Top 9 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum and Robot Pool Vacuum (2023 Reviews)

best above ground pool vacuum

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum and Robotic Pool Vacuum: Top 9 robot pool cleaner and pool vacuum cleaner you can buy in 2022

With summer around the corner, you are likely to enjoy the weather if you have a swimming pool. However, you often wish to have best above ground pool vacuums and robotic cleaners that help overcome manual cleaning. These automated pool vacuum machines give you the chance to tidy the pool with ease.

You can either look for a mid-range above ground pool robot vacuums or a high-end version with several features. Regardless of the product and investment, it is essential to research to pick the right model. It avoids disappointment down the road. After all, why risk poolside experience and water quality?

The detailed above ground swimming pools vacuum reviews will help you understand the features and considerations of the best above ground pool cleaning vacuums and how it will help you. 

Based on your pool size, budget, and other factors, you can pick the best above ground automatic pool cleaners that fulfills your requirement.

Here are our top 9 best vacuum for above ground pool and pool vacuum reviews and comparisons briefly,

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What to look for when buying a above ground pool vacuums?

Now you got a better idea of what type of above ground swimming pool vacuums you need for your pool, let us look at some other important considerations for choosing the best above ground pool cleaner.

Pool Size

You need to consider the energy factor, power cable length, vacuum power when picking the best pool vacuum for above ground based on your swimming pool area size and shape.

You may choose the robotic above ground pool cleaners if you own a mid-sized pool where it offers you a great flexibility and versatile. Whereas for large pools, you must choose suction based above ground pool vacuum cleaners.

Light Wight

The weight of pool cleaner is key factor in best above ground pool vac which affects their maneuverability and ease of use. Usually, the large pools area will require the bigger pool vacuum cleaners for increased power and better performance.

Make sure you can lift the pool vacuum to get it in and out of the pool before and after the use. If the pool cleaner is too heavy, you’ll have a hard time caring for it

Energy Consumption

Normally, the small pool vacuum cleaners consume around 180 – 200 watts per hour. The bigger your pool size, more power consumption. But try to not buy above ground pool vacuums which use more than 500 watts per hours as it will have huge impact in your electricity bill.

Suction-based pool vacuum for above ground pools will typically have a lower power rating, with the trade-off being longer cleaning cycles and, in some cases, the introduction of a stronger pumping mechanism.


Typically, the pool vacuum cleaners are expensive, so you will have to choose the one which made from high-quality materials that will last. Read your device manufacture warranty before using your cleaner so you know how to repair if there are issues.

Filtration System

Please carefully look at the filtration rate of your prospective machine before purchasing it as its directly corresponds to cleaning quality of once the job is completed. A good standard for most swimming pool above ground vacuum cleaners would be a filtration rate of 75 gallons per minute.

Tires and Wheels

As you know above ground pool vacuums comes with tires and wheel to get around your pool. Make sure look for wide tires as well try to avoid wheels which are made of rubber as it may have shorter life compare to steel one.

Many vacuums on the market today have such wheels. However, it would be sensible for you to ensure the one you choose has them.

Here is our top rated 9 best vacuum for above ground robot pool vacuum and robot pool vacuum comparisons ,

Dolphin Robot Pool Cleaner:

The Dolphin Escape entered the market in the year 2019 and captured the above ground pool robotic vacuum market with the highest share in a short period. Belonging to one of the above ground pool cleaners, it will help in removing both macro and micro particles from the swimming pool.

It results in clear water, where you will encounter the ultimate swimming experience.

Features and Considerations

The product uses the patented technology – the HyperBrush scrubbing system. With the help of the mechanism, it is possible to suck even the toughest sediments and particles with ease.

The mechanism is twice the motion of other products, making it the best outcome. Furthermore, the rubber tracks ensure consistent contact with the surface, which is an advantage when compared with wheel-based design. It makes it efficient in terms of climbing and energy consumption.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

The SmartNav 2.0 scanning system helps in covering the surface of the pool with ease. It optimizes the cleaning path, thus, reducing the cleaning time. Furthermore, the use of filter cartridge as opposed to the use of a filter bag refines fine particles and other debris.

The product’s design, along with the latest features with a one-year warranty backing and one-month return policy, makes it the leading above ground automatic pool cleaners in its class. The deep cleaning performance is tremendous and worth every penny invested.

Why we like this above ground pool robot vacuum?

