning a carpet without any damage. The deep clean mode helps in lifting particles without causing any damage to the rug. Adding to it is the roller head, which sucks particles, including fine dust particles and large debris from hard floors.

Apart from meeting the specifications for falling into the category of best hard floor vacuum, the V8 fulfills all your cleaning requirements. For instance, the lightweight construction makes it feasible to carry it anywhere and reach farther corners. Use the crevice tool provided with the product to use it as a handheld cleaner. The cordless functionality makes it easy to maneuver with ease while offering extensive flexibility.

The best thing about hardwood floor vacuums is that they lift dirt from any surface without causing any damage. The same goes for the V8. You can use it on any surface with ease. The length of the extension handles makes it easy to reach the ceilings as well. A single charge gives you a runtime of 40 minutes, while you can eject the trash bin at the push of a button.

Why do we like this best vacuum for hardwood floors? 

  • Transforms into handheld
  • A single charge gives 40 minutes of runtime
  • HEPA filter
  • Dust ejector
  • Radial cyclonic action
  • Max power mode
  • Conventional docking station

Our Verdict:

If you do not mind spending a few hundred dollars, the V8 is the best dyson for hardwood floors. Dyson v8 is one of the best vacuum for hardwood floor and carpets.

Hardfloor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Multi-surface, Hard Floors, Cordless, Carpet, Bagless


2 Years

Included Components

Docking Station, Combination Tool, Crevice Tool, Mini Soft Dusting Brush, Mini Motorized Tool

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Best Hardwood Floor and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner: Miele C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum for Hardwood and Carpet Floors Review:

Vacuum for hard floors requires powerful suction along with the ability to protect the floor. The Miele C2 canister cleaner is the right choice if you intend to have all the cleaning solutions in your hand. What makes the cleaner the right choice is the powerful motor. The 1,200-watt Vortex motor, built by engineers at Miele, offers tremendous power to lift debris and minute particles without damaging the floor.

The interesting factor about the vacuum cleaner is the presence of the adjustable working foot. At the press of a button on foot, which you can access using your foot, you can raise the height to clean a carpet on the wooden surface. Also, you have the stainless-steel telescopic tube, making it feasible and flexible to reach farther corners without hurdles.

The vortex motor, delivering high suction power, gives you the freedom to choose from six different varying power modes. You can choose it to use the rotary dial on the canister, depending on the need. The freedom to choose the power makes it one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Choose the preferred setting to remove large or small particles with ease. It all depends on your cleaning requirement.

Do not worry about the dust, as the AirClean Sealed System from Miele prevents the escape of trapped dust from the canister. You can comfortably maneuver the hardwood floor vacuum across your house without worrying about the dirt releasing back in the home.

Miele ensured to provide the best-in-class product by designing the C2 keeping the requirement in mind. The hardwood vacuum cleaner is lightweight and comes with different accessories. Therefore, you can choose any of the attachments for cleaning, either from the floor or upholstery.

You can carry it with ease, use the telescopic extension to reach farther corners, parking system, three-point maneuverability, automatic filter bag positioning, and comfortable handle gripping mechanism.

Why do we like this best hardwood floor and carpet vacuum cleaner?

  • 1,200-watts in-house made vortex motor
  • Adjustable working height of the parquet brush
  • 33-inches of operating radius
  • Six settings of suction power
  • Miele AirClean Seal System

Our Verdict:

Best vacuums for carpet and hardwood need special attention. Choose Miele Vacuum if you need an all-in-one cleaning best wood floor cleaner.

Hardfloor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Hard Floor, Carpet


2 Years

Included Components

Canister, Crevice tool, Brush

Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors: Pure Clean Robot Vacuum PUCRC95

Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Pet Hair Review:

The Pure Clean Robot Vacuum PUCRC95 is a super compact cleaner, measuring in at less than 3” tall and less than 11” in diameter. This little bot can sneak into just about anywhere between your carpet and hardwood floor and can easily move hard to reach under most low-lying furniture.

The Pure Clean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum is one of the most well reviewed robot vacuums available in the market in terms of its ability to clean a hardwood floor.

There are four cleaning pattern modes, including auto/random, spiral, edge and zig-zag. This allows users to customize the plan based on the task at hand. This PUCRC25 Robot Vacuum comes with automatic schedule activation programming such as PureClean robotic cleaners series programmable scheduler self-activation automatically runs vac at a scheduled time while you are away.

Robo cleans kitchen tile, hard carpet and wood hardwood floor care after planning schedule. Though, it’s only meant for hard surfaces, thick carpets are not recommended.

It’s more of a push-the-button-and-go type of functionality with this slim and simple debris destroyer.

