Top 6 Best Central Vacuum Systems (2024 Reviews)

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Best Central Vacuum Systems: Top 6 whole house vacuum system you can buy in 2024

Vacuuming a single apartment is a different task compared to cleaning a large house or a mansion. During this activity, many people forget the amount of strain that one undergoes and the time consumed in the process. Besides carrying the vacuum cleaner in and around, up and down the house, finding a suitable electrical outlet that supports the range is also challenging work.

However, you can avoid such hassles by considering a central vacuum system. The centralized unit is an effective solution to move away from using heavy vacuum cleaning units, and dealing with troublesome cords, accessories, and finding the appropriate electrical outlets. 

Here are our top 6 best central vacuums and vacuum systems for houses reviewed briefly,

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Top 4 Tips for When Buying a Central Vacuum System

Here are some of key factors you need to consider before purchasing a central vacuum cleaner.

Suction Power:

The suction power of a central vacuuming has a crucial role. A unit efficiency is high when the suction power is high. In addition, it helps pick up large debris from any surface with ease.

Vacuum System Size:

Most central vacuuming units are in the canister form factor. This makes it ideal for installing it in the basement for noiseless operation.

Central Vacuum Filter:

Most units have a hybrid filtration mechanism, where it is possible to use the unit with or without a disposable bag. Depending on the frequency of vacuuming, you can make the right choice. A few models have washable HEPA prefilters to capture pollutants, allergens, and bacteria.

Tank Capacity:

The tank capacity of the whole house vacuum system unit is dependent on the carpet area of the house. Most of the models have a minimum of 5-gallon tank capacity. However, you can choose the one with a larger tank capacity according to the requirement.

Central Vacuum Systems Comparison Chart

Comparing different whole house vacuum system models is necessary to understand what central vacuum system fits your requirements. Below is the chart that helps you glance at the crucial specifications of the products currently reviewed in this article. Use it as a guide to make an informed decision for your next best whole house vacuum. 






OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System


Disposable bag or machine washable filter

9,000 sq. ft.

27 pounds

Ultra Clean SC200 Canadian Made Central Vacuum Unit


Hybrid filtration system

7,500 sq. ft.

35.2 pounds

Imperium CV 300 Central Vacuum Power Unit


Sealed suction level and micro-lined paper bags

7,500 sq. ft.

24.3 pounds

NuTone PurePower Central Vacuum System Power Unit


Self-cleaning filtration

4,000 sq. ft

22 pounds

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System


Hybrid dust collection chamber

12,000 sq. ft.

22.5 pounds

Nadair Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System


Soft start-stop technology and hybrid filtration mechanism

10,000 sq. ft.

28 pounds

Here is our top rated 6 whole house vacuums pros, cons and central vacuum reviews,

Vacuum House System:

A central vacuum system in the house makes cleaning straightforward. You can clean up the entire home using the OVO central vacuuming system that is capable of covering an area of 9,000 square feet with a minimum of eight inlets or more. 

The robust construction of the machine and the hybrid use of the filtration mechanism make it a suitable product for large houses or cleaning large areas.

The hybrid filtration mechanism allows you to choose a disposal bag or pick the permanent filter that is machine washable. The machine-washable filter extends life, as you can reuse the same after washing when it is dirty. 

The collection tank has a total capacity of 6.6 gallons and comes equipped with an integrated muffler and noise-blocking foam that covers the motor area for a near-silent operation. 

The vertical vacuum system in house functions excellently on any existing 15-amp socket and does not need remarkable investment. Likewise, the massive 700 air watts production makes it easy to attend to complicated messes in and around the house. 

The suction power produced is easy enough to lift large debris from every corner of the house, including the ceilings. The exciting feature of the unit is the soft start/stop switch, which extends the motor life by at least 20%.

The design of the central vacuum is thoughtful, as you can store it without much alteration to existing interiors. Likewise, the access to the bottom loading canister makes it simple to empty the trash when it is full. 

The air intake port is at the top and makes connecting inlets simple. In addition, you can use the existing piping structure for connections without any modifications.

Why Do We Like This Central Vacuum Systems?