  • Sturdy design
  • Reliable
  • SmartNav 2.0 scanning system
  • HyperBrush scrubbing mechanism
  • Plug and play installation
  • One-year warranty

Our Verdict

Even though robot pool cleaner dolphin is bit expensive, the features and the robust design help to make it best above ground robotic pool cleaner for those who want a better than average pool vacuum   

Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum:

The Zodiac Ranger is an excellent pool vacuum automatic for above ground pool cleaning. With a reliable and sturdy design, it offers incredible performance in cleaning the swimming pool.

The easy-to-operate mechanism makes it an ideal choice and helps in vacuuming all types of dirt, including micro particles, leaves, and noticeable debris. You can reach up to a maximum depth of 72 inches.

Features and Considerations

The Zodiac Ranger features a moving part technology that eliminates the annoying flapper noises generated by other pool cleaners. The unique Deflector Wheel helps the cleaner to avoid obstructions such as the corners, ladders, and steps.

It navigates along with the pool collecting all the dirt and dust particles without any hindrance. Unlike other cleaners, the product comes pre-assembled with a 32-foot hose. You will be attaching the hose and begin cleaning the pool.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

It is easy to monitor and control the flow of the water with the help of the Flowkeeper valve. You can avoid carrying out additional plumbing work.

The valve ensures steady water flow, making it easy to clean the pool. With the AG disc attached at the bottom, it is easy to clean and maintain the vacuum cleaner. Navigation becomes simple, and you can reach the bottom of the pool, the sidewalls, and the steps with ease.

Why we like this robot pool vacuum?

  • Simple design
  • Easy to operate
  • Removes all types of dirt
  • Pre-assembled
  • Smart AG disc for thorough cleaning of the pool
  • Quiet operation
  • Convenient skimmer connection

Our Verdict

The Zodiac Ranger is best pool vacuum above ground available today on the market with manual options. It is an affordable product and suitable if you prefer not to have an automatic vacuum for above ground pool cleaning.

Pool Vacuum Electric Cleaner:

The first glance at the Hayward W3900 above ground pool vacuum intex makes it hard to take the product seriously for its functionality.

Furthermore, the product’s low pricing also makes it hard for pool owners to consider it for cleaning. But, should they look elsewhere?

Features and Considerations

Irrespective of the design of the Hayward W3900 pool cleaner, it is one of the best above ground pool vacuum cleaners. The reason – it has a powerful turbine cleaner under its hood, making it an ideal product to clean swimming pools of different shapes and sizes.

The SmartDrive program embedded in the system uses the existing filtration system of the pool to deliver exciting results.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

The best coverage provided by the product is the smooth and silent mode of operation. As it moves along the bottom of the pool, it enhances the water flow and acts as a second drain.

The outside bumper, which is a rubber ring, helps the cleaner to get back to the assigned path as it gets closer to the walls. The product is inexpensive and the best cleaner in its category for offering a solution to clean a pool with reduced investment.

Why we like this above ground pool vacuum cleaner?

  • Inexpensive
  • Attractive and fun design
  • Offers excellent coverage for pools of different sizes and shapes
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Powerful turbine cleaner for increased suction power

Our Verdict

The W3900 from Hayward is an ideal choice for beginners and those looking for an inexpensive product. It requires different additions to consider it for a significant user.

Pool Vacuum Manual:

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly robotic above ground pool vacuum cleaner has a love-hate relationship. When compared with others in the reviews, what makes it an ideal product is the price tag, performance, and a single moving part like that of the Zodiac Ranger.

The smooth operation makes it perfect for cleaning any swimming pool, while the powerful suction makes it simple to collect debris, macro, and microparticles.

Features and Considerations

The easy-to-operate pool cleaner with streamlined design makes it simple to vacuum out all types of dirt, debris, and leaves. You can also use it to clean particles that accumulate over the period and throughout the changing seasons.

The disc feature makes it convenient to move it along the pool of different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, it prevents the cleaner from meddling with obstacles such as steps in the pool.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

It is easy to control the flow of water with the vacuum cleaner. You can further monitor the activity and ensure that there is a steady flow of water. The pool vacuum cleaner functions as an additional drain.

You do not have to indulge in plumbing activities. Likewise, the disc at the bottom helps you move with complete freedom while you reach the bottom, sidewalls, and steps without any trouble.

Why we like this robot pool vacuum?

  • Affordable
  • A smooth performer for small and mid-sized pools
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Efficiency hydraulic design for increased suction power

Our Verdict

It is a good product for the affordable price and an ideal choice for small and mid-sized pools.

Above Ground Robot Pool Cleaner for Large Pool:

The company’s specifications and the claims made by the company make the Rover Junior a perfect above ground pool cleaner robot. The company claims that the rover helps cover any size and shape of the pool.