While the vac is designed to handle hard surface applications, it can also have decent job on low-pile carpets and area rugs. This little bot struggles in a thick carpet scenario, and it will probably spend more time spitting out particles than it will clearing them from the floor.

This hardwood floor vacuums are best suitable for allergy and pet friendly and this pet hair vacuum has powerful 24w suction. Dual rotating sweepers eliminate the need for rotating underbrush. No clogging or caused by cat or dog pets hair. Hepa filter filters out allergies. Dust is locked away in the bin.

The smart robot vacuums have two side sweeper brushes each 3.15 inch diameters which grab debris from beyond the vacuum’s reach, and rotate to catch dirt and debris on open floor or along walls or edges in your household

This slim auto vacuum robot vac has 3.1” low profile small enough to fit under the couch sofa or bed in your house. The robo hardwood floor vac has auto detect anti fall cliff sensors that will divert the bot away from stairs or carpets ledges

The hardwood vac does have object sensors detects obstacles and prevents bumps, which means it will move away from the same chair without diverting from its path. The vac will adjust upon impact and usually doesn’t get stuck.

This hard floor vacuum comes with the remote or wireless control capabilities along with LCD screen for easy optional. This robot vacuum having docking station where it will return back to charging station automatically when battery gets low so you need to worry about vac going out of vacuum and stuck under upholstery.

The hard floor vacuum operates for up to 90 minutes on a full charge, and when nearing a low-battery status, the vac will beep so a user knows where to find it.

Why do we like this best floor vacuum cleaner hardwood? 

  • Four cleaning patterns auto, spiral, edge and zig-zag
  • Up to 90 minutes run time on single charge
  • Dry mop attachment included for wet surface
  • Large dust bin capacity
  • High suction power of 1200 pa
  • An easy-to-use LCD screen and wireless remote make this robot vacuum easy to control and program
  • Charges automatically by docking to the charging station

Our Verdict:

You will be pleasantly surprised on how well this hardwood robot vac picks up dog hair and crumbs efficiently. It also cruised right over your low-profile carpet and under your couch with no problem.

Also, it will push some lost toys out from under the couch which was cool. If you’re looking for something that eliminates your regular vacuuming without a doubt, you can choose this little robot device for hard floor cleaner.

Best Vacuum Hardwood Floors Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Hard Floor, Carpet


1 Year

Included Components

Power Adapter, Sweep Brushes (2), Remote Control, Mop Attachment, Robot Vacuum, Charging Station

Best Cordless Hardwood Floor Vacuum:  INSE Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cordless Review:

INSE Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner S6 comes with powerful Suction and 250W Digital Motor with 10-Year Motor Service Life. This advanced digital motor with over 120,00 rmp offers 23KPa extreme powerful suction on MAX mode, enables to instantly pick up persistent dirt and large particles.

The anti-static carbon roller is crafted from fiber which seamlessly sucks out hair, dirt, and debris from hardwood floors and other surface areas.

The slim design of the head gives you the freedom to clean crevices and spaces with low clearance such as under sofas and beds. The lowest height it can penetrate is 3 inches. The head is also attached with LED lights that illuminate dark areas to ensure that you get rid of the dirt and dust.

Comes with multipurpose attachments such as Retractable Metal Tube, Advanced Soft & Stiff Roller Brush, Motorized Cleaner Head, Bed Vacuum Head, Long Crevice, 2-in-1 Brush, Flexible Hose, Filter, 2-in-1 Cleaning Tool, Wall Bracket, Power Adapter to meet your various cleaning needs; perfect for carpet, hard floor, bed, pillow, rugs, cars, pet, sofa, desk, drawer, cabinet, windows, curtain and bookshelf, etc.

This hardwood vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter and cyclone filtration technology which effectively maintains strong suction power while blowing the dust away from the motor. This replaces allergenic air with fresh air while also ensuring that the motor is protected.

The dust bin and filters components are designed in such a way that they can be disassembled. This makes it easy to clean them but ensure that the filter is bone dry before reattaching it to prevent it from blockages.

The retractable “stick” in this best vacuum for hardwood floors can be adjusted during cleaning accordingly depending on how tall you are as supports adjustable height. It can also be disintegrated into a compact size after you are done cleaning to make it easy to hang on the wall or store in a closet.

Why do we like this wood floor cleaner? 