  • It hosts a hybrid filtration system.
  • The use of rolled steel construction makes the unit resistant to rust.
  • The central vacuum system functions with the regular 15-amp circuit breaker.
  • The air intake connection outlet is compatible with all the existing piping networks.
  • The motor generates an airflow rate of 140.2 CFM.

Take Away:

The OVO is a capable central vacuuming system to fulfill heavy-duty cleaning requirements. The powerful airflow, area coverage, and easy access to the collection tank makes it worth every penny.

Central Vacuum Product Specifications:

Power Source


Form Factor


Special Feature

Soft start/stop technology

Tank Capacity


Central Vacuum Cleaner:

The Ultra Clean SC200 whole house vacuum system is a powerful unit and pushes your vacuuming needs to the maximum. The several reasons that make the product the best central vacuuming system for a large house list are the CFM airflow, HEPA filtration, and the optional exhaust. 

In addition, the excellent cleaning system relies on a powerful motor that churns out a massive 550 air watts and 125-inch water lift. Therefore, you can attend to both wet and dry messes quickly.

At 121 CFM, the model stands next to the major contributors in the arena. It means 7,500 square feet of an area efficiently. Likewise, the 5-gallon capacity of the collection tank ensures that there is enough space left to collect all the waste from the entire house. 

The maintenance cost is the bare minimum because the vacuum system uses a HEPA filtration system and disposable bags.

The durable steel chassis gives it the strength to host the motor and the collection tank. Likewise, coating the layer with an electrostatic powder finish prevents the steel from rusting. 

The motor used in the system has a tangential bypass blower. The motor uses 13.8 amps and operates at a stable voltage of 120. Ultra Clean is giving a five-year warranty on the powerful motor.

Although the vacuum system uses disposable bags to collect the waste, it does well compared to others in its category because of the powerful motor, airflow, sturdiness, and quality. 

The HEPA filter collects all the allergens and pollutants in the air, while the high CFM helps you clean quickly without any hassle. In addition, the unit has an exhaust that you can install to blow the dust out through the other end.  

Why Do We Like This Central Vacuum Systems?

  • The unit can cover 7,500 square feet of area with multiple inlets.
  • The powerful motor runs on a 13.8-amp socket and generates 550 air watts.
  • The product also lifts water at 125-inch.
  • The electrostatic powder coating on the steel material prevents rust and extends life.
  • It uses a hybrid filtration mechanism with a HEPA filter and disposable bags for easy maintenance.

Take Away:

The SC200 from Ultra Clean is one of the best central units. The built-in HEPA filter, 121 CFM, and premium-quality available at an affordable price are the major attractions.

Central Vacuum Product Specifications:

Power Source


Form Factor


Special Feature

24v DC remote turn on/off connectors

Tank Capacity


Built in Vacuum System:

The CV 300 is the best central vacuums from Imperium. The company designed the product such that it can perform in big spaces. In this case, the CV 300 can cover 7,500 square feet efficiently. 

The presence of the powerful motor, which generates a massive 740 air watts, helps lift large debris without any hurdle. Furthermore, the construction of the vacuum is such that it generates only 58 dB of noise. The value is like that of quiet vacuums and most of the upright vacuums available in the market.

With 138 CFM, it is possible to cover a large area efficiently in less time. The motor, manufactured by Ametek-Lamb, the famous manufacturers in the field, makes it more reliable while functioning at any point. 

As the system is a central vacuum unit, you can clean debris from any surface. With 6.25 gallons of dust collection, you can avoid frequent trips to empty the contents.

The CV 300 comes equipped with paper bags that can hold onto all the collected waste. It is easy to dispose of the bags, due to which maintaining the unit becomes easy. 

Alternatively, you can purchase HEPA bags available from the company and use them in place of paper bags for more efficient cleaning requirements. As durability is of utmost importance in a central vacuum system, Imperium ensured that the CV 300 had a longer life by manufacturing it using galvanized steel.

Construction is rigid, and Imperium powder coated the outer layer to protect the steel from rusting. Because of this, the unit achieves a longer lifespan when compared to others and withstands about anything, including medium impacts. 

In addition, installing the product is simple, as it comes with a built-in port for direct connection to the existing piping networks.

Why Do We Like This Central Vacuum Systems?