The best part is cleaning without the requirement of hoses. The reasonable power specs and 40-foot cable length, along with the incredible design, make it hard to pass. 

Features and Considerations

The robot features the finest filtration mechanism, down to 2 microns, making it an excellent choice to keep a pool clean from bacteria and algae. With no requirement of using chemicals or back-washing, you will save money on electric usage or spare parts.

The hydro-robotic technology helps in using the force of water to propel through the pool. With the adjustable axle pin, you can avoid cable tangling and increase the coverage. 

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

The 40-foot cable with axle pin makes it convenient to move around the pool of any size with ease. As it uses the force of water, it propels with good speed while collecting debris and dirt particles measuring in various sizes.

The automatic vacuums for above ground pools helps in cleaning the pool while you enjoy your freedom and time with your family. 

Why we like this pool vacuum?

  • Powerful suction with 70 gallons per minute
  • Suitable for flat bottom above ground swimming pools
  • Access to filtration bag
  • Filters to 2-micron particles
  • Plug-and-play operation

Our Verdict

The robot pool vacuum is ideal for flat bottom above ground pools. Likewise, affordable pricing and extended coverage make it suitable swimming pool vacuum for mid-to-large swimming pools.

Best In Ground Pool Vacuum:

A pressure cleaner is an excellent equipment to maintain the good health of your above ground swimming pool. The Zodiac Polaris is above ground vacuum robot that uses a pressure cleaning mechanism to remove debris and contaminants from pools with ease.

Suitable for pools with a depth of 5-feet, the Turbo Turtle is smart, eye-catchy, and worth every penny. 

Features and Considerations

A better feature of the product than others is the ability to sweep both sides and above ground in less than three hours. Likewise, the jet sweeping makes it convenient to loosen hard-to-remove and reach places of the pool.

The next sweep makes it simple for the cleaner to collect the debris into the easy-to-remove filter bag. Moreover, the filter bag’s design is such that it collects large particles and other sediments before they reach the pump, thus prolonging the filtration system’s lifespan. 

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

The extended length of the hose makes it simple to cover different shapes of a pool. Also, it moves with the force of the water, making it simple for the robot to sweep along the length of the pool with ease.

The action also helps in filtering and skimming contaminants, leaving behind clean water. 

Why we like this pool vacuum cleaner?

  • Operates with both filtration and pump sets
  • Suitable for above ground pools with a maximum depth of 5-feet
  • Patented jet sweep assembly 
  • The unique filter removes debris before they reach pump filter

Our Verdict

The Turbo pressure cleaner is ideal if you have a pool with a depth of 5-feet or a little less. 

SmartPool Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum:

The above ground pool cleaners automatic feature makes life simple – they clean your pool without the need for your interference.

The SmartPool NC22 helps you clean the walls and the surface of your above ground swimming pool using the direct-drive motor. The slip-free grip and powerful vacuuming lift from minute particles to notable debris. 

Features and Considerations

The intriguing feature is the tracking technology. It switches direction without contacting the walls or the steps to work on the dirty spots. Likewise, it shuts off automatically after continuous use of two hours to save energy.

The superior design and sturdy construction help the robot move on any surface and pool shape. Apart from the above-ground pools, it is convenient to use it for smaller in-ground pools.

It functions efficiently on tiles, fiberglass, and concrete floor. Brush-to-port suction mechanism helps in vacuuming leaves, acorns, and fine debris.  

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

The extra-large cord, measuring 40-foot, helps the robotic vacuum cleaner clean above ground pools in two hours. Post the two-hour operation, the system shuts down to save power. You can start again and continue cleaning the remaining part of the pool.

This is the best above ground robotic pool cleaner for those who want a better vacuum with budgeted price

Why we like this pool vacuum cleaner?

  • Floor-specific cleaning
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Suitable for smaller in-ground and above ground swimming pools
  • Intelligent navigation
  • Direct-drive motor for enhanced traction
  • Brush-to-port suction for a thorough vacuuming
  • Cleans on vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete
  • 40-foot cord length
  • Auto shut off after two-hour operation

Our Verdict

The smart ground robotic pool cleaner is ideal pool vacuum robot if you have both above pool and a smaller in-ground swimming pool. The sturdy mechanism ensures a clean sweep while removing debris.

SolaSkimmer Pool Vacuum Automatic:

Choosing SolaSkimmer 2.0 is an excellent way to clean your above ground swimming pool. With the assistance offered, you will pave the right way to a healthy pool.