  • A versatile stick vacuum for hard floor that can be used in various ways
  • The Anti-static carbon fiber roller is ideal for hardwood floors
  • Comes with headlights to illuminate dark spaces
  • Compact enough to fit in crevices and crumped areas
  • Cordless with rechargeable battery.
  • Long gap and 2 in 2 1 retractable metal tube for height adjustment
  • one-click large trash can for easy emptying

Our Verdict:

This S6 vacuum machine is best hardwood floor stick vacuum which is quite powerful and solid in the built design. The design of the tool is helps to hold it very sturdy. It come with a lot of head to help to vacuum in multi surface areas. The trash area is very big which help to vacuum whole house in one time. Overall, it very worth for the money you paid.

Hardfloor Vacuum Specifications:

Power Source


Surface Recommendation

Hardwood Floor, Low and Med Pile Carpet


1 Year

Included Components

Wall mount with screws, Extra Filter and Long Crevice tool

Best Vacuum Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

best vacuums for hardwood
best vacuums for hardwood

Hardwood Floor Vacuum Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I take care of my best vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors?

Make sure to take care of your hardwood floor vac properly. It will need regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few steps will ensure your best floor vacuum cleaner hardwood floor functions optimally.

  • Vacuum the machine thoroughly before using the vac on your hardwood floor.
  • Make sure to empty the dustbin cup after every time you use it. You also want to make sure that you do not allow it to overfill as it could damage the steals around canister.
  • Clean the brush head and other pet tools for sharp and efficient cleaning after every use.
  • If you are using reusable washable filter, clean and dry it once in month at least for free from allergen and mold.

The process for cleaning your vacuum for hardwood floor is not a hard job. Do it regularly and it will not make you regret during emergency. Then you will be able to use it for many years to come.

Why can’t I use the same vacuum on hardwood floor that I use to clean my carpet?

If you’ve thought about using a vacuum cleaner on hardwood which you used on carpets but hesitated because you weren’t sure if it may damage them, you did the right thing.

Vacuum cleaners can harm your hardwood floors, but only if you’re using the ‘wrong’ kind. Believe it or not, there are some vacs that clean finished wood flooring better than carpet, and some that are good for both.

You can’t just use your powerful upright vac machine on hardwood floor. It may have strong suction, but it’s designed to pound your carpets and stir up the dirt and debris that has settled at the base of the carpet fibers. This agitation is usually done by a beater brush, which usually has stiff nylon bristles.

If you can’t imagine taking a stiff bristled brush to your floor, you probably don’t want to use that standard upright on them, either. The rough bristles and aggressive agitation of the beater brush can scuff and scrape your floors, and so can the wheels of the upright.

How often should you vacuum your hardwood floor?

We strongly recommend vacuuming hard wood floors at least once a week. Keep vacuuming a week, helps to get rid of dust, debris and allergens towards keeping your hardwood floor very clean and hygienic. Many flooring manufacturers offer similar clean suggestions, please refer their manual for the same.

What type of vacuum is safe for hardwood floor?

So if an upright is out of the question, what kind of best vacuum hardwood floors can you use?

You have a few options. Smaller robot or stick vacs, lighter canister vacs are one. They aren’t as heavy and don’t have a rotating beater bar. They’re still kind of awkward to use every day, which is probably what you’re looking to do if want to replace your broom and dustpan.


As there are several hard floor vacuum available in the market, choosing the best wood floor cleaner for your quick cleaning job on is a tough task. We covered best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpets from different segments to ensure that the guide helps you in choosing the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

There are other aspects that you must consider before choosing a best vacuums for hardwood surfaces. Why do you need a vacuum for hardwood floors? What is your budget? Will you be using it for personal or professional use? Do you prefer corded or cordless hard floor vacuum? The answers to these might help you pick up the precise variant of best vacuums for hardwood.

Overall Top-Rated vacuum for Hardwood floors

Top rated best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner on the market today is Bissell Corded Canister Vacuum based on amazing customer reviews. Bissell guaranteed to keep it super lightweight and powerful. You can quickly reach underneath furniture and corners with ease. We highly recommend that you give this best vacuum for hardwood floor a try, we promise that you won’t regret it!

Best Pet Hair Vacuum for Hardwood floors

Pet hair is one of the trickiest things to clean up. That is unless you have the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It has a powerful motor and easy-to-use brush head that makes cleaning up is enjoyable job. We highly recommend it if you’re looking for a best vacuum for hard floor for long hair cleaning.

Large dustbin capacity vacuum for hardwood floors

While many hardwood floor vacuums cleaners have small capacities that limit their effectiveness in large areas, this is not the case for the Miele C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Its canister is large enough to hold the dust and debris from a whole room hardwood surface area, which makes it a great option for cleaning up big messes in single go. This Miele C2 Canister floor cleaning machine is best hardwood floor and carpet vacuum cleaner.

You may interested in best pet hair vacuum cleaners in 2023.

You may also take a look at our ultimate step-by-step vacuum cleaners buying guide.

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