  • Imperium is offering a ten-year warranty on the motor.
  • The durability of the construction is high because of the use of galvanized steel.
  • The product covers an extensive area of 7,500 square feet.
  • The powerful motor generates a high suction power of 740 air watts.
  • Users can use paper bags to collect the dust or purchase HEPA filters as per the need.

Take Away:

The Imperium CV 300 is an excellent central vacuuming unit considering the amount of suction power generated and the area coverage. Additionally, the product is durable, efficient, and easy to use.

Central Vacuum Product Specifications:

Power Source


Form Factor


Special Feature

Sealed suction lift of 138”

Tank Capacity

6.25 gallon

Best in Home Central Vacuum System:

It is rare to see a combination of high suction power and unmatched filtration mechanism. However, NuTone ensured that the home vacuum systems from the company are the same and can attend to different cleaning requirements for larger homes. The 5501 model from the company hosts an in-wall motor design that can generate high suction power, which is 550 air watts.

This whole house vacuum system from NuTone comes equipped with a sealed HEPA filtration mechanism that also self-cleans to maintain the high suction power generated by the motor. 

The presence of the HEPA filter helps in creating a pollutant-free environment within the home. As you can easily access the collection bin, emptying the contents is no longer tedious. You can quickly unlock the easily accessible large latches to remove the debris.

The company also opted for ultra-silent technology, according to which the motor runs without much noise. Because of this, you do not need a muffler while working around the house. 

In addition, NuTone opted for a hybrid bagging system where a user can opt for a bag or bagless option to collect dust. Therefore, depending on the requirement, one can switch between either of the choices to collect debris.

Durability is of utmost importance for any central vacuuming unit. NuTone opted for galvanized steel as the construction material to give the users a prolonged product lifespan. 

In addition, the use of powder coating to the external layer prevents the material from rusting. Steel is a notable material known for its strength and durability. The outlet port provided to the side at the top makes it easy to attach to the existing piping networks without much alteration.

Why Do We Like This Central Vacuum Systems?

  • The product uses a sealed HEPA filter with glued seams for unmatched filtration.
  • The company opted for ultra-silent technology for quiet operations.
  • The vacuuming system uses a FlexCollect disposal mechanism with a bagged or bagless collection.
  • The large six-gallon debris container is easy to access.
  • The product is UL listed and comes with an eight-year parts warranty.

Take Away:

The NuTone central vacuuming unit is suitable for a large house with 4,000 square feet of area. The silent operation, hybrid dust collection mechanism, and sealed HEPA filter makes the product a decent investment.

Central Vacuum Product Specifications:

Power Source


Form Factor


Special Feature

Ultra-silent technology and FlexCollect

Tank Capacity


Home Vacuum Systems:

Prolux central vacuum systems garnered attention due to the reliability and quality of the product offerings. The CV12000 is another prestigious product from the company that can cover 12,000 square feet of area. 

Therefore, the central vacuum system is suitable for huge homes with multiple rooms and spacious interiors. Compared with other vacuum systems in the market, the CV12000 has incredible benefits.

The model comes equipped with a powerful motor that can produce 700 air watts and 150 CFM. Therefore, cleaning the entire house becomes an easy task. Likewise, the presence of multiple nozzle hose kits makes it easy to attend to different cleaning requirements. 

The unit can lift large debris from any surface, including carpets, stairs, and ceilings, because of the high suction power. Because of the AC power, there is no fall in the force, and the dual-stage motor functions efficiently at all times.

Prolux uses a hybrid filtration mechanism wherein users can go with a bag to collect the dust or a bagless media to collect the dust in the dust container. You have easy access to the dust container and detaching it from the central unit is simple. 

This central vac has three levels of filtration, making it tedious for the collected dust to escape from the container. In addition, it has a clear window of the bagless chamber, a washable micron pre-filter, and a washable HEPA filter.

The in house vacuum system further has an additional garage vacuum port. Since installing the central vacuum system in a garage is advisable, the additional port makes it easy to clean the garage, cars, or a workshop. In addition, you can use the existing piping networks to attach the inlet port provided to the unit.

Why Do We Like This Central Vacuum Systems?