Considered as the best pool vacuums for above ground, the SolaSkimmer 2.0 functions using solar power. It means that you can say goodbye to the electricity charges. It functions autonomously and helps you clean debris and other particles with ease.  

Features and Considerations

The attractive feature of the product is capturing debris before it sinks into the bottom of the pool. Powered by solar, the skimmer continuously wanders around the pool, collecting multiple dirt particles and debris.

The fine mesh ensures to avoid the release of the same. With reduced skimming time and enhanced pump circulation efficiency, you will save a great deal of money.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

It covers the entire swimming pool, which is of different shape and size and skims with ease. The feasibility to remain cordless and free from getting stuck makes it an ideal investment.

The Four infrared sensors monitor the movement thoroughly and help in navigating the robot in the right direction. With at least 8 hours of a continuous function, the skimmer operates without getting tired of collecting different sized debris and particles.

Why we like this robot pool vacuum?

  • Operates using solar power
  • At least 8 hours of runtime
  • Skims automatically and improves pump circulation time
  • Four infrared sensors avoid walls
  • Two water jets for grooming the pool
  • 12-month warranty

Our Verdict

The SolaSkimmer 2.0 is an ideal automatic vacuum for above ground pools if you are considering an energy-saving above robot pool cleaner.

Nu Cobalt Robot Pool Vacuum:

The Nu Cobalt waterjet robotic cleaner is ideal for above-ground swimming pools and functions excellently in eliminating debris and other particles. Being one of the automatic vacuums for above ground pool, Nu Cobalt left no stone unturned.

The design, construction, and features make the product a perfect companion for cleaning above ground pools with ease. 

Features and Considerations

Suitable for freestanding and tubular pools, the robot cleaner helps clean dirt, debris, and other notable particles. It features a patented jet power mechanism, which allows the robot to move using the water jet force while vacuuming the pool.

The economical product hosts a simplistic design, making it perfect for a pool size measuring 18-foot round and 4-foot depth. The filtration system ensures that there are no particles left behind – thanks to the built-in filter.

You can access to the fine filtration kit and swap for new ones when the need arises. Its one of best pool cleaning robot above ground for mid-sized pools.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Coverage

The simplistic design and construction, along with the rugged wheels, make it ideal for moving on any surface. The 26-foot cord length offers excellent extension suitable enough to clean every corner of the above-ground swimming pool.

Likewise, you can adapt the product to any pond irrespective of the power of the filtration mechanism.

Why we like this pool vacuum cleaner?

  • Patented jet power-driven mechanism
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Suitable for pool vacuum intex, Bestway, and other small pools
  • Built-in filter basket
  • Top access
  • 26-foot cord length
  • Focus flow technology

Our Verdict

If you have a small above ground pool, then the Nu Cobalt is the ideal best vacuum for above ground pools, for it offers value for money features.

Above ground Pool Vacuum Buying Guide

automatic vacuum for above ground pool
automatic vacuum for above ground pool


How do I take care of my best above ground pool vacuums?

Once you own your best vacuums for above ground swimming pools, make sure to take care of it properly. It will need regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few steps will ensure your best above ground pool cleaner functions optimally.

But taking care of your above ground pool vacuum automatic, it will keep working well with perfectly doing its job for extended long time. Always read any instructions that come with the device before you let it do it work on the pool.

  • Vacuum the pool vacuum cleaner thoroughly before using it on the pool for any dust particles
  • Once vacuuming is done, move it out of pool and drain the cleaned water as per device manufacturer instructions
  • Always store the ground pool vacuum in wet place for longer motor life
  • If you are using washable brushes, clean it once in month at least for free from allergen and mold
  • Make sure to watch out the brushes and replace them when they get too worn for better performance

The process for cleaning pool vacuums for above ground pools is not a hard job. Do it regularly and it will not make you disappointment during emergency. Then you will be able to use and enjoy it for many years to come.


Provided with numerous vacuum cleaner for above ground pool options, above ground pool vacuums best choices alter according to the need and budget.

Besides, the technical specifications make it impossible to understand the one that is suitable for your swimming pool. Therefore, we are listing the top products available in this category.

The in-depth analysis makes it convenient to know better about the vacuum above ground swimming pool and how it will suit in cleaning your pool. You can select based on performance, features, price, and other aspects of the cleaners.

Overall, the best above ground pool vacuum from our ultimate review list is Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner.

The primary goal of the reviews is to help you make a wise decision about best robotic cleaner for above ground pool.

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