  • The unit hosts a 3-level filtration system with a bagless dirt chamber, washable micron pre-filter, and washable HEPA filter.
  • The central vacuum unit has a 10-year warranty on the motor and a 25-year warranty on the body.
  • The vacuuming system comes equipped with a separate garage port.
  • The 2-stage powerful motor generates 700 air watts and 150 CFM.
  • The external muffler is detachable, and you can use the provided hose as a blower.

Take Away:

The Prolux central vacuum unit is a powerful vacuuming unit suitable for homes with a large carpet area of 12,000 square feet. The power, 3-stage filtration, and tension-free maintenance deliver the best results.

Central Vacuum Product Specifications:

Power Source


Form Factor


Special Feature

3-stage filtration mechanism

Tank Capacity


Whole House Vacuum Systems:

Nadair whole house vacuums provide the required capacity and suction power to attend to different cleaning needs. Nadair heavy-duty central vacuum is one such product, which is a combination of high-quality construction and a powerful motor.

The vacuuming unit uses a two-stage motor to generate a suction power of 700 air watts and 141 CFM. The company designed the product for use for commercial applications and larger homes. Therefore, it becomes efficient in attending to different cleaning requirements and maintaining a healthy environment inside the house.

The unit comes equipped with soft start/stop technology that increases the motor life expectancy by 20%. Therefore, compared to other products in its class, the 700-AL-32 has a longer life expectancy and reduced overheating and motor load. 

In addition, the product uses a three-second delay technology to ensure that the debris collected in the hose does not fall onto the floor when switched off.

The company’s unique selling point of the central vacuuming system is the hybrid filtration mechanism. You can use the innovative dust storage system with a filtration bag or without a filtration bag. Therefore, depending on the cleaning tasks or needs, one can use a filtration bag or without one. 

Additionally, the company designed the shape of the collective tank such that it creates a cyclonic effect that helps in separating the air from the dust. Accessing the storage container is simple, and one can quickly open the canister to empty the contents.

As durability is of utmost importance for a central vacuuming system, the company opted for all-aluminum construction. The material is reliable, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant. Likewise, it is lightweight and provides the strength required for the two-stage motor to generate the suction power without any vibration.

Why Do We Like This Central Vacuum Systems?

  • The company manufactured the vacuum system using aluminum material longer life.
  • One can use the central vacuuming system with or without filtration bags.
  • The presence of soft start/stop technology adds 20% life to the two-stage motor.
  • The presence of the Ametek-Lamb motor helps create a suction power of 700 air watts.
  • The sleek design is attractive and sits efficiently without occupying much space.

Take Away:

The 700-AL-32 vacuuming unit from Nadair is a sleek and reliable product that attends to the cleaning requirement for larger houses. The hybrid filtration mechanism and a few latest technologies make it a good choice for installation.

Central Vacuum Product Specifications:

Power Source


Form Factor


Special Feature

Soft start/stop technology and hybrid filtration

Tank Capacity


Central Vacuum System Buying Guide

Vacuum System in House
Vacuum System in House

What to look when buying a Central Vacuum?

If you like to clean your house quickly and efficiently without dragging a vacuum cleaner, opting for a central vacuum is advisable. Therefore, understanding the crucial factors related to the vacuuming system is essential when searching for the right product. Below are the factors that you can remember while shopping a whole house vacuum system:

Central Vacuum System FAQs

What is central vac?

A central vacuuming system removes dirt and debris is in large homes by sending particles to the collection chamber through piping installed within the walls. It is a permanent fixture installed in a basement or storage room.

How many inlets come with a standard unit?

A vacuum house system comes with either one or three inlet systems. The inlets will increase depending on the house carpet area.

Can I use the central vacuum to pick up liquid spills?

A standard central vacuum cannot pick up liquid spills. Therefore, it is essential to use the separator for such applications to avoid damage to the motor.


The presence of a central vacuum system in house delivers peace of mind. The product selection depends on the carpet area and the frequency of cleaning. The products discussed in this article are the best and arrive with high suction power and unique features.

You can use the comparison chart as well as the buying guide to pick up the best central vacuuming system for your house. Ensure that it has good suction power to attend to the cleaning requirements of the house.

Overall, the best central vacuum systems from our ultimate review list is OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System.

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